Embroidery Slavic signs and symbols and magic charms

Embroidery Slavic signs and symbols and magic charms


The birth of beauty routine - magic. The ability to create - sorcery. And it is subject only to those who invested in his work soul, patience, hard work, step by step, stitch by stitch. Not for nothing that those who know how to excite his highest skill, as in the old days, called magicians. But the most interesting thing is that for centuries it was believed that these wizards can not only please the eye, but also to predict the future program, putting in his work a special meaning. Not in vain because embroidered shirts, towels, linens gifts to, human trick out in the most significant moments of his life, from birth to the wires in the other world. It was believed that it was encrypted in embroidery symbols can predefine, change his destiny.
So if erroneously this assertion, in view ofthat thread pattern folded in a certain way has a high energy charge, magical effect which is confirmed by the emotions that they experience even hardened skeptics, looking at the embroidered fabric? In fact, many rukodelniki can cite many examples of our plans come to pass at the time of embroidery, especially if you follow the signs all the embroidery. What are they? What can contribute to the realization of our desires and hopes? Let's look at the most common signs of embroiderers in action which they have repeatedly convinced.

Starting to embroider - common signs

It is believed that the embroidery, as well as anycreative work, absorbs the mood of the creator, his energy. So, if you want the good to the man who is going to give the embroidered work, or (if the work will remain at home), looking at the creation of their own hands, always experience positive emotions, embroider is possible and necessary only in a good mood.
In order not to block the path of success and fulfillment of desires that intended, try not to tie knots on embroidery. Especially, if the work is only just beginning.
If embroidery - not your main job, andexercise for the soul, never accept for the one that you do not like. Embroidery should initially "torknut" soul, become his. As corny as it sounds, but once you choose it, but it - you. To please the customer - it's a moral dimension, is opposed to his will - quite different.

Makosh (Mokosh) Goddess - patroness of womenneedlework on ZemleVyshivku as, indeed, any job is better to start on the growing moon. The moon is growing, increasing the possibility of fulfillment of desires. This is a long-tested sign, which occurs in all nations, cultures and religions of the world.
Cross-stitch, which originally boremagical character (our ancestor believed that the first stitch reality opens, with the second - fixed, embroidered fabric - programs the future), start from the middle of the work. As the stone thrown into the water, are following - from the smallest to largest, and the first crosses the strength of your promise increases to an end. By the way, oblique cross stitch can become the strongest talisman.
Never start needlework on Friday. And, in general, on Friday, it is better not to touch the needle. According to ancient Slavic legends, Friday - the goddess of women's crafts (second name Mokosh whose power was almost equal to the supreme Perun) - are strictly followed to ensure that women are not touched in her day to work. Oslushnits it can severely punish curled fingers or put in the back painful aches, backache piercing.
It is believed that one should not embroider in churchholidays. Especially sutra, without praying and visiting the temple. There is a sign that this embroidery become a tedious job without end or its result will be completely the opposite of what was intended. After the service (if it does not work, for which you get the money, and the favorite activity) - as possible.

Barbara - the patron saint of vyshivalschitsNo,there is an exception to the rule - the day of St. Barbara, which is celebrated on 17 December. Barbara - patroness of embroiderers. Moreover, according to legend, it was gold thread embroidered robe of Jesus. It is believed that the holy can guide future embroiderers, its intentions, happy opening track implementation of the hidden desires. And yet, the people there is a sign that on this very day a girl who dreams of a good marriage, is to "sow" the first "grain" in the white linen wedding towel or shirt. And it is better, if it is cross-stitch (no knots!). Cross - the most powerful female character, oberezhnaya force which is unique in nature.
Do not start to embroider on Sunday morning. From this will never be good, only harm: both you and your embroidery, and the person to whom it is intended. At the same time, if you are in the day visit the temple, the sludge service, pray - required stitches on Sunday will find a special power;
At the beginning of the work be sure to tune inresult. Even better - to call upon a higher power for help. Alternatively, say, "Lord, help!" Or "God be with you!". There is an old Slavic conspiracy - unconditionally valid sign: "Igloo its start talking - on health, the joy of blessing. Let my thoughts come true, even if all the images in a life fulfilled. Let it be so forever as an eternal stone Alatyr! "

What do the signs in the embroidery

  • if in the process of embroidery you are constantly entangled thread - about you someone responds well. If you are a woman - man, if rukodelnik man - woman;
  • if a woman, a man while embroidering injureneedle finger (any except large!) - be sure to praise the work. What happened is an unmarried girl - her boyfriend is thinking about it. But when it happened on the eve of New Year's - the girl be married in the near future;

  • if a pricked finger dropped a drop of blood - safely make a wish. By the way, this will take another Alexander Pushkin mentioned in his famous "The Tale of the Dead Princess and the Seven Knights";
  • needle pricked his thumb - cautionarysign: In the near future you expect some trouble. It is possible that it is related to the man who designed embroidery. First you need to be guided by feeling, the glimpse at the time that you hurt yourself;
  • Do not leave the hoop on the bed - "Zaspa"work: it can stay or incomplete, or it will be difficult to go, instead of pleasure bring only disappointment and certainly no good. Nor can it be to throw your fingers anywhere - embroidery process will tire you;
  • some, guided by bad prejudices,afraid to embroider during pregnancy. But to no avail. You can not sew during religious holidays, but to embroider - as possible. Sometimes, even the need: for a kind of relaxation, as well as to pave the way to your child happy in his fate. All positive promises reinforce embroidery done during pregnancy. The main thing - to think of something good, good and pleasant. The only thing to do is not desirable for pregnant women when they embroider - trim the thread with scissors, especially if it is a holy day. It is believed that in this way they can cause injury to your baby as physical (crop, for example, an ear lobe, finger, cut out baldness hair that will never heal), and spiritual - to cut the allotted fate of life and goodness of heart, honesty, obedience. It is thought that during pregnancy, importance and power of oberezhnoy embroidery exposure increases.


Slavic talisman - color during paporotnikaEslipregnancy you have learned that you are expecting a boy, sew him a powerful amulet-giving ability to find profit even in the most insignificant fact - color fern. This image of the Slavic Perun colors will help your child fulfill his cherished desire, unleash the power of his spirit. It is desirable to do it during pregnancy.
Eashego lover, father, brother, thisembroidery cross protects from back pain, bone and joint diseases. If you add to the image of cornflower - reduced vision problems, hop - dare speech difficulties, and colds will occur much less frequently.
If someone close to you "lost", hittingin psychological, alcohol, drug addiction, lost interest in school, help the oldest Slavic talisman, embroidered with a cross - rune picture sign Svarozhich. It helps to "errant" self-aware, that happens to him that something was wrong, indicating the path, walking along which you can go on the right path.
Would you like your son, husband, brother, loveroverbearing path - embroider talisman symbol Rod. Embroidery should be placed on the breasts men / boys and on the shoulders. And the one who will be the owner of it, will be able to move mountains on its way to reach the top of their abilities.
Do you want your child, darling, nativeman never touched the damage, the evil eye, omens - embroider on his shirt, shirt, pullover knitted sign rotating fiery Cross. Fire, in this encrypted amulets, charms and destroys any negativity directed to its owner.

Male Ward - embroidered with oak leaves zheludyamiMechtaete that your son was a brave, strong strength and spirit, embroider his oldest male guardian - oak leaves with acorns hidden in them.
Do you want your son to be happy in love, and yourelect never forgotten you - decorate with embroidery picture vinca. This amulet of his strength and the blue color of hope will not give you the chosen one to easily "turn left", tells her lover the way to your heart, son - give faithful lover.
Do you want to transfer your child to all the wisdom of your family, give him protection ancestors - embroider as a talisman image / Heavenly Cross symbol.
If a pregnant woman, was fond of embroiderysaid that she was waiting for the girl, she can for his future assistant also embroider potent charms. In pregnancy, it will be a special forces charms.
From the common cold to protect and enhance the health of embroideredshirt on a pink lily in a frame of green leaves. And, if the corners of embroidery add ancient Slavic symbol of the rapid ruler winds - Stribog, your daughter will have a powerful protection against acute bronchitis, tonsillitis, otitis media (ear infections) and rhinitis (runny nose).
Charm with a picture of the golden lilies willto protect the life of your daughter's adultery (it is better if such embroidery is on the pillow or in a picture). White lily - give your child of the gift to anticipate trouble, various troubles.
You want to have your daughter had a pure, immaculate maiden happiness - give her embroidery depicting Viburnum.
If you dream that your daughter hadrenowned female wisdom. And also the fact that in her house was always well-being, and your son-in-thought your treasure is the epitome of tenderness, motherhood, and was convinced that he got the biggest on earth happiness - embroider her shirts, towels, handkerchiefs and accessories with an image of a female figure, which has or raised, or lowered arms. This is the strongest symbol of Slavic Bereginja (or Mokosh or Lada, beloved supreme Slavic god of Mother Earth), which has been and remains a reliable female talisman-protector.

Female Ward "Ladinets" Very powerful womentalisman is an ancient Slavic symbol Lada - Ladinets. Your daughter he will give protection from various types of problems helps to develop intuition to lead to balance all her feelings. Furthermore, it will ensure the normal development of hormonal, gynecological diseases will help to avoid (or recover from them quickly), will give the strength and splendor of her hair, align metabolism, make the skin smooth. Do you or your mom, girlfriend, sister, will help to reveal the female sensuality, will contribute to the normalization of weight, especially if you frame it in a circle of roses. And as if it did not sound fantastic, Ladinets rejuvenates. Mature woman received the embroidery with its image as a gift (which is a gift!) Again flourishing. In addition, the owner of that character will never be without a pair. There are the mandatory conditions that are strictly necessary to comply with - guardian can not embroider during menstruation. And yet - no nodules on the embroidery, use scissors, leaving the needle in embroidery. If you want the power of a talisman operated for a long time and reliably - unfinished work hide from prying eyes, and at night, wrap it in a white cloth canvas. And keep in mind that the first ray of his (and all eight of them) with embroidery Ladintsa should always be red. The second was represented in embroidery or black yarn or thread that matches your element (zodiac sign).
An excellent talisman is and "apple circle" offour sectors. If it is the opposite sector will be sustained in the same colors - they will find the owner of a strong, true love that will not undermine either the monotony of everyday life, or an insidious opponent.
Obschesemeynymi charms will be embroidered with a cross symbol of Svarog, which is executed in red tones. This sign - a sign of good luck, the family protector, its reliable companion on every important stage of life.
If you want to attract wealth,wealth, family members, and myself in particular, embroider yellow sign as a talisman of Slavic patron of traders, farmers, ranchers, hunters Veles. With it, you will gain constancy and perseverance, foresight successful transaction, determination at its conclusion, the wisdom in the preparation.
If you are looking for protection from family quarrels, want to establish the situation in the family, you will help ward as towel, shirts, bracelets, pendants with blue-red symbol Bjelobog.

Slavic symbol "Alatyr" Seek harmonyfamily relationships, it will provide a sign Roda - Slavic symbol Alatyr. In it - the beginning and the end, wisdom and patience, understanding and compassion. It is suitable for both men and women. And become your talisman not only being embroidered on shirts, jerseys, but also on the towels, tablecloths.
By the way, the Slavic amulets do not like themembroidered in the hoop. It is believed that the cycle does not allow himself to admit to the program, which was originally founded in warding symbol. Slavic amulets, embroidered in the hoop will simply become a beautiful ornament.
And yet, if you are embroidering ward, not justpicture, it should be the reverse side without knots, tangles or excessively twisted yarns. Face talisman - a world to which you aspire, the reverse side - the obstacles that await you on the way to achieving the goal.

Icons - embroidery signs

Icons - perhaps one of the most popular topics for embroidery. They can be sewn thread, and
. Whoever starts the image faces of the saints, must also comply with special signs in the embroidery:

  • the most important sign - start with a common prayer - "Our Father";
  • if you are embroidering the icon with the image of your patron saint, it is best to begin work on the day of the saint, or in their name-day, holy days dedicated to him;
  • before dark superstition dictated that a womanduring menstruation, pregnant women can not touch the canvas, designed for embroidery icons. This is not true. And confirmation of this Orthodox priest preaching the word - Patriarch Pavle, who noted that "women's physical uncleanness, exactly like any other bodily discharge, do not make a woman and her sinful thoughts." And if her mind and soul are turned to God, it rightfully can, making the sign of the cross, to make pleasing to God. Embroider icon - it is God-pleasing;
  • if you embroidering icon with meaning - as a gift, and not just as beautiful, vivid and complex picture to test his skill embroiderers, should ask the blessing of the priest;
  • Embroidered icon will gain a real life-giving force, if you before the work is not only blessed, but also communion, confessed, complied with the post;
  • impossible while embroidering remove their iconscrucifix. And, incidentally, it would be better if the face and hands of the saint will be embroidered with a cross. The reason is simple: the icon, as well as the cross, the cross - God's image. If you go to some celebration, holiday, and your crucifix is ​​not entirely appropriate to look into the deep neckline, consider that more important to you. If you refuse the presence at the festival can not find a compromise solution. For example, the tie (fasten securely) to the cross strap of your bra;
  • while embroidering icons, as well as before starting work, should be given time to read the prayers. If you do not pray to your holy, universal "Our Father" will help in this case;
  • at the end of the work necessary to sanctify the icon in the church. It happens that the priest refused to do it - do not despair. Go to another Orthodox church - a priest who knows.

Powerful Orthodox charms

Those who profess the Orthodox religion, know that the most powerful charms are:

  • kryzhma / baptismal diaper, which put the child after the ordinances of baptism;
  • baptismal shirt;
  • Wedding towels.

Embroidered baptismal naborPered how to embroiderkryzhmu, be sure to pray. Embroidering her prayers and by placing another stitch or at least from time to time, slander embroidery wishes newborn. Programmed and consecrated kryzhma protect your child from many problems and diseases, if it is properly used. For example, if your child huddled in convulsions, in any case, do not cry, and do not be afraid, and cover your head with a wee baptismal diaper. Convulsions retreat. Jinx the baby, wash it with holy water and wipe kryzhmoy - corruption will go to the person who put it.
Baptismal shirt have to bewhite. But the embroidered pattern on it - at your discretion. It allows almost everyone except the use of black color. It is in any case should not be present in the newborn clothes. Embroidery signs say that the main thing in the work on the baptismal shirt - good intentions and sincere wishes. If you do not know the value of symbols embroidery know that:

Embroidery on christening rubashkeVyshity on baptismal shirt poppy, bring the beauty of the newborn body and spirit, will realize his good dreams into reality, will give him a fertility.
Chamomile - a symbol of fidelity, and faithful loving care.
Sunflower - give your child the gift of loyalty and devotion.
Wreath of cornflowers make his soul responsive, responsive and humane.
Embroidered peony, rose and mallow - symbols of faith, hope and love.
If you want your child to be healthy and the least ill possible - embroider mint.
Embroidered flowers of oregano will give newborn faithful and tender motherly love.
Lily - make a baby girl chaste, pure in your thoughts and intentions, gave her maiden happiness.
Flower Helichrysum protect the newborn from ulcerous diseases, help him to quickly deal with any injuries.
Image of cherry and apple trees - all gave him a devoted mother love.

Embroidered periwinkle blue - a symbol of life and immortality dushiShematichnoe image Viburnum - gives the newborn the beauty of body and soul.
Embroidered hops - provide flexibility newborn nature and inquisitive mind.
Periwinkle blue - not only ward off evilintentions razluchnitsy / rival in love, a symbol of life and immortality of the soul, the pure conjugal relations, which sooner or later will take your newborn. By the way, each petal periwinkle flower has its own meaning: one refers to the beauty, the second - the tenderness, the third - the attachment, and the fourth - the harmony in the relationship, the fifth - the faithful.
Woven into the pattern embroidered delicate wild bells - will make your child a truly rewarding and noble man.
And signs in the embroidery Wedding towelssaying that they must necessarily be represented dove, tenderly looking at each other. It is better if the doves in their beaks holding flower spike or vinca.
Each character has many meanings, a sign - interesting. Stick to them or not - your choice. But, as time has shown, folk wisdom, passed on from generation to generation, it carries a deeper meaning. And hardly a kinsman would live as long if they did not act.

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