Embroidery of sunflowers with ribbons in a step-by-step master class (photo)

Embroidery of sunflowers with ribbons in a step-by-step master class (photo)


Such an interesting and beautiful kind of needlework, like
, Is now at the height of popularity. Ornate patterns from tapes are made out not only by luxurious panels, but also linen bags, sofa cushions and many other things that can decorate the interior. One of the most common floral motifs is the embroidery of a sunflower with satin ribbons. It's not spontaneous. After all, a sunflower is a symbol of the summer sun, light and heat. The article presents a master class from which you will learn how to embroider a bouquet of sunflowers with ribbons. You can perform such work, taking as a basis step-by-step photos and video material.

Master-class on embroidery of sunflowers

The first thing that embroidery begins with isConstruction of the scheme. You can arrange the drawing in different ways, but the main thing is to observe the correct proportions on the canvas. In the central part should be embroidered large heads of flowers, and on the sides - smaller. Sunflowers can be in a bouquet either alone, or embroider a wreath with this flower. Marker draw a diagram on the canvas. So that during the time of embroidery the pattern is not worn out, make a notch around the entire contour.

The petals of the sunflower will be embroidered with a narrow satin ribbon of yellow color.
From the wrong side of the fabric, starting from the middleFlower, remove the tape and immediately fix its end. We direct the tape to the top of the petal, but do not tighten it too much. In no case should the tape be twisted.

If you want the tip of the petal to beLush and rounded, take another needle and enter it into the curl. This technology will not allow him to spin. Embroider with a tape the second petal and also use a needle to impart volume to the tip.

The next petal of a sunflower can be made nearthe edges. The closer the puncture is created, the better the satin ribbon curls in the desired direction. Next, wrap the petal in the opposite direction. Bring the tape to the front and fold, and then puncture in the center and pull through the fabric.

Thus, we made the petals of the firstSunflower. It is not necessary to embroider all the elements in the same way. The main thing is to give the sunflower more natural. In exactly the same way, embroider and other flowers that will be added to a single flower bouquet.

The core of the sunflower will consist of tapesSeveral colors. You need to purchase a dark brown color and a light coffee. We embroider short stitches, creating loops. After each insertion of the needle, on the wrong side we fix the satin ribbon.
Sunflower leaves are embroidered in two shadesGreen color, sufficient width. To make a stalk, the tape must be rolled along the entire length. This concludes the master class. Embroidered with sunflowers panel, will become a wonderful decoration of your house.

Video: Learn how to embroider a sunflower flower with ribbons