Embroidery of a tree of happiness by a cross

Embroidery of a tree of happiness by a cross


Embroidery - a talisman has always been considered by our ancestorsSomething sacral, possessing magical power. It was applied not only to their clothes, but also to all home textiles, up to bed linen. One of the main talismans among the Slavs was the tree of happiness, which they embroidered with a cross. Such a tree is considered a family talisman, protecting from an evil eye and various extraneous influences.

Tree of Happiness in the Stand

Many needlewomen embroider a tree with a crossHappiness and put the product in the frame, in order to hang the finished work in the future in the most prominent place in the house. In this article, you will learn how to make a real tree from a beautiful embroidery, planted in a flower pot. To do this, you need a certain list of materials:

  • Suitable scheme of the tree of happiness;
  • Threads floss with a needle;
  • Embroidery frame and scissors;
  • Canvas for embroidery;
  • Pots;
  • Sintepon with various decorative material for decoration;
  • Solution of gypsum.

For a start, study in detail the scheme and symbols,Which is depicted on it. Each pattern has its own direct purpose. As you have already seen, the tree of happiness embroidery is quite simple, so it will not be difficult for you to make it in the shortest possible time. For those who do not want to tighten the embroidery too much, we suggest using one color for the thread of a mulina and embroidering a tree, for example a red shade or some other contrasting color. If you have a desire to create a mini masterpiece, then use different bright colors. In this case, your attention is represented by a photo depicting a tree of happiness in one color scheme.

When the embroidery of the canvas is finished, attach itFront side to a small piece of cotton, and then sew the workpiece in such a way as to make it look like a small pad that resembles the shape of the edges of a deciduous tree. Next, you need to unscrew this piece and fill it with a small hank of a sintepon. At the edges of the tree of happiness is decorated with all sorts of decorative material that you have. It can be beads, beads, various ruches. Act as your fantasy tells you.

The billet that you stuffed with a sintepon is not neededTo sew completely. Leave some space in the bottom of the tree so that you can put a wooden trunk lacquered in it. Next, you need to dilute the gypsum with water in equal proportions and pour it into the cooked pot. Insert a wooden stick into it, on which a sintepon pad was previously installed. In addition to all, the finished craft can still be decorated with pendants and bows.

Embroider the picture on the wall

If you still want to decorate with a tree of happinessYour wall in the house, then we suggest you to embroider a cross from a ready-made set, which can be purchased at the store. Such embroidery will please even novice craftsmen, who are just beginning to work in the technique of the cross. All the colors used for the thread of the floss are indicated in the key to the diagram, so you immediately orient yourself with what to begin with.

Ready-made embroidery can also be decorated with decorativeMaterial, for example, attach gold coins with bows, so that the tree not only protects the family, but also brings monetary well-being to the house. Such a picture in the technique of the cross, you can even present it to your family and friends for a festive celebration, wishing them all the best.