Empty corner - how to decorate, decorate and what to put

Empty corner - how to decorate, decorate and what to put

Equipping a house or apartment, often facewith the problem of what to put in a corner or what to occupy, so that the place is not empty and looks beautiful. If you properly think about this issue, then this space can be used really effectively. We offer several ideas on how to do this. For convenience, we divide them into sub-points, based on the location of the angle:

  • In the room
  • In the hall
  • In the kitchen
  • In the nursery
  • In the bedroom
  • In the bathroom

The content of the article:

Corner in the hall or living room

Shelves Several small shelves located inthe corner of the room will perform immediately and decorative and practical function. Arrange on them a photo or figurines and see how much your room will change. Corner for creativity In the corner you can alsoplace furniture if decor and space allow. This desk or desktop has the perfect placement, it is close to the windows on both sides, which provides good lighting and makes it possible to work and read in a pleasant atmosphere. A small corner table This table is not intended for writing or eating, it essentially has the role of a shelf for several photos, a table lamp, a vase with flowers or similar decorative elements. Reading corner Another interesting ideais to create a reading corner in one of the empty corners of your home. Find a sufficiently lit corner (closer to the window) and equip it with a pouf and a floor lamp. In winter, add to this a still cushy soft blanket and an ideal place to spend your free time reading your favorite books. As a photo - in this article Another photo ideafor equipment corner for reading or thinking. You can simply put a chair, but you can also curtain it with curtains, isolating for a while from the outside world and immersed in your own. With a chair in the corner near the window, too, willgood place to read. Just a fabulous place to read and relax. Here you have to make more effort than just put a poof, but it turns out incredibly comfortable. Home cinema. The corner of the room is actually a very good place for TV, because it allows you to see it from almost anywhere in the room. Arrange around the chairs and sofas and enjoy watching movies and TV shows. TIP: If there is no special corner cabinet under the TV, just put it in the corner on the nightstand, ultimately the result is the same. In this case, in the corner we put not the TV, butspecial shaped sofa. The whole family or company of friends will fit, stock up on popcorn and enjoy watching. Mirrors Mirrors in beautiful frames can also well fill the empty corner space in the room. This will give the room more light and a cozy atmosphere. Hangers Hanger helps a lot when neededTo get something from the upper shelves of the cabinet, you don’t have to risk your life with it and put a high chair on the high chair to get the necessary things. But its storage in the apartment takes up a lot of space, and the view is not very aesthetic. But this idea will solve all the problems: use step-ladder steps, as a hanger for blankets and its appearance will immediately change and blankets can be taken as soon as you want to wrap up and warm up. Library Pay attention to how effectively this angle is made, all the shelves perfectly complement each other. Standing in one place you can reach almost any book. The grand piano, of course, is not worth much at home, but even without it it will look very good. Corner for tea drinking In the living room it is very convenient to have a corner bench or sofa, put a small round table here, and you will have a cozy place for tea drinking or pleasant conversations. Plants and Vases Plants, especially large,are a very beautiful decorative element and are suitable, in fact, for all rooms. However, they take up a lot of space, so the corners are perfect for them. Plant a flower in a beautiful large vase and it will wonderfully complement your home interior. Floor lamp or floor lamp A floor lamp, placed in the corner, will gently illuminate the room, creating a cozy homely atmosphere in the evenings.

Empty corner in the hallway

Photos on the wall Fill the empty corner with pictures or photos, organize a small home exhibition of visual art. This will surely please the eye more than bare walls. Bookshelves Corner shelves with books can beto put not only in the hall, but also in the hallway. Of course, a full-fledged library will not fit here, but you can arrange your favorite books and statues. More ideas - in this article! Findings Make a mini in the corner of the hallwayMuseum of its tourist wanderings: surfboard, large wooden statues, paintings, photos or posters, do not let this all gathering dust in the closet.

In the kitchen

Corner lockers We wrote a separate article about- 30 ideas, open some tips and here. Such a cabinet is very practical and beautiful, while it visually practically does not reduce the room. On the glass shelves you can place cups, vases and various decorative items. Round table Small round table withFour chairs, set in the corner, will be a good option for apartments with small kitchens. A great economy idea would be to use old chairs or a chair. - look here.

In the nursery

Wigwam In the nursery you could use the corner as a place for the wigwam. Children love tents, but putting it in the middle of a room would take up too much space, and the corner fits perfectly. Little Scene Hanging two beautiful curtains, the corner miraculously turns into a small scene. Here, children can play, develop their talents, or even arrange a small home theater.

In the bedroom

Double back bed If your bedis in the corner, then make a double headboard. This is practical, because during sleep a soft back will not let you accidentally hit your knee on the wall, and it looks more symmetrical and beautiful. Table or nightstand Small table orA bedside table placed in the corner near the bed is a convenient place to put a clock or earrings taken before bedtime, as well as a phone with an alarm clock, a glass of water and a book that was read before bedtime.

In the bathroom

Corner bedside Bathrooms in manyapartments are made so tiny that it’s really important to use all the possible places in them. Corner bedside as best you can help organize the space, put all cleaning supplies and clean towels.