Everything, as at people: how to make different school accessories for dolls quickly and easily with own hands / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

Everything, as at people: how to make different school accessories for dolls quickly and easily with own hands / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

Playing dolls is good because she neverit can be monotonous, you can always invent new subjects and conditions, fantasize and fountain ideas, revive the dolls and create for them a huge world that looks like ours. Therefore, besides doll clothes or shoes, for a full game you need a lot more, for example, all kinds of school accessories, if your toy pet is going along with first-graders in the hike for knowledge. Since there will be a lot of stories for the game, do not rush to buy things and accessories for dolls, because most of them are simple enough and fast to be drawn from the available tools with their own hands.

We collect a doll in school

Every student knows what things to wearwith them to school, therefore, one month before the start of the school year, everyone is trying to make grandiose purchases of the necessary school supplies. We'll be equally responsible for you - prepare your own school supplies for puppets. If your child is a fan of popular toys now, then surely you are familiar with monster hi dolls. This is a whole line of dolls - the children of the most famous monsters and monsters in history. All their offspring have gathered together and are now studying at Monster High High School. For these toys today, a huge amount of additional details, accessories, furniture, wardrobe items, etc. are created. And the fans come up and make a bunch of things for them independently and with their own hands. Doll in school So, what can be done for monster high school students from school supplies:

  • first of all the doll will need a portfolio orbackpack - it can be made, in fact, as a standard backpack in a sports style or casual style and on the straps or you can make it in the form of a serious and stylish leather briefcase with a handle that is worn in the hand;
  • for the study will also need notebooks and books -Notebooks should be made better to be in stock, and books make such, according to which you want your pupa to learn, that is, from the right subjects;
  • further, the diary is a very necessary thing;
  • do not forget about every possible office - pensdifferent colors, a simple pencil and colored pencils, a sharpener, an eraser, a ruler, scissors, glue and other school supplies - all that patience and imagination will have;
  • If your monster hi doll likes to draw, you can make an easel and a palette of colors for it;
  • for especially advanced monstryashek you will need a laptop or at least a laptop;
  • if you plan to make a whole class of monster high school, then you need a board, and desks with chairs, and other school furniture - racks or shelves, a teacher's table, bookcases, etc.

Believe that it is not difficult to do such things, moreover, it is not costly either, since you can make art from anything, using any junk materials for making crafts. Let's try?

Let's get down to business

Let's start with the portfolio. First, consider a stylish classic version of a leather or suede model with a handle. Doll in school

  • Take a pattern, attach to a piece of real leather or suede and cut out the main part of the product.
  • Straighten from the front, then take a sheet of thick paper, cut to the size of the unfolded briefcase, thickly glue it with glue and glue it on the wrong side.
  • Wrap the edges around the paper and stitch over the fold.
  • Then bend the edges to the wrong side, join the slices and tuck off the four corners.
  • After this, turn the product to the front side, see if there are protruding suede / leather corners. If yes, then glue them tightly to the paper.
  • If you want, you can add another little pocket for your mobile.
  • Attach the handle from above, and also decorate the briefcase with straps or fasteners to your liking.
  • To make a board, cut rectangles of the same size from corrugated cardboard and plastic, then you will need the following:

    • spread the piece of corrugated cardboard with glue and glue it to a sheet of white paper;
    • cut off half of the extra paper, and in the part where the cardboard is stuck, cut off only the corners, and wrap the rest under a rectangle and properly glue it;
    • on the hot glue, glue a rectangle of plastic on top of the workpiece (you can replace it with a transparent wide tape);
    • The places of gluing can be hidden with the help of strips cut from silver cardboard - this will be a frame;
    • to make a marker stand, cut out a small rectangle of silver cardboard and draw lines on it a short distance from each other in width and length;
    • cut off the corners below and fold the cardboard along the fold lines, then glue the sides and glue the stand to the board;
    • to make markers, cut off from the usual earsticks two pieces - one and two centimeters, then poke through a larger piece of toothpick and try on it to put on a small piece - it will be a cap, cut off all that is superfluous;
    • paint the protruding parts of the toothpick with a marker of any color, paint the cap of the earwax;
    • There is more to write on the board, but it is also necessary to erasewritten - take a piece of the old eraser and a small piece of dense soft fabric, glue the fabric to the eraser on one side, and cut off excess - you will get a pretty mochalochka.

    As you can see, nothing is complicated. So with other accessories:

    • for example, to make an original case, you can use a bag with a zip-lock, decorated with decorative tape and a marker;
    • to make colored pencils, cut off the ends of the toothpicks and gently paint them and the tips in the right colors with the help of markers or colored pens;
    • a simple pencil is made in the same way, just do not forget to paint on its end a pink eraser and a silver metal clip;
    • The handle can be made from a straightened paper clip or wire with a folded edge - fill the entire length with beads, and fix the tip with glue;
    • miniature notebooks are obtained if you printsheets in a small box or ruler, divide them into rectangles (3.5 * 5 cm) and make in each of them a field with a red pencil, then cut the leaves and bend them in half, for the cover take the colored paper and fasten all the sheets together with the cover in the middle a stapler;

    • for making textbooks, make a miniatureprint out the pages and cover the book you want, cut the pages with stripes and glue them into one long ribbon, fold the strip with an accordion, ironing the folds well, then glue the pages from the inside and make a cover from the cardboard.

    Quickly collect pupae in school, because it's quite simple, and the first call will be heard soon. Inspiration for you and successful embodiment of your ideas!