Examples of making autumn articles from vegetables at home.

Examples of making autumn articles from vegetables at home.

In order to start work on crafts fromvegetables, you need to prepare a certain set of tools. You will definitely need a sharp knife and toothpicks to fix the parts to each other. If you decide to use the kiddies in your work, then be careful not to leave them with tools unattended. Of course, such interesting and beautiful crafts from vegetables and fruits are short-lived, it will be more accurate to say that they are very quickly corrupted. But even in a short time such creations can bring joy to those people who make them and those who watch them. Such creative processes bear a huge benefit for the child:

  • develops small motor skills, and accordingly, and the speech of your baby;
  • increased attention and diligence;
  • develops motor-visual coordination (it can be hard for children to make pens what they see as eyes);
  • development in a child of such quality as the completion of any endeavor to the end.

Work on the manufacture of vegetables from vegetablesalways turns into a pleasant, and most importantly - a useful time of escorting together with our favorite kids. Try to interest them and involve them in the creative process. Ready-made masterpieces from vegetables and other gifts of nature are often decorated with children's rooms and garden rooms, thereby prolonging the feeling of a beautiful and amazing pore - golden autumn, which has always been famous for a variety of colors and colors. Very often in all children's institutions during the harvest period organize all kinds of exhibitions and competitions, which determine the best crafts from vegetables. A close and united work will have a huge impact on the development of your child. Creativity always positively influences the development of the personality and the development of friendly and favorable relations between the adult and the child. And you do not need to buy different sets for creativity, because natural materials in the form of vegetables and fruits, which are a treasury for the development and realization of their creative abilities, will become the best assistants in the execution of handicrafts. You can find many options and examples of making products and all kinds of compositions created from vegetables and other gifts of autumn, such as cones, acorns, pine branches, etc. Just prepare all the materials, put them on the table and fantasize together with your child, what can you create from them. You will see, your child himself will offer a lot of ideas, and you will only have to help and direct it in the right direction. Certainly, the autumn season is rich in different vegetables, but in the springtime it is also possible to think of something, say, from stale zucchini, etc. Involved in various vegetables, you can affect the development of your baby. Place small bulbs in jars of water and let your child enthusiastically watch for the appearance of roots and green feathers. Potatoes can be an excellent material for making crafts with the smallest children. After all, how easy is it to make a hedgehog. Pick up a smooth potato with an elongated shape and prepare clay with toothpicks. Let your baby do for the future hedgehog eyes and a spout from plasticine, and then sticks the top of the toothpick, which will act as needles. On top of them, you can place either plasticine mushrooms or dried leaves. Here everything will depend on your taste and imagination. Examples of making autumn articles from vegetables at home .. Photo №1 Cucumber is also an excellent material forcreativity. Only two cucumbers need to be used to get a cute crocodile. One of them select a straight shape (for the head and tail), and the other - a curved shape (for the calf). A straight cucumber needs to cut a thick end. Cut the rest of it along into two equal parts. One of them is used to create a head. Teeth should be cut from the soft side in the form of triangles, and the cut off part is used to make the back of our crocodile and legs. Next, connect all parts of the cucumber crocodile using toothpicks, and to decorate the peephole take corn, peas or carrot circles. The design of the crocodile will completely depend on you. Here is our cute, and most importantly - the edible crocodile is ready. Examples of making autumn crafts from vegetables at home .. Photo # 2 Pumpkin crafts will always look veryinteresting and truly original. And the variety of handicrafts is not limited to making faces on the theme of Halloween. This vegetable can be made out in the form of animals and fairy-tale heroes. For this, the pumpkin should be simply decorated with the right color. And after drying, decorate the face with cardboard or paints. Examples of making autumn articles from vegetables at home .. Picture №3 Examples of making autumn articles from vegetables at home .. Photo # 4 Such autumn fruits, like pears and apples, easily come to life in the experienced hands of the master. They can be turned into funny little animals. Examples of making autumn articles from vegetables at home .. Photo # 5 Examples of making autumn articles from vegetables at home .. Photo # 6 When making all kinds of crafts from fruit,our children learn to see the beautiful and extraordinary in the most ordinary subjects. It often happens that a child can not be forced to eat a piece of useful fruit. But try to present the apple in the form of a beautiful swan. In this way the most ordinary fruits turn not only into treats, but also into wonderful decorations for pies with apple fillings. Examples of making autumn articles from vegetables at home .. Photo # 7 Deal with vegetables can be done all winter long, chilling out the cold evenings in one business together with the whole friendly family. And beautiful products will be able to please you and remind you of warm days.