Implementation of the block with scrapbooking technique. Lesson and step-by-step instructions.

Implementation of the block with scrapbooking technique. Lesson and step-by-step instructions.

We make a notebook with scrapbooking technique We make a notebook with scrapbooking technique. Photo №1 To make your own notebook, you do not needhave the knowledge of the real master of the office. It is enough only to understand the basics of scrapbooking and to possess certain skills of needlework. In this lesson we will consider the possibility of creating a notebook using the scrapbooking technique. Our notebook should turn out to be roomy and at the same time, to have beautiful forms. Let's get started!

Preparing a notebook

We make a notebook with scrapbooking technique. Photo # 2 We need:

  • A5 format books
  • Stationery clips
  • Cardboard
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • File
  • the cloth

First of all, when we make notebook technologyscrapbooking, you need to pick up sheets of paper A5. As a basis, you can take a notebook. We select them on 5 sheets. If the paper is dense, then it is necessary to select 3 sheets. Next, you need to fold the notebook in half. As many times as necessary to get the desired thickness. A standard notepad holds about 13 notebooks. A notebook of this type will contain sheets of A5 in an amount of 130 pieces. We make a notebook with scrapbooking technique. Picture №3 Next, near the spine is laid the future blockwith the help of two pieces of cardboard with a binding. As a result, the spine is fixed with a clerical clip. Next, we make a press for the block of sheets and leave for 3 hours for fixing. When the notebooks are formed together, it is necessary to open the clips, and then align the spine. You can do this by simply tapping them on a solid object. We get the ideal spine, we fix it again with the help of clips. Next, make 6 holes on the spine in a flat indentation. A ready-made sheet with markings is used, which is suitable for A5 format. This action is performed using a pencil, we measure it with a ruler. We make a notebook with scrapbooking technique. Photo №4 We make holes, then we sew blocks. You can make holes with the help of a file, then use ribbons from the fabric for fastening. It is advisable to use cotton cloth.

Sew our notebook.

  • Cartons
  • compacted cardboard
  • Moment (Clay)
  • Fleece

We make the cover with two interlacedcards that will be larger than the block format. In addition, you need a compacted cardboard for the spine. Further, it is necessary to cut the cardboard in such a way that, when applied on three sides, there should not be more than 55 millimeters. The spine should be 7 millimeters smaller. Next, we make creases on the spine. We use a distance of 2-3 millimeters from each other. Thus, the spine will be rounded. Next, you need to glue the spine with the cardboard for the cover. The glue "Moment" is used. Retreat by 5-8 millimeters from the extreme creasing on the spine, which was laid when cutting the cardboard. On top of the notebook you can add a fresh layer of fleece. We make a notebook with scrapbooking technique. Photo №5 Next, we break into the work on the design. It is necessary to make a piece of cloth larger by 20 millimeters than the cover version. If the fabric with a pattern, observe the general picture. The fabric must be ironed and then starched. After that, the finished fabric is placed on the frame, the soft side should be at the bottom. Next, apply glue in a distance of 5 millimeters from the edge. Long sides are glued, ironed. Cut off the corners of the cover. Next, you can put on the cover of various decorations. In our case, using brads or eyelets, you can fix various decor elements, like flowers. Also, you can make an additional cushion of fabric and fleece. Next, the cover must be glued to the base of our notebook. Cover and notebook - ready!