Exotic palm from plastic bottles with your own hands

Exotic palm from plastic bottles with your own hands

Fly to rest in the tropics this year is notIt turns out? It does not matter, it's worth to ask the idea how the backyard will instantly turn into an exotic beach. All that is needed: to put an inflatable pool, and to decorate the site with resort attributes. Get out of the pantry old chaise lounge, and the deficit of the island atmosphere, cover the rich "overseas" vegetation - basic landscaping, potted ferns and ... Palm of plastic bottles will add the missing color. See how realistic it looks on our pictures. Do you want to "grow" the same? Nothing is easier! Palm of plastic bottles In fact, the palms of plastic bottlesAre good not only in outdoor street decor. They become a successful thematic decoration of the children's room and play well in the empty corners in the main interior of the big house, they are not afraid of the dampness of the bathroom and remain green without claims for irrigation and fertilizers. Such handicrafts from improvised materials look great in the winter gardens or in the green corners inside a private cottage. The dimensions of a tropical tree, like its dislocation in its possessions, you determine. And how to make a palm from plastic bottles, our master class will tell you.

Crown of a homemade palm tree

An effective tree is 80% lush crown. It can be assembled on the body of a plastic bottle, gluing pinnate leaves with adhesive tape or planting them on the glue. Here you need to consider the overturning effect, so glue all the feathers in one direction. After you turn the workpiece over, the leaves will beautifully bend downwards. And the crown can be made on the principle of a hat - an independent design, which will then be placed on the trunk and fixed. Crown of a palm tree Options for making a crown for a palm tree Make the palm leaves of green beerBottles is not difficult: cut the feathers, using the entire height of the container. Beer bottles of 2.5 liters. Are quite large, which gives a sufficient size of foliage for a small palm. But if this is not enough for your larger idea, make composite feather leaves from several pieces of plastic canvas. Between them, it is most convenient to fasten the office stapler by 100-150 mm.

How to make a trunk

Your plastic beauty will be prettyLight, but strong barrel is still needed. A small palm comes from plastic bottles almost instantly, but if you're thinking of making your craft more massive, be patient. The primitive barrel is folded one or two times, inserting the cut off cylinders from the plastic containers into each other. And with complex supports it is necessary to tinker properly. Figured ornaments on the tree trunk are created elementary - you need to cut off the cylinders with a wave. Next, step by step, we will consider assembling a wide tree trunk for a future plastic palm: Options for the manufacture of a palm trunk from bottles

  • Determine the required volume of the barrel, multiplyingDiameter of a standard bottle for 2, 3, 4 - as you wish. Let's say you have enough grip in 3 diameters of an ordinary bottle. It is 3 bottles and take for the assembly of the first stem crown;
  • Each cylinder of the bottle (part without top and bottom)Smoothly cut along, then sew the edges of the resulting sheets with each other with the help of an adhesive tape or, more reliable, a stationery stapler. Make enough wreaths for the tree of the planned height. While waving the finished wreaths against each other, fasten them in any accessible way;
  • Or just use bulk pet kegs from underBeer. They give a very large volume of cylinders, without requiring a long time to collect the construction of the trunk. Yes, and for cutting pinnate leaves, such impressive canvases can be useful to you.

Gradually assembling a worthy framework under the crown,Complete the assembly of the palm, involving in the process a maximum of your own imagination. You can invent interesting vines and decorate them with your spectacular crafts. Or, for example, lay an LED ribbon inside the tropical tree so that the palm tree can glow in the evening and decorate your summer parties in the air. You can install a plastic tree in a flower pot, by closing the structure in expanded clay. Or simply by digging into the ground in a convenient location of the site - on the playground or by the pool.

Other trees from empty bottles

Now you are more or less clear how to do itA palm from plastic bottles. But will you succeed in "growing" other realistic trees from recyclables? Materials allow this, the skills you have already worked on the palm tree, so what's the matter? Nobody forbids you to use additional fastening materials and any other additions to the "main dish" - empty polyethylene bottles. Show your creativity as you can, inspired by our photo-ideas. Trees from plastic bottles First, construct a small tree fromBottles of small and medium size. A step-by-step instruction on the palm tree will help you and with the tree. Then, most likely, you will master more complex designs, where you do not need an adhesive tape or a stapler in principle. Experiment and create such crafts according to schemes and without them. Develop your design potential with us and every day please friends and family with new and new amazing homemade products.