Exterior and interior of the house in the Scandinavian style: cozy motives of northern Europe (39 photos)

Exterior and interior of the house in the Scandinavian style: cozy motives of northern Europe (39 photos)

Scandinavian houses are very cozy, and the interior andexterior. But who said that this is not good for Russia? In the design of the house is important not only the interior of the premises, but also the well-designed appearance of the facade and other details. This work can be done in any of the styles, the main thing is that you feel comfortable and cozy there. Scandinavian-style house It is generally accepted thatthe exterior and interior design of the house is a kind of visiting card of the owner, so if you want to emphasize your unusual taste and style, carefully consider all the nuances. Recently, home decoration in Scandinavianstyle has become a frequent occurrence. Like every direction, it has its own characteristics and highlights, which we will now try to analyze in more detail. Content

Features of the design of the Scandinavian house

If you give a general image of the characteristicsScandinavian style in terms of home decoration - this will primarily be manifested in a discreet picture of color schemes, the utmost brevity of details, simple sheathing and beautiful views. Decoration of a Scandinavian house made of wooden material Most often, such houses are built of wooden materials and have two floors (in rare cases, one, but spacious). The style is characterized by minimalism, simplicity andthe absence of any special processing of materials. Of course, in the modern world, houses are still painted, and if you adhere to the Scandinavian direction, the colors should be in shades of red, brown, gray or beige.

Facade of a Scandinavian house

The facade of the house will be distinguished by rough high windows, sometimes they even make one window on two floors. At the same time, the frames for them are selected rough and massive. Facade of a Scandinavian house The main materials that will be involved in the processing of the facade are wood, natural artificial decorative stone, as well as brickwork. You can use panels in the shape of the facadevarious geometric shapes that will betray the contrasting transition and outlines of the house. With their help, it will be possible to make a steep slope of the roof, while in the house you will get a small attic room, which can be reserved for a bedroom or just a relaxation area.

Scandinavian style house roof

Basically, when a house is executed in Scandinavianstyle, the roof is made of tiles, metal is sometimes used for painting. Polymer materials that can also be used look pretty good now. The shape of the roof is usually pitched and steep in shape. Thus, this ensures a good rolling of snow, and accordingly simplifies the process of cleaning it. An interesting highlight of the Scandinavian housesis landscaping the roof of the house. It looks quite unusual, but very impressive. This is most often an ordinary lawn grass, but some manage to make even small flower beds. Since in the layout of the house in the Scandinavian style, the concept of the attic as such does not exist, and the basement, too, is a utility type of room arranged in buildings separate from the house, which are similarly decorated in the Scandinavian style. It can be a summer kitchen, a garage or a pantry for storing all the necessary household equipment.

Windows of Scandinavian houses

As already mentioned a little earlier - the windows in thisdirection are built in size large. This is due to the fact that in northern conditions there is a shortage of sunlight, so it will also be important to say that the windows open in all directions. In order to prevent heat from leaving the house through such a number of windows, high-quality energy-saving double-glazed windows with massive frames are used. Window Design for Scandinavian Homes Often indesign uses the principle of contrast. This means that if the whole house is painted in bright colors, then the frames on the windows will be dark, and vice versa. This option looks beautiful and colorful.

Energy efficiency of Scandinavian style houses

So-called philosophy of building and decorating a housein the Scandinavian style says that it is important to consider the factor of energy conservation. Very often on such houses we can observe solar panels, which sometimes occupy the entire roof. If the house is built using sip panels, this will provide not only energy efficiency, but will also be environmentally friendly to you and the environment.

Porch of a Scandinavian house

A characteristic feature of Scandinavian houses isthe spacious wooden porch that is in each of them. You can make both closed and open parts of the terrace, which visually increase the area of ​​small houses. Porch decoration Typically, these terraces are built with access to the back yard, or to the street. They betray an unusual originality to the facade and create a separate corner for the outdoor recreation area.

Home interior

Speaking about the interior design of the house - thiscontinuation of the external style, with its characteristic outlines. Here minimalism and simplicity will be intertwined, light discreet color solutions not only in terms of walls, but also furniture. Scandinavian style cottage interiorit is the furniture that emphasizes one or another accent in the house that they want to give. By itself, it should be as functional and simple as possible. There will not be curved and elaborate details, but this is exactly what the interior will be like. Furniture upholstery is usually made in light colors, but this is not the final option, because at the request you can use bright sofas or dark wood furniture.

Fireplace - an attribute of the Scandinavian style in the house

This is simply a necessary attribute of the Scandinaviandirections that will ensure coziness and a comfortable stay. There are no particular restrictions when choosing a fireplace design. It can be brick or cast iron, in the old or modern style. Here it is exclusively to your taste and desire. You can even make a finish from talchochlorite, which is a stone that retains heat capacity very well. Fireplace in the interior of the house

Scandinavian-style cottage ideas

In fact, there are many options andideas, and here are a few of the possible ones. The exterior is minimalistic. First of all, this can be achieved by painting the house in bright colors. The color option is perfect: vanilla, pale pink or white. It will also be important to reduce the number of vegetation at the entrance to the house. There may be only one bush in the corner of the house, and the rest of the territory should be free or decorated with small pots of flowers. Scandinavian-style house exterior. Lounge area inScandinavian style In the design of the territory near the entrance doors in the Scandinavian style do not make beds or flower beds. It is used as a relaxation area, placing sun loungers, a hammock there or build a gazebo. Scandinavian house lounge areaSuch a recreation area uses simple discreet textiles, which is combined with the appearance of the house. Sometimes it is decorated with handmade embroidery. Scandinavian veranda with retro details. Often a lot of old things are stored in the house, which it is high time to write off. Do not rush to throw them away, because some of them can be used for the veranda, making exclusive retro items out of their shabby appearance. For example, the veranda can be made in white, and decorate it with an old telephone or basin, having previously modified them to a flower garden or something like that. It will look very interesting and contrasting, and most importantly few who you can meet this. Scandinavian House Veranda Design Pillows inScandinavian style living room Usually, a soft sofa is enough to provide a comfortable stay or reception in the living room. But you can refresh the look and atmosphere by using additional soft pillows as seats. Scandinavian style pillows in the living roomFor example, in some Scandinavian-style houses on the floor you can find a certain number of pillows that are beautifully combined with each other with texture and pattern. It will be very convenient to sit and lie on them, while taking a comfortable pose for you. This option will look very nice in rooms decorated under the Scandinavian theme. As you can see, arrange the house outside and inside inScandinavian style is not so difficult. Here, the main rule will be simplicity and functionality, as well as not the catchiness of colors, but rather the use of light calm tones that will help create a cozy atmosphere and complete relaxation. The forms of construction should be geometric, and the materials used in the work should be natural. An important point will be the design of the veranda or lounge area at the entrance to the house. Usually flower beds of flowers are not planted in front of her. The maximum that can be is beautiful well-groomed bushes in the corners of the house. Do you like the article? Share on social networks!