Autumn crafts made of pumpkin, "The carriage for Cinderella". Master class with product photos.

Autumn crafts made of pumpkin, "The carriage for Cinderella". Master class with product photos.

Pumpkin is very suitable for carrying outdecorative hand-made articles. For their manufacture, you can use picks of different sizes: from the smallest, to, rather large. However, before you start working pumpkin, you need to dry it well, so that it looks impressive and does not spread the smell. Children also like to make crafts from pumpkins. The most common of these are autumn crafts in the form of a pumpkin coach for Cinderella. The pumpkin turns into a carriage. Photo №1 How is the pumpkin carriage done? For work the following materials will be needed:

  • pumpkin with a diameter of 15-18 cm;
  • four apples;
  • leaves;
  • wire (copper or aluminum).

Although the process of creating a wonderful coach, of course, will take quite a long time, at the same time it will be very interesting and fascinating. The pumpkin turns into a carriage. Photo # 2 Directly the carriage itself is executed from welldried pumpkin. The diameter of this vegetable can vary depending on the desired size of the craft. Doors and windows can be carefully cut into a hard peel with a small but sharp knife. Also these elements can be simulated with a soft wire, curving it in the desired shape and adding the missing details (handles on the door, curtains on the windows). Wheels for the coach will be made from apples. For this you need to take four small, identical fetuses and two wires 20cm long. One wire pierces at once two apple-wheels and makes roundings on each edge. The carcass is also made of two pieces of wire that are beautifully patterned with thin pliers, and are joined together by additional pieces of wire in several places. The finished structure of the frame is attached to the wheels. The top part of the carriage is decorated with leaves. They are assembled for decoration in a bundle and pierced with a needle in the intended place of attachment. In the pumpkin, a hole is made, into which the ornaments are then inserted. The pumpkin turns into a carriage. Picture №3 A horse and coachman can be fashioned out of the ordinaryplasticine. Their appearance depends on the imagination of the artist. The horse is harnessed with a thin fishing line, the ends of which are put into the hands of the coachman. The finished article is placed on thick cardboard, wrapped in foil or cloth. Such handicrafts from the pumpkin are very inspiring, they bring positive emotions to the house. Except how to make a pumpkin coach for Cinderella; from it autumn compositions with berries of mountain ash and yellow leaves, unusual candlesticks, vases for flowers, caskets and even a pretty bear are performed. This vegetable produces excellent crafts for the school. There are a lot of pumpkin ideas. You can find them in different sources or come up with your own.