Hanging beds in the interior

Hanging beds in the interior

Suspended beds - not new, but stillthe current direction in the interior design of the bedroom. Although suspended beds we are more associated with outdoor recreation, in the garden or on the veranda, their use in the interior is fully justified. Due to the variety of design options, these beds can be installed in any room. We offer you to familiarize yourself with the types of hanging beds, the features of their fastening and examples of use in interiors of different styles. Content

  • Advantages and disadvantages of hanging beds
  • Types of fasteners
  • Interior styles and hanging bed
  • Hanging beds: advantages and disadvantages

    Benefits. Bedside beds do not have legs, they seem to float on the floor. Accordingly, in the interior of the room creates a feeling of airiness, lightness, light and space, of course, if other pieces of furniture do not clutter the space. The raised bed makes it possible to turn around fully, making out the floor. You can implement any design solution, put original carpeting without having to take into account the bed in the design of the floor. Space under the bed can be useful for storing things in beautiful boxes or boxes, but it is worth remembering that in this way you level the effect of weightlessness and spaciousness. And, finally, a hanging bed - a very original version of bedroom furniture, which will undoubtedly decorate the interior. Disadvantages. The main disadvantage of hanging beds can be attributed to the comparative complexity of installation. Unlike stationary beds, in hanging the extremely important point is fixing to the ceiling or the wall. Incorrectly made fastening can lead to the fall of the entire structure, damage to the wall or ceiling, as well as the trauma of the sleeper. Despite the fact that the bed visually unloads space, it does not save space, in some cases, even on the contrary, because you can not fully use the space under the bed for storing bed linen, blankets and other things. And do wet cleaning will have much more often, as dust and debris under the hanging bed will be very clearly visible. As to advantages, and to lacks it is possible to carry that many models of pendant are swing at any movement. Someone may like it, and someone - rock. If you do not like the mobility of the bed, choose hanging beds with rigid mounts or standard stationary models.

    Types of fasteners

    The most important thing in a hanging bed is the correct andreliable fastening, which will withstand the weight of the bed and people sleeping on it. Very important is the strength of the mounting surface, that is, it is impossible to mount a massive suspended bed in a wall made of drywall or on a thin decorative ceiling beam. Ceiling fixing of suspended beds The most common variant of fixing a suspended bed is a ceiling. This method is reminiscent of a swing or suspended garden furniture. When designing a ceiling mount, it is important to calculate the load that the structure will carry. Usually, solid metal anchors anchored in the ceiling are used for this. Then on the anchors hang ropes, cables or chains that pass through the holes in the corners of the bed and fixed on the back side. With this method of fixing the bed will swing. suspended bed ceiling type of attachment Bed on ropes or ropes can be oneside just lean against the wall, then it will be less swinging. To the base of the bed does not scratch the wall, you can attach a piece of felt to one of the adjoining surfaces. hanging bed in an interior of Scandinavian style To prevent swinging, you canInstead of using cables or ropes, static structures, for example, metal poles or crossbeams. In this case, fixing to the ceiling is made not through the anchors, but with the help of corners or round fastening structures. ceiling mounting of hanging beds There is also no rocking whencombined or wall mounts of hanging beds, as will be discussed later. Fixing beds to the wall A really impressive hanging bed looks like an attachment to the wall, when the effect of hovering above the floor is really created, since there are no visible fixing points. These beds are called - floating (sometimes floating). Mounting to a single wall in its pure form is used quite rarely due to the complexity of mounting the supporting structure. soaring bed in minimalist style It is much easier to install a hanging bed, havingtwo planes of support, for example, in the corner between two walls. Here, massive corners or beams are used, serving as shelves for supporting the bed. Most often designers resort to a little trick - the floating beds are attached to the wall and have one practically invisible leg located in the middle of the bed's base. imitation of hanging bed Sometimes the supporting legs are made of transparent plastic panels to achieve the effect of weightlessness. imitation hanging bed with transparent legs Another use is the fixing of the hanging bed following the example of the upper shelves in the train. Usually, children's rooms with bunk beds are made in this way. two hanging beds in the children's room Combined fixing of hanging bedsThe combined attachment of hanging beds involves the combination of fixtures to the ceiling, wall or floor. This method is the most reliable, eliminates the swaying and can be used in children's rooms. For example, ropes or chains to pass through the holes of the bed base, tighten and fasten through the anchors, mounted on the floor. Or the anchor fixed in the floor is placed under the center of the bed. hanging bed - fixing to the floor and ceiling Or, a bed suspended from the ceiling by one side is additionally attached to the wall. white bedroom with hanging bed But an interesting version of the combined attachment, where the point of support is a wide window sill or screen for the radiator. combined version of fixing the suspended bed

    Interior styles and hanging beds

    Hanging beds can be harmoniously enteredpractically in any style of the interior due to the variety of design and configurations. Wooden beds with ropes will be appropriate in the interior of the Scandinavian or eco-style, loft or country, where the finish is made of natural materials. Chains and a roughly processed tree are great for a modern bedroom in the style of industrial or loft. For a bedroom in the style of high-tech, many choose soaring beds. We offer to look in the gallery different examples of interiors with hanging or soaring beds.