Fashion and interior trends 2015

Fashion and interior trends 2015

Fashion is a capricious young lady. Then she goes in a circle, giving out old ideas in a new frame. That throws something absolutely incredible. Perhaps everyone would like to find a common language with her and understand her laws. Fashion in the interior of 2015 is no less entertaining than fashion in clothes. In matters of outfits, change is quite simple. The dress has gone out of fashion - it is removed to the far shelf and is waiting for its alternative application. Or it is transformed according to new trends under the dexterous hands of seamstresses in the studio. But the layout of the interior is already much more important and more complicated. Of course, it will always be possible to update the image with new accessories or using some methods, which will be discussed below. But the main design is selected in the repair process. And you should be aware of fashion trends. Content

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Ten main trends in the interior of 2015 Fashion trends in the interior of 2015 - photoFashion trends in the interior of 2015 - photo

Closer to nature: eco-style interior 2015

Strict lines and cold materials are running outto the past. In price, the desire to be closer to nature becomes. More natural, warm shades, natural lighting will help to create such an interior. If nothing interesting comes to mind - just take an example from nature! Look at the combination of colors and materials around and just bring it to your home. Eco style in interiors 2015Eco style in interiors 2015

Severe Norway: Scandinavian style of interior

Like the "natural", gaining relevanceScandinavian style strives for simplicity. It is characterized by upholstered furniture, minimal decor, colors - plain and pastel. This trend welcomes the zoning of rooms using lightweight partitions. It can kill two birds with one stone and use the "green" wall of living plants. Scandinavian style of interior 2015Scandinavian style of interior 2015

Clean white in the interior of 2015

Usually pure white color in the designrarely used. However, 2015 finally offers everyone to turn this into reality. Its use will make the small dark room visually larger and lighter. If, nevertheless, the result is too harsh, you can add a little yellow and black paint to the white jar, which will make it softer. This is the so-called "false white." How to use white color in the interior of 2015How to use white color in the interior of 2015

Yin and Yang: white and black in the interior

A variation of the previous option is to combine white within black. This couple will not go out of fashion, perhaps never. The most important plus is that you can fit almost anything into such an interior. The main thing here is to choose the right color balance and not use a mixture of interior styles, limiting yourself to one. The combination of black and white in the interior of 2015The combination of black and white in the interior of 2015

Take an example from nature when creating an interior

Why go far for ideas for yourinterior, if you can take them in nature, in everything that is around us! I like bright autumn - use colorful textiles and decor from twigs to create an interior, like fruits - take bright wallpapers with apples or pears. Do not forget about floral prints - the main print of recent years. Actual combination of green and yellow. By the way, it is believed that yellow will be the most fashionable color in the interior of 2015. Take a look around: natural interior ideas 2015Take a look around: natural interior ideas 2015

Gypsy motifs, Slavic ornaments and other elements of folklore

In 2015, it is worth remembering your roots, making outnew interior. Someone like Slavic motifs, you can use a combination of red and white or ornaments of our ancestors of the Slavs. You can also take gypsy motifs as a basis and use florid ornaments of flowers and herbs, animal prints and a combination of various bright colors - red and yellow, purple, burgundy and other gypsy colors will be in trend in the interiors of 2015. Gypsy and Slavic folklore of interior 2015Gypsy and Slavic folklore of interior 2015

Industrial or loft style interior - in the spirit of abandoned factories

not the first year is popular, but it is 2015 that you canfeel free to call the year of this style. It is also often called the "industrial style", since it takes its base from various industrial buildings - old factories and plants. Loft style is minimalism, spacious rooms, brick walls, iron pipes in the decor of the apartment, several paintings or graffiti on the walls and other elements. Inspiration can be found in the interior of any abandoned factory. Industrial style: loft in the interior of 2015Industrial style: loft in the interior of 2015

New life for old things in interiors 2015

If we go back to our roots, tosources, it is impossible not to recall the old things that are gathering dust in the pantry or in the country. But you can still use them if you work a little. Something can just be painted, somewhere to change covers. Also do not forget about remaking old things. Let’s say, here’s what’s possible. In the same way, you can give life to an old TV or chest of drawers that you have already decided to throw away. New life for old things for interiors 2015New life for old things for interiors 2015

Transparent furniture in the interior

The newest fashion trend that conquers peoplethroughout Europe - the use of transparent furniture. If before the whole apartment there was one glass table on the strength, now more and more household items are becoming “captured” with transparency. Moreover, instead of glass, plastic is used - it is more practical and easier. Transparent furniture - interior trend 2015Transparent furniture - interior trend 2015

We write on the walls: letters and inscriptions in interiors 2015

The latest trend in the interior of 2015 isvarious graffiti. Moreover, it can be as separate letters, as well as some life-affirming inscriptions. Here's how to use it - they can not only be mounted on the wall, but also put on a chest of drawers or a bedside table and even put on the floor. You can either invite an artist who will write something beautiful on the wall of fonts to you, or buy or find stencils on the Internet to create inscriptions yourself. A separate moment is chalk boards, on which inscriptions can be changed at any time. Fashion trend in the interior of 2015: graffitiFashion trend in the interior of 2015: graffiti

How to transform the interior?

And what if you did the repair not a year or even two ago, but still want to observe new trends? There are several quick and budget ways to change the design of your home.

  • Film-self-adhesive. Those whose attention was drawn trend "closer to mother nature" simply select the film with the natural landscape print or image and place it in the interior.
  • Textile. Changing pillows, bedspreads and towels can just transform the room!
  • Mirrors This element will bring to the apartment part of the 2015 trend - transparency. In addition, the proper use of mirrors can visually increase the room.
  • Lamps. The modern assortment of various nightlights, lampshades and chandeliers is so great that you can definitely find a couple in the necessary style. And although the new trend emphasizes the need for a large number of natural light sources, the competent choice and arrangement of artificial lighting can fit even better.

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