Fashion trends 2015-2016 offer women a lot of stylish hairstyle options on long hair.

Fashion trends 2015-2016 offer women a lot of stylish hairstyle options on long hair.

Naturalness and eccentricity - hits inhairstyles for long hair fall-winter 2015-2016 Many women follow their appearance, not forgetting that it is worth keeping abreast of the latest trends in the fashion world, in order to look not only attractive but also relevant. If we talk about the main characteristics, which are mainly observed in the trends of the upcoming autumn-winter season, among them one can definitely distinguish fantasy, negligence, seductiveness, vivid sexuality and even eccentricity. In many respects it is connected with the coming year of the Red Fiery Monkey, which requires brightness, splendor, playfulness, but at the same time natural naturalness.

Actual colors in the hairstyles of the autumn-winter season 2015-2016

All of the above features, of course, shouldTo be present not only in outfits, shoes and accessories, but also make-up and hairstyles. And the first thing that should be paid special attention to the subject of fashionable hairstyle for long hair 2015-2016, so this is the original hair color. Fashion houses offer girls of the whole planet many different options. If you deny any painting, then your natural hair color will be out of any rules fashionable. Since all natural colors and shades of hair are welcome. On the other hand, the mistress of the new year is the Fiery Red Monkey. And this playful restless animal attracts all the unusual, extraordinary, spontaneous and bright. Thus, all shades of red and red, crimson and pink will be extremely relevant. To this should be added and unusual colors, such as neon, violet, the whole range of blue shades, ash-black, silver, golden and any other shiny color variations. Trendy hairstyles for long hair 2015-2016. Photo №1 Particularly appropriate are bright and shiny strandsin actual hairdresses for the New Year 2016. After all, when, if not on New Year's holidays can be distinguished by an incredible, even bold pretentious look? Actually, now you have such an opportunity.

Original hairstyles on long hair in 2016

Current trends in hairstyles for longhair, which can be traced through the latest shows of fashion houses, require not only choosing the right color for your head of hair. Fashion promises to be a lot of hairstyles that you can use to change your image. Let's look at some of them. Classics of the French twist in the current interpretation Such a hairstyle, like a French twist, is loved by many ladies. Nevertheless, the upcoming season suggests some changes in a fairly "tough" twist. The year 2016 adds to the French classic twist more sensuality, femininity and relaxation. In the images below, you can see how it might look. If you decide to use this kind of hair, let's say, as a fashionable style for long hair to celebrate the new year - it will be a very appropriate and right choice on your part. Trendy hairstyles for long hair 2015-2016. Photo # 2 Invariable hit in the hairstyles of 2016 - sensualwave All the owners of long hair in 2016 is lucky as always: fashion promises to be all kinds of curls and ringlets that you can only do on your strands. All interpretations are welcome - and slightly curled hair along the entire length, and structured strands, and negligence in rinsed locks. And if you can still pick up to your locks an original and unusual accessory - you will be the most seductive, sexy and, of course, fashionable. The following photos will help you decide on the choice of the actual styling and beautiful decoration to it. Trendy hairstyles for long hair 2015-2016. Picture №3 Accessories for hair from leather - a highlightautumn-winter fashion season 2015-2016 As we have already figured out, the fashionable autumn-winter season 2015-2016 promises to be especially bright, in which there will be a place of riot of brilliance. Despite the fact that all varieties of hair accessories in golden and silvery tones will be relevant, unusual ornaments for "metallic" become just as appropriate. However, the most fashionable world couturiers offer accessories made of genuine leather. It is noteworthy that the skin in this season was nicknamed in no other way, as "new gold". Leather jewelry should be natural, shiny or matte, bulky, miniature, screaming or, conversely, restrained. Actually, any, but invariably combined with the chosen hairdress. Below the pictures show the lovely ladies how you can use leather accessories in your fashionable hairstyles for long hair. Trendy hairstyles for long hair 2015-2016. Photo №4 Trendy hairstyles for long hair 2015-2016. Photo №5 Tails on the back of the headseason leave the opportunity for women with long hair to wear beautiful tails, mostly created on the back of the head. Smooth strands are welcome in the design of tails, but if you do not prefer this option, you can easily apply any type of ruffle. Trendy hairstyles for long hair 2015-2016. Photo №6 Straight smooth hair Do not go out of fashion, as inLast year, simple straight hair, combed back. As for the parting and bangs, they can be any - straight, oblique, zigzag, and so on. Trendy hairstyles for long hair 2015-2016. Photo №7 Original hairstyles on long hair in 2016year in the style of retro There was much talk about the return of trends that dominated the hairstyle in the last century, rich in various innovations. For example, any styling, fashionable in the seventies of the last century will be very actual. This is an incredible beginnings, and smooth hair with even bun and straight cut. Actually, the choice is yours. Trendy hairstyles for long hair 2015-2016. Photo №8 Nodes - the ability to make a hairstyle unordinaryIf the previous season of fashion preferred perfectly smooth buns and the right bunches, now the Fire Red Monkey requires women to use all their imagination to perform unusual beams. One of the variations in creating hairstyles for long hair in 2016 may be knots that can be tied from your own hair strands anywhere in the head, in any direction and in any order. Naturally, the nodules can be decorated with fashionable gold, metal or leather accessories, which we mentioned earlier in this publication. The following photos will help any lady to decide whether she should use such an original weaving in her new image, like knots. Trendy hairstyles for long hair 2015-2016. Photo Number 9 High stacking - another fashionable hit of the currentseason Again, we are offered to return to a few dozen years ago, namely in the sixties of the twentieth century. Then lush, high hairstyles swiftly entered the fashion. But in this autumn-winter season there are some nuances. If earlier, under high packing, only good beginnings were meant, then in modern fashion all kinds of hairstyles with elevations are supposed. This can be any weaving, artificial bangs, horse and fish tails, French braids, exotic pigtails and even dreadlocks. Trendy hairstyles for long hair 2015-2016. Picture №10 Topical new bean - the most fashionable haircut of 2016A huge number of representatives of the weak half of humanity on the whole planet who wear long hair, prefer a fashionable haircut like a bean. And this is understandable, because such a haircut is suitable for different types of persons. The upcoming fashion season again allows women to use this style in all its variations. Nevertheless, not all ladies dare to cut their long locks. However - in 2016, the bean can be significantly lengthened! Look at the following images of how a modern bean might look. Trendy hairstyles for long hair 2015-2016. Photo Number 11 The most unusual hairstyles for 2016 Those who do nottolerates mediocrity, you can always stand out as an uncommon hairstyle. Fashionable "informal" hairstyles in 2016 will be very appropriate. Any decorated dreadlocks, any unusual weaving, a combination of short haircuts with long pigtails, trimmed whiskeys and asymmetric slices - all this can be very profitable to use in the coming year. Do not forget about the riot of colors and leather accessories. The following images will help you with determining your future hairstyle. Trendy hairstyles for long hair 2015-2016. Photo number 12 Trendy hairstyles for long hair 2015-2016. Photo №13 Trendy hairstyles for long hair 2015-2016. Photo Number 14