Fashionable tendencies in hairstyles on short hair in the autumn-winter season 2015-2016.

Fashionable tendencies in hairstyles on short hair in the autumn-winter season 2015-2016.

The autumn-winter season 2015-2016 brings changes in theshort haircuts No matter how beautiful the long luxurious curls are, not always a huge head of hair suits a woman as a daily hairstyle. And it is not true that only on long hair you can perform beautiful styling. Modern fashion trends offer many fashionable options for short haircuts that can be stacked in a variety of ways, even at home, without visiting hairdressing salons. The advantage of short hairstyles also lies in the fact that they often make you much younger. Look at the world celebrities. As soon as they are cut shorter, their appearance becomes younger almost by ten years! So, if you have never thought about the possibility of wearing a short haircut, now is the time to try. Firstly, the modern hairdresses on short hair of 2016 are very diverse. Whichever type of person is, there is always the opportunity to choose the most suitable option for yourself. Secondly, you will always be able to do a variety of styling, despite the length of your hair. Modern short haircuts. Photo №1

Modern Bob

One of the most fashionable short haircuts of 2016promises to become a Bob-kar. Various variations of the hairstyle of the square we meet everywhere. However, the classic penalty is no longer so relevant. Advanced stylists of the world suggest this season to use haircuts in the likeness of Bob-kara for women, who do not prefer long hair. Bob-kar on short hair will look quite fashionable and attractive, especially since such a haircut makes it possible to perform a huge number of different styles, many of which a woman can perform independently without resorting to the services of a hairdresser. Bob-kar is characterized by oblique stepped sections. In the autumn-winter season 2016, a slight forward run will be fashionable, that is, strands from the front are often preferred to be lengthened. But it also depends on the type of your face and your individual preferences. In the following photos you can see how you can lay simple Bob-kar, and how attractive it looks. Modern short haircuts. Photo # 2 Modern short haircuts. Picture №3 Short cut with straight bangs Many womendepending on the type of person, world couturiers and stylists suggest this season to try a haircut by the type of shortened square with straight bodice. Of course, such a hairdress can not suit absolutely all the girls, but in some cases it will look as good as possible and, what's more, topical and stylish. You do not have to mess with laying such a haircut. Hair can be laid, using only a hairdryer. In addition, such a haircut is very suitable, both for everyday life and for social events. Look at the following images for options such a penalty. Modern short haircuts. Photo №4 Modern short haircuts. Photo №5 Actual short hairstyles this season forcurly hair Some representatives of the beautiful half of humanity sometimes boast of luxurious curls that curl by nature. Most often, owners of such natural curls wear long hair, hitting everyone around the chic shawls. However, many of these women simply dream of short haircuts. And in the upcoming season of winter 2016 stylists have found a solution for them - it's a quads on curly hair! However, such a haircut can be entrusted only to a proven master. Due to the fact that the hair is curling, it is quite difficult to perform a haircut. On the other hand, very often it is not necessary to think about laying such a curly square. Hair itself lies naturally, giving its owner a charming look. On the following photos you can see how these "curly" quads look. Modern short haircuts. Photo №6

Sculptured whiskey - the current trend of the current season 2015-2016

Many short haircuts, topical in 2016,will always be associated with shaved temples. If earlier this tendency was more observed in male haircuts like Undercut, now short whiskeys under the shock of hair are also actual in women's hairstyles, which can be seen on the hairstyles of many world celebrities. In this case, the variants of such haircuts can be unlimited. Here you can give vent to fantasy, just how much you have enough. You can shave the temple from one side. You can even shave both your temple. The upper part of the hair is allowed to leave any length and in any performance. That is, over shaved temples you can have and Bob-kara, and long curls, and informal asymmetrical haircut, and even African pigtails. All hairstyles in the presence of shaved temples are equally fashionable and relevant in the autumn-winter season 2015-2016. Modern short haircuts. Photo №7 Fashionable style 2016 - androgen World stylists allmore erase the line between masculine and feminine appearance, offering the most courageous ladies haircuts for short hair in androgenic style. such hairstyles suggest both shaved whiskeys, and long strands, and multilayered. This is a hit of neo-classics, in which there is also some sporting hue, and maddening sexuality. Nevertheless, all the girls who decide on such delights should understand that the individual features of the exterior are not always combined with such a super modern hairstyle. Modern short haircuts. Photo №8

The shortest haircuts that are relevant in the 2016 season

Those who want to change their image and haircutvery short, the fashionable world offers interesting options today. However, those images in which there will be some eccentricity will be preferred. That is, even the shortest haircuts that are said, "under the boy", should have some characteristic zest. Stylists propose to play with color. Very urgent is the staining of the root zone of the hair in dark tones, and the upper strands - in the light. On short hair, this painting looks very impressive and attractive. Alternatively, you can use fashionable colors in several colors, and more relevant will be bright and unusual colors. Look, as soon as the hair color can change your appearance. Modern short haircuts. Photo Number 9