Fashion trends in the interior of 2019

Fashion trends in the interior of 2019


    Fashion trends in the interior 2016

    In today's world, everyone is trying to dothe interior of your home is as functional and comfortable as possible. Due to the hyperactive rhythm of life, a home should be a place where nothing should interfere with relaxation, rest and sleep. Therefore, fashion trends in the interior are also changing. Fashion trends in 2016 mainly consist of various trifles that help to make the interior modern, and most importantly exclusive.

    Environmental friendliness

    The most popular trend moved in 2016last year - environmental friendliness. The term environmental friendliness must be understood not only the use of various furniture elements and finishing materials made from environmentally friendly raw materials, such as: wallpaper and bamboo floors, cork flooring, water-based paints, furniture that does not contain organic volatile compounds. This is also the secondary use of materials, which allows us to save the natural resources of our planet. In addition to the restoration of old furniture, objects from antique metal can be reused: sinks, lamps, lamps, beds and more. It is recommended to pay attention to countertops made of broken glass. The use of recycled materials is perfect for the industrial style of the interior. Harmoniously updated items will also look in fusion style, where you can observe an incredible combination of various stylistic trends. Sustainability in the interiorSustainability in the interior


    The use of various elements of decor in the interiorincreasingly fades into the background, or even disappears altogether. The main function of any thing in the house is functionality. In the interior of the room should remain only the most necessary items for life, everything else can be considered superfluous. As decorative elements, you can use furniture, its texture, color and shape. The main idea for the practical use of the interior is a properly selected storage system. With rational and smart use, even an apartment with a small area will become as comfortable as possible for the whole family. Ergonomics in the interiorErgonomics in the interior


    Unnecessary things in the interior are not able to collectonly dust, but also negative energy. For a long time, the abundance of various things in the house is not considered a sign of prosperity and success. Housing should not resemble a museum, so without regret you should get rid of excess rubbish, leaving only the most necessary things for a full life. Typically, an unnecessary temple is assembled with a closed storage system. A great option would be to use open shelves and cabinets in the interior. Minimalism in the interiorMinimalism in the interior

    Quality rest

    For people who lead an accelerated lifestyle,and the houses only have time to relax and sleep well, the central place in the interior of the housing is given to the comfortable bedroom. This bedroom is characterized by the presence of a large bed, high-quality bedding comfortable orthopedic mattress made of natural fabrics, adjustable lighting. An important factor for the bedroom is light and sound insulation. Interior of a modern bedroomInterior of a modern bedroom

    Animals in the interior

    Another trend in the interior of 2016 -the presence of images of various animals. This can be an image of a red deer, a flock of birds, a cute hedgehog or a real underwater world. Do not limit the imagination. You can draw animals on the walls yourself, turn to the artist for help or use photo wallpaper with a suitable image in the interior. The image of animals in the interiorThe image of animals in the interior

    Smart bathroom

    The main function of the bathroom isthe ability to wash away dirt from your body and relax. In order to fulfill these two conditions, you do not need to do much. Since the main trend of 2016 can be called environmental friendliness, in the bathroom you can buy high-quality water filters, touch taps, sprayers with aerators. This contributes not only to quality rest, but also will save resources and the family budget. Another trend of this year is the presence of simple glass doors in the shower, instead of the usual massive shower. Such doors, in addition to performing their main function, will visually expand the space of the room. The highlight in the interior of the bathroom can add unusual lighting. Interior of a modern bathroomInterior of a modern bathroom

    Bright ceiling

    Today, no one will be surprised by the usual white ceiling. Increasingly, in their projects, famous designers make a ceiling with a bright pattern. Particularly popular are currently stretch ceilings, the pattern on which can be selected for every taste. Another option to make the ceiling bright is to use wallpaper. Such a ceiling decoration will help stretch your neck, looking at the drawings, and more often raise your eyes to the sky in our bustling world, when, often, there is simply not enough time for this. Bright ceiling in the interiorBright ceiling in the interior Do you like the article? Share on social networks!