Fashionable interior 2019: trends, news, trends (35 photos)

Fashionable interior 2019: trends, news, trends (35 photos)

Despite the fact that fashion changes every year,still, many people want to follow the interesting trends and innovations that she introduces. This is especially true for the category of people who love constant change, the embodiment of creative ideas and creativity in life. Fashionable interior 2019Fashionable interior of 2019 Therefore, many will be interested to know the latest in 2019 in the interior of apartments, and maybe even think about repairing. Content

Interior Design 2019

And so, for starters, it is worth learning the basic points that will be important when creating a fashionable interior in 2019. Variant of the interior in the houseInterior option in the house Color in the interior 2019It has been repeatedly proved by scientists that the color palette of a room greatly affects the psychological state of a person and his mood as well. Therefore, it is worth taking this moment seriously and choosing the most acceptable color for the rooms. And so, the colors that will be popular in the interior in 2019:

  • Light frosty blue.
  • Clay red.
  • Red that moves closer to the pink hue.
  • Brown red.
  • Violet.
  • Silver gray (cold).
  • Dark blue (cold).
  • Color of mustard.
  • Beige warm.

As you can see, the palette is quite rich, sothere is plenty to choose from. Theoretically, if everything is thought out correctly, some of them can even be combined. But here you have to be very careful that everything is beautifully combined and does not overload the atmosphere of the room. Material One of the main fashionable materials for 2019 will be marble. Only not in terms of plates similar to the old Greek style, namely prints that will resemble the texture of the stone. Such an imitation will create a “marble room”, the accents of which can be decorative pillows, also made of marble. The second most important material next yearthere will be non-ferrous metal, with the help of which it will also be possible to create a unique original interior in the room. In fact, your imagination will be the limit of creativity. And closes the order of the material that is known to all and very use - this is tile. It is preferable to give priority to options with natural shades, but you can still use the colors of ocher, copper in a combination of dark shades. Minimalism Minimalism returns to fashion 2019 in terms of interior. It is based on the rules of minimality in quantity, but at the same time, maximum functionality and simplicity of things. Here it will be necessary to create the maximum free space of the room in which it will be possible to "easily breathe" and be satisfied with the freedom of action. Trends in furniture. The basis will be modular and compact furniture. Sliding surfaces as well as built-in wardrobes will be especially popular. Furniture in the houseFurniture in the house Another fashion itemThe furniture interior will be retro furniture, which dates from 50-60 years. A more colorful image of the room will help to create a round lamp, which is a little associated with Japanese-themed paper lanterns. By the way, for information, this is a trend of the 30s long forgotten by everyone. A significant factor will be the emphasis on furniture made from natural materials. Wicker items, rattan, raffia, abacus and leather items will be a good complement. Wicker furniture in the interior Wicker furniture in the interior An important accessory tofurniture will become ivy. Decorative and noble in nature, it will decorate any part of the furniture. A special hit will be the design of the head of the bed. Similarly, it can be used on ottomans, seatbacks and footboards. Such decoration will sufficiently refresh the atmosphere of the room, as well as betray a feeling of comfort and coziness. Cork accents Once it was a hit of the late 90s, but now it is back in fashion and will become the fashion trend of 2019. You can use accents with cork in the kitchen, in the bedroom, and even office rooms.

Apartment interior: news 2019

In general, with basic elements and fashionablewe figured out the trends, now a little more detailed look at how fashionable the interior would be in each of the areas of our house. Kitchen Design 2019 Kitchen is one of the main female virtues in every apartment. Fashionable innovations that will be popular in 2019 in this part of the apartment are the use of sunny and bright colors. It is not necessary to do major repairs, you can betray this atmosphere with the help of bright curtains, tablecloths, kitchen potholders or even a kettle. The main thing is that it transforms and becomes saturated in terms of colors. Kitchen DesignKitchen design Preferred shades of colorpalettes can be: green, blue or red. Alternatively, make a beautiful designer wall in the kitchen, which will become the accent and color of this room. Retro style also does not lose its popularity, buton the contrary, 2019 will be in that perspective. Therefore, boldly use colored plates, colorful ornaments and stained glass accessories. Fashionable design of the living room 2019 First of all, as mentioned earlier, you will need to adhere to the rules of minimalism. This style will create an elegant and elegant room, with the addition of appropriate accessories. Living room designLiving Room Design Furniture in the living roompreferably should be simple in form and without any elaborate elements. Very often, Scandinavian style furniture is used. An approximate image of the room should consist of a comfortable sofa and a pair of armchairs. There should also be a small chest of drawers and a wardrobe. It will be great if you decorate the room with a beautiful picture. Design of the bedroom 2019 In the season of 2019, bedrooms that are painted in yellow will be fashionable. This shade is sure to give each member of the family a sunny mood and positive emotions. Undoubtedly, being in such an atmosphere, a person will feel joy and warmth. BedroomBedroom Of course, even with such a "cute" colorneed to be careful. It should be diluted a little or muted with shades of brown, green or raspberry. To achieve a fashionable interior, play a little with the contrasts of these colors. Furniture in the bedroom should not be too much,better when there is space and free space. Ideally, the image of the room consists of such elements: a bed, two bedside tables, a dressing table or chest of drawers, a small built-in wardrobe that would not attract much attention. Interior of the bathroom 2019 In order to design a bath and a toilet in the fashionable trend, in principle, you can use different directions in styles and color treatments. Here, too, the main thing will be to adhere to minimalism, respectively, few objects, maximum space. The material from which the bath is made is natural stone and wooden floor. As an option - a blue and white color scheme. Bathroom interiorInterior in the bathroom if you preferclassic style, the fashion trend of 2019 will be the use of natural marble, as well as quality ceramics in pastel colors. You can add flowers, paintings, and several colored metal details. You can still arrange everything in the country style - shadesgreen and brown, along with wicker baskets, shelves or cabinets. It is good to make a wooden floor and an iron bath. We paint the ceiling white, and on the walls you can create the illusion of “stone holes” that will imitate holes in the plaster. Fashion Trio The 2019 trend will also have shades that emit a pleasant glow. By “fashionable trio”, designers mean three elements: brass, copper and gold. There should be few of them in the interior of the room, but you need to achieve a result so that they emphasize a particular idea of ​​the room. These noble metals will help to create an excellent design and a certain luxury of your rooms. Now each of the guests will certainly celebrate your taste and following interesting ideas of fashion trends. As you can see, there are many interesting details thatcan be used in your interior not only to make it fashionable, but also to feel harmony and comfort. Basically, decoration options will be in color scheme, minimalism style and natural wooden furniture, with the possible addition of wicker items and ivy. The material that is best used in the interior is marble, slab or non-ferrous metal. Do you like the article? Share on social networks!