Fashionable interiors of 2019: trends in design and options for their use (56 photos)

Fashionable interiors of 2019: trends in design and options for their use (56 photos)

If you decide to make repairs at home, eitherthey decided to refresh the atmosphere a bit - this information may be useful to you, because we will talk about fashion trends in the field of design and interior in 2019. Content

Texture and texture

Various panels will be fashionable this season,textured fabrics, as well as elements with a fairly large textured pattern. As an option, carpet, bedspreads and pillows will be an excellent highlight in the interior. Also often in the interior is used the option of 3D panels. 3D Effect Tile Decorative wall in the bedroom 2019 thread

Copper and marble

Despite the fact that these materials have long been in trend, they will remain popular and in demand in 2019. An ideal place for such materials is considered to be a bathroom and a kitchen. Using marble in a bathroom Marble sink in the kitchen Universal optionfor beautiful design it will be white marble. But graceful copper inserts will not leave you and your guests without attention. It looks very rich and majestic. Marble kitchen table finish and copper inserts on fixtures

The color scheme in the interior

It's no longer a secret that the atmosphere of one or anotherThe rooms will be very dependent on the color palette you choose. Of the fashionable color solutions in 2019, the following options will prevail: Green color This color is often used in interior design, because it gives a beneficial effect on the mental state, the property of calming and extinguishing any negative emotions. This shade also helps to concentrate and make important informed decisions. Fashion trends in green 2019The variety of shades of this color is very large. It can be from a gentle olive tone to a deep emerald. In addition to the background shade, you can additionally use green accessories. It can be curtains, pillows, tablecloths, bedspreads and any other textiles that will give your room an atmosphere of comfort and coziness. Tropical prints It is predicted that in 2019 everything related to tropical prints will be stylish and fashionable, including clothes, bags and home decoration. Tropical-themed bedroom decorit is worth pasting all the walls completely with tropical motifs. It will be enough for you to beat one of the walls, on which attention is focused. Various thematic accessories in the form of figurines and other similar decor elements will help to complement such a print. Tropical style accent wall Tropical pillow textileUsing neutral colors If bright colors or flashy prints are not to your liking, you can always refer to the classic options of neutral tones that never go out of style. Room decoration in neutral shades In 2019, you have the opportunity to choose a color from beige, caramel, gray or white colors. Room design in beige Use of natural tones in design50 shades of gray interior This color has been popular for several years, and accordingly, it is still one of the top ones that is often used in interior design. In fact, if you look at the essence, the gray color has a lot of different shades, ranging from light tones to a dark graphite palette. Interesting is the fact that light colorsThe gray color will help you increase the space, so this is just the perfect shade for rooms that have a small square. It is important to know the fact that gray color is easily combined with other shades, so there will be no problems with combinations of different options. Geometry in the interior If solid colors do not suit you, you can always find any other alternatives, for example, use geometric shapes in wallpaper or other interior details. It looks quite interesting and fascinating, especially if you correctly approach the task.

The role of light in the interior

Do not forget that no matter what color, pattern or texture you choose, you should always consider the moment of proper lighting of the room. In addition, here you can also be creative and make unusual colored balls under the ceiling that will serve as the lighting. Original colored balls under the ceiling

Styles and Directions

One of the important tasks in the design of a fashionable interior will be the task of choosing one or another style. One of the most relevant trends will be the following options:

  • Scandinavian.
  • The direction of minimalism.
  • High tech.
  • French design.
  • Retro.
  • Boho.
  • Cuban style.

As you can see, there is plenty to choose from, because the styles are completely different and each is interesting in its own way.

Interior room

Each of the rooms has its own characteristics,which will be displayed in the principles of the approach to interior design. Therefore, now we will consider options for how to stylishly and fashionably transform each of them. Cuisine Trending 2019 experienced designersrecommend using bright colors and original stylistic solutions to create a unique beautiful design of your kitchen. One of the most popular colors will be red, blue, yellow or orange. In order not to oversaturate the rooms with a bright color, it is recommended to use them as zoning, shading one of the walls, and paint the others in classic shades of white, beige, gray or black. Kitchen design in the trend of 2019 One of the mainconditions in the matter of planning will be a recommendation not to use ergonomic furniture and try to free up as much space as possible. It is still a popular retro style in which you can also decorate the kitchen area. It will be typical for him to use vintage elements and accessories of decor, colorful fragments and ornaments, as well as bright dishes. Similarly, the style will remain in the trend of 2019.high tech. It will prevail in straight clear lines, the presence of all kinds of original mechanisms in which you can store various kitchen utensils. High-tech style is characterized by the use of minimal decor, but at the same time make maximum free space. All household appliances usually hide in niches or cabinets, which provides the so-called "disguise" from prying eyes. Living room One of the most basic principles of designing a living room in 2019 will be absolute minimalism and the absence of many decor items and accessories. Minimalist style living room designFurniture will be characterized by such a selection of objects that will show all their elegance and chic in the interior of the room. The most ideal option would be to purchase simple furniture, preferably in a Scandinavian style. An excellent highlight of the interior will be a small round table and several beautiful paintings on the wall. It is important to consider the fact that it is not recommendedoversaturated interior with vivid colors and sophisticated decor. There will be a rule that the less things, the better. One of the fashionable colors for decorating the living room will be lemon, milk, white and light coffee. With such a range materials from cork, unpainted wood and masonry will be wonderful to combine. Bedroom Speaking about the design of a bedroom in the trend of 2019, it can be noted that it is best to do this with the help of minimalism and classics. Get only the most necessary items, without which it is impossible to do. It can be a built-in wardrobe, bedside table and dressing table. Beds with a soft headboard made of such expensive materials as velvet, leather, velveteen or silk will be considered quite fashionable. The actual color for the design of the bedroom will be a yellow hue, which will fill the room with a feeling of the warm sun and a charge of positive emotions. A pleasant shade of the bedroom in a fashionable design 2019It’s good if you make minimal landscaping of the room and put several pots of flowers on the windowsills. This will not only make your bedroom more comfortable, but also beautifully decorate the interior of the room. In conclusion, we can add that fashion trends2019 is represented by a wide selection of different colors, unusual prints of tropical themes, as well as the ability to use ordinary classic tones. You can choose a different design style, from minimalism to boho style and modern hi-tech. It is important to know that every room, whether it’s a kitchenor a bedroom, has its own subtleties in design, so you should seriously consider the selection of colors and materials. In addition to the basic design, you can always complement your interior with interesting accessories (pillows, rugs, curtains, bedspreads). Do you like the article? Share on social networks!