Fashionable wall panel: 13 ideas how to make quickly and economically

Fashionable wall panel: 13 ideas how to make quickly and economically

How to make a decorative wall panel fromHandy materials do-it-yourself for the interior of the kitchen, bedroom or child! The most common ways are to draw pictures (even if you are not an artist), photographs, cloth, threads or twigs - there will always be in a house or apartment. So why not make a beautiful decorative panel out of all this! Why mural? There are two reasons:

  • a wide range of actions (after all, the definition of the panel is quite wide), which means that the opportunity to find something to your liking.
  • the panel can be drawn, glued together, and woven using a variety of materials.

Here we picked up a lot of interesting ideas and ready-made master classes, all kinds of materials collected from the materials from which they can be made. The content of the article:

    Panel of threads "tapestry"

    There are a lot of panels made of threads in the style of tapestry. Detailed lesson attached! How to make a master class:

  • To create them, vertically stretched thin threads are taken.
  • On the one hand, they are tied to a stick on which the panel will hang, and on the other hand to any other stick that will be removed later; can also be knit on a separate wooden frame,
  • and then remove and attach where you want.
  • Then the vertical threads are tied horizontally with thicker colored threads.
  • TIP: You can experiment with threads varying in thickness and color, creating abstract patterns or certain patterns. Below you can leave the long ends of the thread, or cut them, at its discretion. Alternatively, knitted “rugs” can be placed in a frame, and not hung on a stick. Get the original pictures.

    Panels with tassels

    How to do it quickly:

    • Take a wooden stick and tie many threads of medium thickness on it.
    • At the bottom of the thread you can cut smoothly, or creating zigzags, waves, etc.
    • You can also not tie a lot of threads, but at the end of each of them make a brush.

    TIP: This method is much faster than the previous one, but it also looks very beautiful. You can pre-tie threads in pigtails,or thread some threads along a bead (or several). ATTENTION: Pompoms are made like brushes, so the following photo is also attributed to this option. The thread on such pompoms will take a lot, but they also look amazing! If you take a thread from a loose knit (for example, from under an old knitted sweater or scarf), they will be wavy.


    Macrame weaving for panels come in different levelscomplexity, but still, to do it, you need to have certain skills. Therefore, the photos selected at this point are suitable for lovers of weaving, or those who purposefully decided to learn this.

    Wooden panels

    Large abstract picture with wooden elementsquite fit the definition of the panel. And you can try to make your own masterpiece, at the same time and the original lesson, and a way to relax. A beautiful panel is obtained from the cuts of the tree, simply laid on the glue and varnished. Article what else A small master class: Look at this heart, it could adequately decorate not only an apartment, but also a stylish cafe or office. And you can make it yourself and it does not take a lot of money (you only need to buy paint). So let's look at a little tutorial for making it. Necessary materials:

    • Thin tree branches + 1 larger branch
    • Paint
    • Paintbrush, palette
    • Threads
    • Cardboard

    Step-by-step instruction:

  • Step 1: Draw a heart. Take a large piece of cardboard (an old cardboard box will do) and draw a heart on it. You can draw on paper, but then you will need to put newspapers under it so that the paint does not pass to the floor and the cardboard is thick in the process of painting, so it also performs a protective function right away. Of course, you can draw any other contour that you choose that will be convenient to fill with branches.
  • Step 2: Spread the twigs. Put the twigs inside the drawn outline. If necessary, break off (or, saw off, cut) them to a suitable length.
  • Step 3: Paint it. Here, the lower half of the heart is colored, gradually changing color from bright pink from bottom to white to the middle. Leave to dry.
  • Step 4: Fasten the twigs. Hang one big branch on the wall and tie all the branches to each other. Adjust the length of the thread to make a heart (or a piece of your choice). Done!
  • In the same way, figures of other shapes can be made, and even broken old chairs, frames, and other wooden objects can be used for manufacturing. More!

    Stencil panel

    To create such a panel you need a canvasmasking tape and paint. Select the geometric pattern that you want to display, make a stencil on the canvas using masking tape, and apply paint. When the paint is dry, remove the masking tape, and attach the picture to the wall. You can also make panels using ready-madestencils. This method speeds up the work and expands the range of possible patterns. The stencil can be bought at the decor shop, or found on the Internet and printed (on paper that does not get wet from the paint). An interesting way - to take as a stencilflora objects, such as leaves, or flowers. TIP: If in the previous versions, in principle, it was possible to use ordinary paint applied with a brush, then we recommend using only an aerosol paint in order not to damage our “live stencil” and not get paint under it.

    Panel of photos

    You can also make a decorative panel of personal photos or illustrations from the Internet. This panel looks great in the living room and in the bedroom. Panel of photos Panel of photos is beautiful A panel of photos is stylish Detailed article read the link.

    3-D Panel of paper and flowers

    For lovers of voluminous scenery, we suggest making simple designs out of paper. They are very easy to manufacture and will add zest to any wall! A panel of artificial flowers - perfect for a child's room, and especially for How to:

  • Cut out the form of cardboard - the heart, the first letter of the name.
  • Glue the flowers with a glue gun, better on silicone.
  • We hang on the wall with a loop.
  • panel of flowers for the nursery Paper butterflies are also a good idea, but a slightly outdated topic. And one more, more complex, option that more accurately requires more time to perform.

    • Draw the outline of a shape (for example, a heart like this) and fill it with small glued butterflies.
    • Smooth color transitions add more airiness here.

    Panel puzzle

    Lots of cut regular hexagons,pasted on canvas, and decorative honeycombs are ready to decorate the wall of your room. You can enlist the help of a child, and the process will go much faster and more fun. You can also make other, less stringent forms. For example, stick circles in slightly different sizes and shades. You can make a composition of several parts, as in this version. Each square is plastered with paper for scrapbooking. Simple and original!

    Panel of mirrors

    Decorative panels from mirrors are an opportunityexpand the space of the living room or apartment. It’s just that there are no mirrors on the wall - you won’t surprise anyone, but to create a picture from mirrors or cut out a fancy shape from it is an excellent design move. Under the link - in modern style! mirror panel decor mirrors

    Panel of wallpapers or magazines

    Strips cut from color magazines can also be useful when creating a glued picture-panel. For example, as in this photo, where they filled the silhouettes of two dogs. To create such a panel, first usingstencil, paint the entire canvas, except for the selected shape in black, and leave the paint to dry. And after that you can glue the strips. TIP: Also from the remnants of old wallpaper - you can make a stylish modern mural for a living room such as a bedroom.

    Panel of dry leaves

    To create such transparent leaves you will need to work with special chemical solutions, but such a herbarium will definitely surprise your guests!

    Drawings created by "non-standard" brushes

    Here for drawing you can take a brush from feathers,or thread. To get patterns, as in the photo, the brush should be dipped in almost dry paint. Also for this result you can use painting rag. It turns out that our fingers are the perfect shape for creating amazing modern paintings. Thanks to this a wonderful picture of the mural was obtained.

    how to draw a picture justPanel of nails and threads

    The drawings created with the help of nails and threads look very beautiful and professional, although in fact they do not require any special skills to create them. Such panels are cost-effective (after all, forthe work will need a wooden base, about 50 thin nails and a ball of thread), and the field of action is incredibly broad (as you can see from the photo below). In a word, such panels are a wonderful way to express your creative potential and make a new wall decoration. The scheme works as follows:

    • Draw a contour of a figure on a wooden basis
    • Drive thin nails along the contour at the same distance from each other (depending on the selected pattern, the distance can vary from about 0.5 cm to 1.5 cm)
    • You tie a thread on one nail, and thenwrapping it around other nails, filling the pattern. Weaves can be very diverse. If necessary, use threads of different colors. Keep wrapping until the drawing is ready.

    Here among the drawings there are animals and plants, inscriptions and abstract figures. Choose what you like. Also there are several options where the drawingIt is not done on a wooden base, but directly on the wall of the room. This option is done for a longer time and not on any wall. When you want to remove it, you will need to do a small repair of the wall to remove holes from nails.