Female dress with knitting needles: detailed description and diagrams

Female dress with knitting needles: detailed description and diagrams


At the present lady in a wardrobe hang not onlyBlouses, skirts and trousers, but also dresses for all occasions. A place of honor in a women's closet is always occupied by knitted dresses, especially if they were bound by their own hands!
Today we suggest you talk about how to create women's knitted dresses and consider the whole process of knitting on a specific example with a detailed description of all the activities.

Gray mini dress with braid pattern

Example of knitted dressLink elegant women's dress as in the photoStarting a master will be quite difficult. Although at first glance the knitting pattern, as well as the description attached to it, seems to be quite simple, the work is still more suitable for experienced needlewomen.
This model of women's dress has a straight silhouette,So if you want it you can add a thin strap as well as on the photo, belt or scarf. The length of sleeves in this knitted product for women is 3/4, and the neck opening almost completely opens the shoulders.
The size range of this model starts from 40 and ends with 54 sizes. It is ideal for young girls and older women.
Materials and conventions To make a dress with knitting needles you need to prepare:

  • Yarn «Rowan All Seasons Cotton»;
  • Several pairs of spokes: circular and conventional at number 4,5, ordinary number 5, 4 circular and 1 pair for "braids";
  • Description of the work, diagrams, as well as symbols for them;
  • A pattern of women's dress.Dress pattern
  • Since we will use some abbreviations in the description of the work, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with them in advance:

    • ranks - p .;
    • Loops - n;
    • Purl;
    • Facial - of persons;
    • "*" - repetition of the pattern .;
    • + And the number following it indicates that the specified number must be added to the figure before the parentheses;
    • «-» = 0.

    The density of the knitted fabric is: 27 r.X18 p.
    Knitting Pattern Description knitting "braid":

  • Braid pattern with knitting dresses knittingThe first ryadochek begins with 30 (+1; +2; +3; +4; +5) purl. Next, 20 stitches are combined according to the scheme "A" 1 p. The row ends with the same number of purlins as at the beginning of the row;
  • Second river. It is knit, just like the first, but instead of the old. "Go" persons., And on the scheme we look 2 r;
  • After that it is necessary to form another 24 p. according to the scheme;
  • When 36 (36; 38; 40; 40; 40) p is tied. We finish the work by repeating the drawing on the front and back. We form the ragged bevels and finish them out. R.Scheme for crocheting
  • Knitting the front and back of the dress Description of the knitting we will start with the front and back of the dress for the woman.
    These details are crocheted according to the same scheme, so you should not have problems with creating them:

  • On 4.5 spokes we type loops: 94 (+4; +8; +12; +16; +24) pcs .;
  • Schematic pattern for knitting rubber bandsWe knit the lower part of the product: 1 p.: Two persons-e (2; -; 2; -; 2). Then alternate to 2 rel. And persons. Until the number of loops is equal to - (-; 2; -; 2; -). They are tied with purl. 2 r .: we knit, not changing the scheme, but first do not face loops, and purl. Then knits of persons-e and izn-e on 2 pieces. And at the end the same loops as in the first p., We tie the faces. These 2 p. Show the location of n. For gum. A knitted dress with a knitting needles is sewn to the formation of 17 rubles. In this case, the last row is made with the help of persons;
  • Women's knitted dressThe next row also matches the elastic: 26 (26; +2; +4; +6; +8) n is added to each second loop. Then we gird the string 38 (42; 42; 42; 42; 46); n. We again make the increments in each second loop with a rubber;
  • Further we proceed to the formation of "braids" with the help ofWorking tool number 5. We work on the ranks: 1p .: purl - 18 (18; +2; +4; +6; +8). Create 20 items as shown in the diagram "A" p1 p. Then perform the purl - 22 (+4; +4; +4; +4; +8) and execute 20 loops according to the "B" scheme. After that, we form 18 (18; +2; +4; +6; +8) of the wrong sides. 2 r: first, the same number of loops as in the first row we tie the faces. Then we make 20 loops according to figure "B" 2 p. We carry out facial - 22 (+4; +4; +4; +4; +8) pcs. We form another 20 points according to the scheme "A" 2 p. At the end we sew the same number of items as in the first, but make their faces;
  • Continue the work of the scheme up to 24 rubles;
  • At the same time, we do not forget about the need to formLateral bevels: after 20 r. The pattern on each side is reduced by 1 point, in 8 rows of 3 loops three times we perform a decrease of 6 rubles. We finish knitting of faces. R.;
  • We form 21 (21; 21; +2; +2; +2) p;
  • In the next ryadochke from two sides add 1 p.
  • In the 10 r. We make an increase of 4X1 p;
  • We are weeding out. R.;
  • Then we knit nine (9; 11; 11; 11; 11) p. And finish with purl.
  • Formation of ragged bevels Description of the formation of ragged bevels in a knitted female dress:

  • The next 2 ryadochka begin with the closure of 5 p.
  • For the size of "XS" we knit another 2 p;
  • For all other dimensions except "S" we subtract 1 point from two sides in the following series: - (-; 3; 3; 3; 5). We execute 1 more r .;
  • Further, regardless of the size, we subtract from both sides in the next, and also each 2 p. 1 pt. Until the total number of loops is 68 (+2; +4; +6; +8; +10) pcs. We finish persons;
  • We sew 1 р. And close the loops, doing together 2 points on those sections of the canvas where there are "braids".
  • Knitting Sleeveless Dress Description of the process of creating a left sleeve for a female knitted dress:

  • We type on the working tool № 4,5 loops: 78 (80, 82, 84, 86, 88) pcs. And we knit the lower edge: 1 r .: persons. - (-; -; 1; -; -), rel. - (1; 2; 2; -; 1), persons.p. - 2 pcs., App. - 2 pieces, up to the last two loops (3; -; 1; 2; 3), persons. - two (2; -; 1; 2; 2), are different. N. - (1; -; -; -; 1). 2 r .: We sew the same number of loops, but now instead of persons-x "go" vnnanoch. and vice versa;
  • These ryadochki became the basis of elastic bands. The following 17 r. We knit with rubber, while at the end forming faces.
  • We perform another p. With additions: an elastic band - 38 (+1; +2; +3; +4; +5) n. We perform the increments with the help of elastic bands in every second loop.
  • The right sleeve for a woman's dress is knitted according to the same pattern as the left one. However, in the first and second rivers. It is necessary to focus not on the scheme "A", but on the scheme "B".
    Assembling the product and knitting the neck A knitted dress for a woman is almost ready! It remains only to tie the neck and collect all the details together:

  • First, the knitted details of the women's attire are steamed off with an iron;
  • Then stitched together.
  • At the end, the neck is tied:

  • With the help of circular knitting needles;
  • We reduce: 2 pcs. Persons., N
  • 4,5 persons from the top of the left sleeve are tied. Item 40 (+2; +4; +6; +8; +10);
  • Further along the left sleeve on the working tool the first marker is placed, and the second - in the middle;
  • In front along the neck 56 (+2; +4; +6; +8; +10);
  • A marker is placed on the spoke;
  • From above along the right sleeve loops are formed - 40 (+2; +4; +6; +8; +10) pieces;
  • The marker is placed on the spoke and in the middle of the knitted part;
  • 56 (+2; +4; +6; +8; +10) is fastened along the back along the neck;
  • We fulfill persons. Before the marker, we toss the marker from one spoke to the other and knit further;
  • Continue the work of garter stitching;
  • We reduce: 2 pcs. Persons., We bind people together. 2 nts crossed, * knit facial yet until the marker will not be 3 sts, together two facial, 2 more facial, faces. Crossed 2 together * - repeat 5 times. Then, until the last 4 points, we make individuals., 2 together form the facial, individuals. - 2 pcs.;
  • We knit 3 r;
  • Last 4 р. Repeat again, again a series with decrements and 1 facial;
  • With the fourth knitting we sew 3 r. In the end - is. R.;
  • We reduce and form another 2 r .;
  • We close the eyelets;
  • Ragged suture (the last) is connected with the strapping on the neck;
  • We connect the seams on the sleeves, as well as on the sides and thereby finish the woman's dress with knitting needles.
  • Modern knitted dresses with knitting needles areAn integral part of the women's wardrobe. They can be worn every day or worn on especially solemn occasions. Such products emphasize female beauty and grace, make the image more interesting and intriguing!

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