Fir-trees made of felt with their own hands: a master class with a pattern

Fir-trees made of felt with their own hands: a master class with a pattern

Fir-trees made of felt with their own hands Today we will tell you how to sew a Christmas tree made of felt with your own hands. Usually felt trees are made with a pendant for decorating the New Year tree. We used to sew such:

  • simple, decorated with twine;
  • stitched, decorated with buttons;
  • tender white;
  • and with the imitation of the patchwork technique.

In the same year we decided that such miniatureChristmas trees are quite suitable in order to become an independent element of the decor of the room, and therefore each of them was supplied with a barrel and, of course, with a suitably decorated improvised pot. Such crumbs do not pull on the loud title of topiary (the height of the felt part of each Christmas tree is only 7.5 cm), but one, or better, two, three, five Christmas trees made of felt may well settle on the system unit, desk, or window sill, causing Affection and joyful anticipation of the main holiday of the year. We bring to your attention a master class with a pattern, revealing in detail the secrets of creating a felt bur. Fir-tree made of felt: a master class

To sew a Christmas tree made of felt with your own hands on our master class, you will need:

thin felt, in our case - white and bluecolors; some filler (silicone or sintepon); beads, white and blue beads; translucent pearl sequins-snowflakes; sewing thread in tone felt; floss in tone felt; white and blue narrow satin ribbon in tone with felt for winding the trunk; bamboo skewers; artificial snow; any light paper, office fit; any glue or double sided tape (the tape will be needed in the future); glue gun (or universal glue that can glue together plaster and thread); cardboard; building plaster; file or sandpaper; sewing and embroidery needles; nail scissors and more; transferred to paper or cardboard pattern (you will find it below); remnant, simple pencil and / or tailor's chalk for marking up felt; disposable cup for breeding gypsum; wooden stick for mixing plaster; some water; 1.5 mm crochet hook

Fir-tree made of felt: pattern

The pattern at the Christmas tree made of felt is the easiest. It can be redrawn onto a sheet of office paper, attached to the monitor, or printed. But, as you can see, it is easy to draw and by hand! If you plan to sew a lot of trees, you can immediately draw a pattern on the cardboard: it will be easier to work with this pattern.

Christmas tree made of felt with their own hands

How to make a Christmas tree out of felt with your own hands: Cutting Pattern we have - and we proceed to cutting. It is not necessary to make allowances for seams, therefore we apply the pattern to the felt and draw it along the contour with small chalk, remnant or pencil. For one Christmas tree - in two parts. Cutting Christmas trees made of felt with your own hands Carefully cut our blanks along the contour. Cutting Christmas trees made of felt with your own hands For cutting the Christmas fir tree convenientlyuse medium sized scissors. It is inconvenient to work with large scissors with small details, and small ones will not give an opportunity to make the edge even and continuous. How to sew a Christmas tree made of felt with your own hands: the decor of the trees For the decor, you can use everything that you have in the handmade bins. We have small white beads, sequins in the form of snowflakes, floss and blue beads “light” for a white Christmas tree. We embroider our Christmas trees. We decorate fir trees with felt decor Christmas tree made of felt with your own hands: how to decorate On one of the white Christmas trees - blue snowflakes,embroidered floss. Since the felt is rather thin, and the thread is of a contrasting color; purls between snowflakes were strongly visible. Therefore, either do not make such a Christmas tree, or fasten and cut the thread for each snowflake separately, avoiding banding. Tip: for sewing items choose thread in tone of felt, and not in the tone of the decor. Then it will be almost invisible in the finished product. Trunk Christmas tree trunks are bamboo skewers. They are thicker than toothpicks, so using them is more convenient. We cut them to the desired length (the length of the skewer, which will go to the Christmas tree + the length of the trunk + the height of the pot). You can cut it with a regular or clerical knife on a cutting board, or you can mark the incision with scissors and then break it off on the outline. The scrapping will not be smooth, but this is not necessary: ​​both edges of the skewers will be covered with plaster and felt. Trunks Now we need paper. Randomly cut out rectangular pieces from it and fold them in half. We cut a long ribbon and divided it into fragments of the desired length. It is important that when folded, this rectangle can easily fit in the bottom of the felt Christmas tree. Stoppers Each paper rectangle from the inside is well coated with glue and crimped around one of the edges of the stick. We glue stoppers We glue stoppers Each trunk is wrapped with a satin ribbon, fixed on top and bottom with a thread. We decorate the trunk with tape You can sew. Assembly It is convenient to begin to sew both parts of the Christmas tree in the place where the trunk will be, i.e. in the center of the base of the felt blanks. Sew stitched seam, small stitches. We chose a thread in the tone of felt: the decor is already quite expressive, it would be superfluous to divert attention from it to the contrasting thread. Sew the stitch seam We pass along the perimeter of the Christmas tree, without closing it. The hole left should be sufficient to include the base of the trunk (paper rectangle). We stuff the upper sectors of the Christmas tree with filler. We are filling the Christmas tree We also prepare the barrel: we wrap the paper stopper with a thin layer of filler so that its outlines do not protrude under thin felt. Stopper wrapped filler We fill the already sheathed corner with filler, insert the barrel, if necessary, report more silicone and sew up our hole. We sew trunks We sew a fir-tree from felt with the hands Fir in a pot with your own hands: planting and decorating the pot The prototype of the pot served as a cap from a standard glue stick size. Cut the strips of cardboard to form the same cups-caps, which will play the role of pots for Christmas trees. Pot Stripes These strips are glued with bilateralScotch tape in the cylinders. For reliability, you can glue these cylinders to a sheet of cardboard, but we didn’t need this: it’s enough to pour plaster into the cylinder standing on the cardboard, holding the cylinder itself with the hand, insert the fir-tree into it and hold the whole structure for a few seconds. Gypsum did not spill out anywhere, Christmas trees did not fall. On each strip we glue double sided tape Making a Christmas tree made of felt with your own hands: photo We immediately try on Christmas trees in them, and if the trunk is long, we trim it completely. Trimming the trunk In a disposable cup, mix the plaster and water, quickly stirring the mass. It should not be too liquid. Proper gypsum should flow in a slow stream and not fall out in pieces. We breed plaster Fill the cups with plaster, holding them with your hand. Fill a glass with plaster We insert the Christmas tree until it stops and wait for the plaster to clutch around the trunk. It is important that the trees do not squint. Sit the tree in gypsum Thus we plant all Christmas trees from felt and leave them until the gypsum is completely dried. Better - for a few hours, or even for the night. Fir tree topiary made of felt with your own hands Cardboard cups are no longer needed - they can be removed. Remove cardboard cups Fir-tree plaster bases How to decorate the pot? It can be pasted over with felt; You can crochet pots. We chose another option: decorating with a cord. Since A suitable cord was not at hand, we tied it from floss. We knit the usual chain of air loops. Floss lace Once again we inspect our Christmas trees. Light irregularities of the bottom and walls of the "pot" can be fixed with a file. Fir tree step by step with their own hands Getting to the decor pots. For him, we needed laces of floss, silicone glue, artificial snow, scissors, felt. DIY Christmas tree made of felt We put a drop of glue on the upper part of the wall.a pot and fix the tip of the lace with it. Next, continue to wind the pot, at short distances, securing it with glue cord. If the volume drop of glue has turned out, we press it with a finger, flattening it. The tip is fixed with glue The beginning of our winding (lace tail) welet's disguise on the second coil, just put the cord on top of the tail. And we continue to wind, tightly laying the coils to each other. Glue the end of the lace to the bottom of the pot. Decorating the pot lace Tail set on the bottom We put the Christmas tree on the felt and circle the circle. Cut it out and glue it to the bottom with the same hot glue. Felt bottom pot We glue the bottom with felt It remains to decorate the horizontal planepot. Artificial snow is great for this. To glue it, we used hot glue. On the one hand, we squeeze out a very large drop of hot glue, then quickly take a very large bunch of artificial snow with our fingers to protect our fingers from burning, and with this snow we smear a drop around the trunk. The snow will stick tightly. If bald spots remain, they can be glued in the same way, simply by adding a drop of smaller glue. We shake off extra pieces of snow - and the Christmas tree made with felt is ready. Decorate the surface of the pot with artificial snow And now, of course, a lot of photos of finished trees. 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