Flag of Ukraine Bead scheme and master class (photo)

Flag of Ukraine Bead scheme and master class (photo)


If you want to go overseastravel to your friends and do not know what kind of souvenirs with a grab, then offer you to weave beautiful souvenirs with their own hands from the beads. Ukraine is the main symbol of the flag and coat of arms. Therefore, in this master class you will learn how to spin a stick in the form of a flag of Ukraine under the scheme.

Knitted flag of Ukraine

First of all you need to prepare all the materials that will be useful in the work, namely:

  • Monofilament fishing line and 0.18 mm in diameter;
  • blue, black and yellow beads;
  • metal ring for the key fob;
  • bit syntepon;
  • pliers and bubbly needle.

When you cook all the attributes for the job,you can start beading crafts according to the scheme. Unwind and a half meters of fishing line or monofilament type and three blue beads, placing them at the center. Then type another same bead and thread it through the two ends of the fishing line, aimed at the sides. Do the same manipulation several times, as shown by the scheme. In this scheme, there is one advantage: you can weave a Ukraine flag vertically and horizontally. On the finished result, such a system is absolutely not affected.

After completing the weaving of the first row, it is necessary to bring the edge of the fishing line or monofilament into the bottom bead and continue to work under the scheme.

In the process, you will be able to watchhow you begin to manifest the main symbols of Ukraine - the flag and coat of arms. Every time make reconciliation items to the scheme in order to avoid mistakes and not to mix colors. If you still have made mistakes, beads shall shoot up the place and start doing it all over again. Heed to the weaving process, and then you get a beautiful souvenir made with their own hands.

If you are using large beads instead of the fine,then it is better to reduce the size of the base material in the band. Basically clean beads in each row on both sides, and you can remove the top and bottom. For beginners, we recommend to use the beads, which fit into this scheme.

When you have finished weaving the front of the remote control, you need toMonofilament fishing line or tie knots and to hide between the last bead. Protruding edge of the fishing line can cut scissors, departing from the edge of 1 mm. In a similar way, using the same number of bands and beads, you have to do the second part of the keychain in the form of a flag of Ukraine. Consider the point that the back part is without the coat of arms and a blue-and-yellow.

When the two sides will be fully prepared, theiryou need to connect with each other. We need to take otrez base material one meter long and has 1 to dial the bead. Two edges pull the fishing line through the first bead of the two halves of the remote control. Add one more little thing, and, gradually connecting the two elements. Not bringing the work to the very end, when you will have a small hole in the product, take a little padding polyester and push it inside. After that complete crosslinking. Now your keychain acquired a convex shape.

The metal ring should be a neat waykeyring to attach to a Ukrainian flag and firmly clamp it with pliers. As a result, you get an exclusive key chain with national symbols, which is very like your foreign friends. Flag of Ukraine Bead scheme can be used in weaving symbols of other countries.

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