A fragrant coffee heart with your own hands. Step-by-Step Guide to Making a Unique Scented Heart

A fragrant coffee heart with your own hands. Step-by-Step Guide to Making a Unique Scented Heart

Coffee can be called the most popular drink inworld. But most recently there was an opportunity to apply this drink in a different capacity. Today, coffee toys are becoming very popular. The presence of coffee in them, gives them an incredible smell and good color. Such original toys serve not only as decoration, but also as an aroma in the room. How to make a fragrant coffee heart with your own hands. A step-by-step guide to making a unique fragrant heart. Photo №1 What to make a coffee toy will be requiredcertain knowledge, your imagination and a certain time. The manufacturing process is simple, that's why you can realize any of your ideas. A hand-made toy of coffee will be an excellent souvenir that can lift the mood and will bring a large amount of positive charge. The story will be about making a coffee heart. Applying this technique, in the future, you can perform any form of souvenir. For production are useful:

  • piece of cloth,
  • thread with a needle,
  • scissors,
  • Coffee, cinnamon and acrylic paints with a brush,
  • PVA,
  • water,
  • Sintepon for packing.

So, let's start making fragrant coffee hearts! To smell the heart, you can apply cocoa, vanilla or cinnamon. To begin with, it is necessary to cut out 2 hearts by pattern and sew them. The fabric should face inwards. Then, having turned out the workpiece, fill it with a sintepon, and then sew a secret seam with a place intended for turning the heart. To give a fragrant smell, prepare a solution consisting of water, coffee, cinnamon or vanillin. With this mixture, grease the heart and, in addition, sprinkle vanilla on it. After that, dry the heart for about 6 hours. Better hang the workpiece to avoidthe appearance of divorces. After the drying of the heart, you can arrange decorative elements, everything depends on your taste and imagination. Secure them with PVA glue. After the glue dries, it is necessary to sew the eyelet so that the toy that has been made can be hung. Now the heart is completely ready and you canpresent it as a souvenir or a gift. It is unlikely that anyone will be indifferent to the gift that is made by themselves. Try it and you will succeed! Such a gift will be appreciated not only by coffee lovers!