Floating feeding feeders for catching on lakes

Floating feeding feeders for catching on lakes

Floating feeder feeders have long been successfulThey are used in foreign countries to catch peaceful fish, including large carp. They are suitable only for reservoirs with standing water and are an alternative float equipment. Floating Feeder Feeder The main advantage over the float is obvious -The floating feeder, when struck against water, creates a spot of turbidity that attracts the fish and makes it move closer to the nozzle. In addition, the bait keeps the fish in one place, which significantly increases the probability of biting. Floating feeding feeders are used on summer days when the wind is weak or absent, when even a large fish is kept closer to the surface and it is impossible to catch it with bottom gear, even putting a long leash.

Buying or manufacturing?

Not all fishing shops haveselling floating feeders for the feeder. Therefore, most fishermen will have to make their own. The simplest way is to remodel standard feeders, replacing the load with a float. Metal will better resist the wind and fly further due to the high weight. Plastic is not so noisy to enter the water. Therefore, it is better to have both options with you. There are a lot of ways to change the store feeders. The most primitive is to remove the load and blow out the upper part of the feeder with a mounting foam. Instead of foam, foam or wooden plugs can be used. Floating Feeder Feeder Floating Feeder Feeder The main thing is that the feeder has a positive buoyancy, but 50-70% was in the water.