Flowers from multi-colored plastic bottles with their own hands

Flowers from multi-colored plastic bottles with their own hands

Can artificial orchids exceed bybeauty of live dendrobiums or phalaenopsis? Quite if the inflorescences are tremblingly executed with their own hands. Creating this beauty, like living nature, the master puts his soul into it, fills with energy even lifeless, but still beautiful bouquets for decorating a house or a very special gift. In addition to the talent of decorator talent, nothing special will be required for this. Today we will "grow" bright orchids and many other flowers from plastic bottles. Are they surprised? Then immediately begin our fascinating master class. Flowers made of plastic bottles


Unfading orchids - something from the realm of fantasy. But making flowers from plastic bottles will allow us to defeat the laws of wildlife. First, prepare the necessary materials: several different colored flasks from the soda (milk, beer, etc.), paints on plastic (acrylic, aerosol in bottles), polymer glue, a candle or an alcohol burner (also a soldering iron or burner), scissors . All is ready? Then for the cause! We follow the step-by-step instructions: Orchids made of plastic bottles

  • Referring to Fig. 1, cut the bottom of the bottle. This is an excellent landing base for an orchid - the upper petals already exist. It remains to adjust the shape of the 4 petals with scissors and slightly to melt their edges with the flame of a candle;
  • We continue to "grow" flowers from plasticbottles with your own hands: from the body cut out the "consignment" flower for 4 (6-8 - if desired) petals. It can be glued to the substrate. Or, having made through holes through the burner in detail, collect the orchid bowl on a decorative carnation;
  • Make a few inflorescences and plant them onan improvised leg - a wood twig, painted in green. So you can collect large flowers from seemingly garbage. And if you work with your soul, artificial flowers with your external data will not succumb to living orchids.

Surely you already have a decent vase for a luxurious branch of an orchid. No? Then make it all from the same familiar material!


Fig. 2 clearly shows how to make chamomiles made of plastic bottles. As you can see, the main difficulty here is the formation of the stalk, cauline leaves and flower-tip on the flame of the burner. However, as soon as you start working on the flower, the plastic chamomile will start to turn out as if by itself - so everything will turn out to be simple. So, we act step by step: We make plastic chamomile

  • Cut out the stencil or eye base element - an inflorescence of chamomile with petals. At first it will be a rough workpiece, but then you will correct it with scissors and give it a natural appearance;
  • From the cuttings of the green plastic, cut out various stem petals and lightly coat them on the spirit lamp. Thanks to this, each chamomile will become unique;
  • From a piece of yellow (brown) plastic, make the core of the flower. Prepare the stem, gently melting on the spirit lamp a thin strip of plastic - twisted or straight ends of the bottle;
  • Gather your artwork together, using the technique of soldering parts to each other. However, somewhere you can and use glue.

The pedicel can be made even easier: Cut a wide strip of plastic around the entire height of the bottle and fold it along, tightly squeeze. Cut off unnecessary planes with scissors, leaving only a thin corner - the leg is ready. Now for you is not a secret, as do chamomiles made of plastic bottles. Moving on?


Do it yourself to make roses from plastic bottlesjust simple, but also surprisingly interesting. Each flower will be different from the others. How to make the queen of the garden, in detail will tell the scheme 3. In a short time in your hands bloom large flowers from waste materials. Will the close ones guess what this beauty is made of? Hardly. Rather get down? So: The scheme of making roses from a bottle

  • Look at what kind of work required homemadethe plastic rose in Fig. 3 and make 2-4 similar parts of different sizes. You can preliminarily make a stencil or cut out the components of a flower by eye, which will be more correct if you want to get extremely unique handmade articles made of plastic bottles;
  • Like the previously described techniques, doa pedicel for a rose, just melting a strip of transparent plastic on an open flame. Cut out a variety of petals from the scraps of the bottle and also slightly deform them with a candle flame;
  • Finishing to collect magnificent flowers by own hands,Connect all the fragments of the rose together, soldering the pieces heated on the fire. Or use glue. Collect the flower cap according to the principle of a nesting doll - insert smaller petals into large bowls.

A bouquet of plastic roses The resultant handicraft can decorate an empty shelf or window sill. Or use it for the garden. There your rose will easily get accustomed! From a distance the buds are indistinguishable from the real ones.


In summer, water lilies on the river can not be counted, butRed-booked lilies will not be easy to find now. But we can make artificial water lilies from plastic bottles in winter, and we do not need to look for an elegant queen of reservoirs. Let's make lilies right now and we will not forget about water lilies either: Lily from polyethylene bottle

  • Taking for the benefit of Fig. 4, cut out their planes of white plastic bottle (from under the milk) several identical blanks with characteristic lilies with pointed petals. Inside the part, provide a hole sufficient for the passage of the bottle neck;
  • Another bottle (for example, yellow)cut the neck with a stock - it will go to the heart of the lily from bottles with stamens (cut the "prikup" into strips and deform them by heating). Put white blanks with petals from below on the neck thread, fix the collected items with a cork.

And water lilies from plastic bottles isa smaller version of the same lily. Make them yellow, greatly reducing the size of the petals and rounding them, rather than sharpening them. With this you can do it easily. Even a sunflower made of plastic bottles is now within your powers, not just the simplest river bathing suits.


Let's not forget to mention the bright poppies in ourmaster class. In general, homemade plastic bottles are easily played with the color of materials and the dimensions of blanks. Much is done in the image and likeness. And poppies from bottles are similar in the way they are performed on roses from similar materials. Fig. 5 will not allow you to get confused if you want to make a few poppies for the garden or a bouquet. Red poppy from plastic by own hands And our rice. 6 will teach how to make tulips. Here you can apply different techniques, the main trick of each of which is the use of the sections of the bottle, which already has a convex shape that allows you to cut out the voluminous petals. Plastic tulips are collected arbitrarily: for glue, by soldering melted parts, for decorative carnations, etc. Buds of plastic tulips Tulips from bottles How to make flowers from recyclables, you nowit is known. You can safely realize your creative ideas, inspired by our visual aids. And finally, a couple of useful tricks: that the plastic when heated on an open fire does not light up and treacherously does not smudge, to warm up the details use the lower levels of the flame. And if soldering the details of the flower to each other does not come out, take the usual superglue - everything will turn out. And do not forget about aerosol paints in spray cans, if you need a specific color for crafts, and you simply do not have a plastic bottle of the right color.