The flowers of satin ribbons with their hands in master classes

The flowers of satin ribbons with their hands in master classes


Satin ribbons are widely used in handicrafts. This is the main material that is used in the creation of different color techniques.
- Embroidered or created with his own hands from small tissue segments are the basis of great pictures and amazing jewelry.
From today's training lesson, you will learn how toYou can make flowers in kanzashi technology. We are with you look at a few types and techniques used to create these wonderful flora.

Flower petals with sharp and round shape

The first Master Class (MC) will review basictechnology, on which the flowers are made of satin ribbons. Photo and video examples, which is equipped with a master class presented illustrate the process steps for beginners. Start doing these crafts must be selected with a cutting tone satin ribbons or fabric into pieces of a certain length and shape.
Thus, we begin with the creation of the MC round petals. This is one of the basic elements used to create the colors kanzashi. Take the tape and his hands zagotovte details square shape. For beginners is better to use a diameter of five by five centimeters. During the pitch can be crosslinked using a needle with a thread or use a soldering iron. The cut edges of the tapes will certainly need to singe, using for this purpose a lighter or a candle. This tape is not Satan, and your colors of the tapes will have a neat appearance. Opal edges, press them with your hands. So you firmly commit petal. As you can see from the photo or video, for ease of operation, it is best to use tweezers, he will help you securely lock made element and produce it with the necessary actions. Unless you have such a tool, you can try to do with their hands flowers kanzashi. But then, you still can not do without the acquisition of tweezers. This will speed up the process, and you'll quickly and easily make flowers ribbons.

If the photo examples you find it difficult to make out of the scheme, be sure to use in training videos, a master class, which is on our website.
Next photo MK show you how to do step by step and put lepestochek acute type, which is also often used to make the flower of satin ribbon.

Make a flower with pointed petals

Another Master Class (MC) will demonstrate howYou can make a flower out of tape with interesting long pointed petals. Taking the active MC, choose an interesting color combinations main material to make unique flowers of satin ribbons or fabric.
For the creation of this flower, prepare the tape,the width of which is composed of four centimeters. Next, you need to do from it stretches seven cm. You can play on the contrast and colors make kanzashi ribbons of different colors.

Take one of the prepared segments and theirhands fold it in half. On the outside you should be the front side of the tape. Now, with the help of a soldering iron, you need to cut the ribbon at an angle. Use the soldering iron will instantly fix the border, and will prevent the tab from fraying.

The remaining tip to three centimeters in length must be cut. After completing these steps, you need to bend the ends on the outside. How to do this is shown in the photo or video.

The next step, opal and solder the ends of the petals. In the photo, you can see what it looks like petals Wrong side.

We continue to make flowers of satin ribbons. At this stage, we need to make base. For these purposes may be used felt or other suitable material. So, from the prepared tissue, making a circle. The diameter of the circle, do on your own, on the number of petals made, as well as the planned value of the flower. Now, in a circle, one by one, begin to stick blanks. Taking the first row, observing the symmetry, go to the second.

This master class uses two different color bands, so that the elements are fixed yellow in the third row.

It remains only to make a beautiful center and flowerskanzashi will be ready. To do this, you can use a completely different decorative details. It can be beads, beads, interesting buttons. Presented a master class took to the core faceted beads.

These are the gorgeous colors of satin ribbons may haveyou get. Repeat this on their own MC, review, action schemes, as well as photos and videos with tips if you decide to do with their hands such unique crafts, such as colors of ribbons or cloth.

Flowers from a narrow ribbon

This Master Class (MC) will show you a phased work on the production of unusual crafts with their hands. This will be the flowers of satin ribbons, but not wide, as we used to, but narrow.
This tape is often at needlewomen fromsome already finished product. The main condition is that all the prepared strips have the same length. To work, a master class uses tape width of which is equal to only six millimeters.

Further, according to the scheme described action, step by step photos and a video tutorial, you will be easier to navigate in the process of creating a satin crafts.
One of the pieces of tape, you need to be folded in half. In this case, the front part is to find yourself in the middle of the element. In place of inflection, cut the ribbon at an angle, and opals using candles or lighters.

Regarding the described scheme, you should form the following element:

After that, the item must be receivedturn face to the top and make ends in one area, as in the photo. Thus, you can also make the desired tab width. Further, the tips of the spike is made. Photo shows you how should eventually look like one of the petals.

According to the scheme described actions continuethe creation of the necessary quantity of petals. Furthermore, the manufacturing process of a tab, you can use just two contrasting shades or tape fabric. So, you get a gorgeous and lush colors of ribbons.

Having made all the necessary elements, master class(MK) proceeds to assemble crafts ribbons. First of all, for this purpose, it is necessary to make the base. It can be cut out of cardboard or felt. This substrate has a circular shape, the diameter of which is depending on the desired size of the craft. The assembly begins with a flower on the edges of the circle. So, gradually, step by step, fix the adhesive on each petal, by alternating the colors. Midway zadekoriruyte crafts at their discretion, for example, by means of beads of different diameters, as shown by this master class.

These flowers ribbons or fabric, good willlook barrette and rims. They can also be used as a beautiful brooches. How do these accessories with the colors you can see in the video.

Flower petals with the original

This workshop will show you an interesting optioncreate his own hands unusual petal, with which you will create a unique flower ribbons. Watch out for photos, because in the video you can not see how to create such an element. Doing this tab, the following actions should be in accordance with the scheme.
Before you start a master class to preparecreating one petals three parts of the square type of five by five centimeters. To the flowers you made of ribbons or tissue looked more advantageous, prepare the ribbon of different colors. contrast - Thus, the two elements of the same color square and one taken for these crafts. This third part and serve as the basis around which will be performed further work.

We make a square of elements triangular partsform. This Master Class (MC) uses as a base a triangular element delicate pink hue. It must be closed so ka shown in the photo. Here we see that, for convenience, as a locking component, the used needle. You can do without them, but simply to hold the satin element with your hands or with the help of tweezers. Choose the most convenient option for you.

Thereafter, it is necessary to bend the ends back. So you envelope base. Now, by pushing the tips of the back, you can see the core formed, as in the photo:

Then, holding the center, you need to bend one end of it.
With the second end We perform a similar action. At the final stage, you will solder the core.

Next, you need to trim at the bottom (in the photo - it is the red line) and solder.

Thus, according to this scheme of action you need to continue to do all of the remaining petals and proceed directly to the assembly of high-grade flower.

As a result, we obtain the following unusual flower kanzashi made with their own hands in an interesting technique.

We have tested a small portion of the options based on which you will be able to do with their hands, such luxury crafts like flowers of satin ribbons or fabric.
On our site and on the Web so youcan also find exciting videos with master classes for beginners, where experienced masters step by step, show the technology of creating of a flower.

Video: Lessons create color ribbons