Flowers for shady garden: photo and name

Flowers for shady garden: photo and name

Everyone loves flowers and there is hardly any womanwho does not want to break a small flower garden in the yard. This, unfortunately, is not always as easy as we would like. Even if you have good skills in growing flowers, but if your yard or garden is in the shade, you can not fold your hands, there is a way out. The reasons may be different - a big tree thatstanding in the middle of the garden creates a thick shadow, a tall brick fence that separates your yard from a neighbor's one, a tall house next door and much more. The dark and shady courtyard, however, should not be an obstacle in order to create the garden you dream of. Let's see what flowers can be grown in a shady garden. The content of the article:


    Lobelia flower will make even the darkest courtyardA wonderful place to relax and soothe. Flowers have an enchanting purple color than create a feeling of calm. This plant usually blooms in spring and autumn, because it does not like direct sunlight. It prefers a dim light, making it ideal for planting in shady gardens.


    Toreni good choice for landing in shadythe yard. This flower will add color to your garden with delicate flowers that may surprise you with the most unexpected shades - blue, yellow, pink, purple. This plant prefers to grow in the shade.


    Bravillea is one of the most beautiful flowers,which a gardener may have in a shady garden. Like many other plants, this flower grows in a shade of purple, which makes it look mysterious. It grows quickly, grows. He loves shade and direct sunlight is a very stable flower, adapts to the conditions. There are many types of plants that grow in the shade, but, of course, this is one of the most fascinating ideas for a beautiful garden.