Flu and a video master-class "How to Weave a Rabbit from a Rubber"

Flu and a video master-class "How to Weave a Rabbit from a Rubber"


A cheerful rabbit, woven of rubber, will pleaseChildren. It can be used as a keychain, or simply give it to a child as a souvenir. To weave a rabbit or a rabbit is not an easy task. It will require skill and a little patience. As a result, you should get such a miracle, as in the picture in this article.

Materials for weaving rabbit from rubber bands

Before you start working on yourMasterpiece of a rabbit, you must stock up on everything that will be needed. This, first of all, the rubber bands of two colors. The main color gamut is about 150-160 irises. And for finishing - another color - 20-30 pieces. To create a rabbit's eye, take 2 pcs. Black or dark blue hue. Two clips are also required for fixation. Since the product is more difficult to make than, for example, a snake or an octopus, additional hooks or toothpicks may be required. Well, the hook itself for weaving.
Now let's go directly to the process itself.

How to weave a rabbit out of rubber bands: a master class

For a rabbit, we must first weaveAdditional details, so you can simply attach them to the finished body. We have to weave the animal on the machine. We place it in such a way that it would be convenient for you to conduct work.
We start from the extreme sides of the machine. On them alternately we throw on 1 and 2, then on 2 and 3 columns on 1 iris of the basic color. On posts number three for each of these rows we wrap three times two rubber bands.

We continue the weaving from the third column. We take out the two lower gums and pass them up and throw them on the previous column. We repeat the same procedure on the second tab.

Now it remains only to remove the prepared front paws and put them aside. They are ready and will wait their turn.
The turn of the hind legs. They will be wider than the front. We connect 1 and 2 tbsp. Rubber, then 2 tbsp. We throw two more cuts, wrapping each of them three times. This should be done twice, since the legs of the rabbit will also need two. Pull from under the twisted rubber bands and pull the bottom up. We throw on 1 tbsp. Now they can be put aside. The paws are ready.

Rabbit Ears Now for the rabbit we need to weave the ears. Usually they are made from irises of different colors. We begin to connect the rubber posts in pairs on the machine. We start with 1 ring of the main color - it will connect 1 and 2 st. Further - on 2 rez (2 and 3, 3 and 4 items etc.) of the basic and additional colors. We finish the work on the eighth column, wrapping around it an additional non-primary rubber band three times. The fixing step (the last elastic band wrapped around the column) is very important, because It is designed so that the weaving does not crumble. If you want to get a longer-eared rabbit as a result, you can increase the number of steps.

We pass to the weaving of the rabbit's ear. We begin with the last fixing iris. Through it we stretch the bottom layer of the weaving and dress as a loop on the previous column of the machine.
Now it remains only to remove the finished eye and throw it on a separate hook. By a similar scheme, a second rabbit tabby is a rabbit.
Eyes of a rabbitEyes. Twist it around the hook four times. Through the threaded 1 rubber band of black color we pass white. Eyes are required in an amount of two pieces. They should also be transferred to a separate toothpick or hook.
Tail and spout Between two adjacent barsCross the 1 cut pink color, then cross it again and dress on both columns again. The lower layer of the weaving should be thrown in the center, so that we get a figure eight, tied in the middle.

Ready to put the spout on a separate working tool.
The tail is made from 3 rubber bands of different colors according to the scheme of the hind foot. We alternate colors to make the product more interesting.
The body of the rabbit Make the middle side of the machine slightly above the side. We connect the four columns with eights out of the gum base color. Then turn the weave into the middle row.

With 5 tbsp. Middle row, go to 4 tbsp. Another extreme. We finish on the same column from which we started. At the 1 st and 4 th st. On the edge attach the hind legs. We connect them with the extreme columns of the middle row, participating in weaving another 1 elastic.
Over the first layer of the figure eight dress one moreSeries without crossing. From below, we lower the rubber bands of the lower ryadochka and throw them to the same column. How to dress them from above. We do it all round. Next - the third layer again connect the columns in pairs.

Remove the lower layers on top. We repeat similarly one more row. On the fifth row, attach the second part of the hind legs, on top of them - 3 gums. We again close the circle in pairs connected columns, we proceed according to the scheme of the previous steps.
The sixth row - we dress and we sew, on the seventh row we attach ears and paws. The peephole's turn is on the 8th row.
On the ninth row of rubber, we simply dress and tie in the basic scheme. We shoot the rabbit. On the hook should be all the loops. One rubber band connect them all and tighten the knot. Put on a spout.

Video: Rabbit and its weaving