Folding table with a wall-mount

Folding table with a wall-mount

Folding table with fastening to the wall isA magnificent invention that allows you to save a lot of space in an apartment. In the folded state, it takes literally 5-10 cm and it is located along the wall, so it does not interfere at all. But in the unfolded state it completely replaces a full table. Folding table with fastening to the wall For small size, a folding table with a wall mount is practically indispensable. But in ordinary apartments it can be used.

Where to use the folding table?

Variants of use of a folding table withfastening to the wall is quite a lot. Let's look at the main ones. On the balcony The table, as a rule, is made of a small size and is attached to the parapet. It is used mainly as a dining room for eating or drinking tea in the fresh air. It's especially cool to drink coffee in the summer, admiring the dawn and the vibrant city. Folding table on the balcony A table on the balcony can also be used forwork for a laptop or for some needlework. Homemakers often transfer their work to the balcony, so as not to interfere with other family members. In the kitchen In small kitchens, folding tables are used instead of a regular table, installation of which is impossible due to a lack of free space. They are usually dined, but sometimes used for cooking. Folding table in the kitchen The size of the folding table with fastening to the wall onkitchens are already somewhat larger than on the balcony. The worktop is usually made of moisture-resistant materials, and the fasteners are as durable as possible. As an ironing board Ironing boards are quite heavy and large in size. They take up a lot of space in the unfolded state or require the hostess to constantly pull out and unfold, which is tedious. Folding table allows you to get rid of hemorrhoids with ironing boards. Folding table for ironing clothes Its top is lined with foam rubber and cloth,after which it can be successfully used for ironing things. And the unfolding will take literally 5-10 seconds. To work on a laptop Installation of a folding table with attachment to the wall in the room allows you to get rid of the need to cram into the apartment bulky computer desk. If you sit at the computer for a couple of hours a day, then this alternative suits you best. Folding table for working with laptop But there are a couple of nuances. When working at a computer, there is a space where you can stretch your legs. Otherwise, knees will very soon begin to ache. Therefore, the table should be sufficiently long and wide. Well, it will work all the same only for a laptop, since moving a stationary computer is not always an option.

Basic manufacturing options

With the scope of folding tables wefigured out. If you liked the idea, you need to think about making, if you do not want to buy a finished product. There are very, very many manufacturing options. The structures can be different, as are the ways of fastening to the wall. Let's look at the basic ones. Take ready-made brackets The easiest way to make a folding table with a wall-mount is using special folding brackets. You only need to make a table top made of boards, chipboard, MDF or other material and screw the bracket to it on the screws. After fixing the finished structure to the wall using metal spacers (plastic is not recommended because they are too weak). Folding table on bracket There is a bracket in the range of 1500-2500 rubles. You can buy it in some stores with furniture fittings. Use loops This option is a bit more laborious, but also quite simple. For manufacturing, you need four pieces of wood or chipboard, two conventional loops and one long (piano). Hinged table First we connect part 1 and 4 with usual loops. These parts must be the same in length and thickness. Hinged table Further on the center of the part 2 we fix the detail 3 on the piano loop. Hinged table The resulting two structures are connected together, as shown in the figure below. The connection should be strong, so we recommend using long screws and glue. Hinged table All that remains is to fix the ready-made folding table to the wall on the struts or long screws if the wall is wooden. Hinged table Please note that the blanks can be differentshape and size. The easiest way This method of making a folding table with a wall mount can even be called primitive, as it is very simple and the result is not the most aesthetic. But it is done quickly and the cost price is minimal. And if you do a little more accurately than in the video below, it will turn out even beautiful. To make it you will need a table top, two thick bars and three loops. We do not tell the details, because everything is clear on the video.

From what to make a folding table with fastening to the wall?

Yes, from anything. In fact, the implementation options are infinitely many, since the load on the part is low and the operating conditions are sparing. You can use dry wooden boards, chipboard, chipboard, MDF, plywood, etc. In principle, it is possible to make a folding table even from unnecessary furniture. Often, old cabinets are simply sawn and pasted with vinyl stickers or veneers. But if you want it is a beautiful table, the easiest way is to make it from the particle board. Saw it better at the furniture factory (in almost every city there is a company that provides this service), but everything else can be done independently. It's also easy to make out of boards, and you can cut it yourself. But they will have to be covered with stain with varnish or paint, and this is the first time beautifully done exactly will not work.