Folk doll: inseparers with their own hands. Master Class. Video / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

Folk doll: inseparers with their own hands. Master Class. Video / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

Textile dolls are part of the Slavicculture and are of great importance. Dolls are inseparable - a symbol of masculine and feminine, especially with regard to wedding charms. The peculiarity of dolls is that they always connect with each other, as if holding hands, and what pair of newlyweds does not dream of being together in grief and in joy?

Symbols and materials for folk amulets

It's important to know before you get to work. For the production of folk dolls-inseparers with their own hands, which are both a symbol and guardian of the family union, use a certain color range. Each color has its own meaning.

  • Happiness, health and prosperity means the red palette.
  • Symbolizes feminine calm blue.
  • Green represents harmony.
  • White is the color of purity of thoughts and soul.
  • Symbolize the fertility of brown and black.
  • With the wish that money was used in the house, silver colors are used in sewing.

Puppetless dollsNerazluchniki, like other folkdoll-wards, made by own hands, differ in that they make them exclusively from natural fabrics. Our great-grandmothers prepared in advance for the process, collecting bright pieces of cloth. For the base, they took a pinch of a ray. They made puppets according to the same scheme. Another feature of the ritual dolls was that they never used needles and scissors to make it, so that everything worked out smoothly in life, and the family life was "neither pounded nor cut." Puppetless dolls

Making doll dolls

For work you will need:

  • twig;
  • two rectangular shreds of red for the dress;
  • two white shreds smaller;
  • white rectangles for faces and for hands;
  • for clothes suitable material with a floral pattern;
  • the apron should be especially elegant;
  • three black scraps for the headdress of the groom and for the boots;
  • triangular - for the bride's headscarf;
  • red thread;
  • Woolen threads for the groom's hair;
  • braid and red ribbon.

As in the past, modern masters honor and respect traditions, that's why they also do not use scissors and threads. Puppetless dollsFor convenience, we advise you to expand all the details ontable: on the one hand, everything that concerns the female figure, on the other - the male. So, we proceed to the most responsible part of our master class. The scheme of the work is simple.

  • We take the wand. At its ends we fix with a red thread two small white scraps.
  • Red wand wraps the entire wand.
  • That the slippery ribbon is not unwound, fix it with a thread.
  • We remember, no needles, otherwise the guard will lose its importance and strength. Temporarily put the wand aside.

We begin to make a doll-bride.

  • We take the largest red rectangle and form a tube.
  • Center it with a white cloth.
  • Fold the red and white piece in half, so that the edges are inside.
  • We tie the upper white part with a red thread. Do you recognize the torso of the doll? This is the basis for the bride.
  • Similarly, one more thing needs to be done. It will be the groom. If desired, it can be made taller.
  • We take our red wand in a satin ribbon and put the bride's torso on it.
  • Under the stick we bandage the red thread. Then fix the skirt and apron in the same way. Do it better in a reversal way, to hide the threads neatly.
  • We tie a red tape to the ragged forehead.
  • We put a handkerchief on the doll and fix it with a thread.
  • Another braid girdle the obverse chrysalis.
  • Time to dress the groom.

  • We fold the cloth for the shirt four times and cut the corner. It turns improvised neck.
  • After the shirt is worn on the doll, we bandage the thread on the belt.
  • We decorate the legs. We use black patches, which we fix along the entire length with the help of a red thread. Tying it in the opposite direction.
  • We tie a bride-lover with a belt - a red braid.
  • From woolen threads you need to make a haircut.
  • Around the head we turn the cap and fix it.
  • Our master class completes the last procedure. So that the folk dolls can be suspended as amulets, we tie the ribbon to the pens. Puppetless dollsWhen making folk dolls-inseparers andat the same time Slavic amulets, you should take into account the colors used, do the doll solely by hand, use only fabrics and threads, and also put meaning into the work and realize its meaning. Then the rags will become not only a symbol of a strong family union and mutual understanding, but also a beautiful gift. Use our scheme of work and your imagination, then your doll will turn out to be perfect.