For short haircuts, too, you need a decent care, the methods of which you can use at home.

For short haircuts, too, you need a decent care, the methods of which you can use at home.

Kare on short hair. Ways of stylish styling with your own hands If a woman wants to short hair, the first thing she should think about is the possibility of a beautiful daily styling. Actually, a girl who chooses for herself this or that short haircut should understand that in order to look stylish, you have to think every day how to style your hair. On the other hand, there are haircuts that do not require styling at all. It is clear that these are the shortest types of haircuts, which is called "under the hedgehog". But it is these short hairstyles that women do very rarely. Ways of laying on the square. Photo №1 Whatever it was, there are a lot of hairstyles onshort hair, the styling on which to do yourself is quite simple. In this publication we will consider one of the most popular variants of a hairstyle for short hair - a square.

A popular type of haircut for short hair - quads

If you translate the word kare from French,then it means "square". In the hairdresser's art, this geometric figure is not entirely appropriate. Under this haircut is understood as the cutting of hair in the form of an even line, somewhat below the line of the ears. In general, the quads are practiced in two ways: classical and false. Under the classic square, the hair is sheared with a graduation inward, resulting in the hair looking slightly twisted (in the form of a cap). With a false version of the carat, the ends of the hair seem to be directed outwards. Ways of laying on the square. Photo # 2 Both classical and false punishment can have their ownfeatures. The ends can be guided in different directions, some zones can be asymmetric, the front part of the hair can have an extended appearance and the like.

The most basic varieties of hairstyle hairstyle

Stacking on short hairstyles with their own hands canbe easy, and simple, but sometimes quite complex. As for the fashionable and very popular hairstyle, then, apparently, with stacking, you should not have problems. Before carrying out any laying on the carpet, you need to prepare the hair for this. Actually, you should thoroughly wash your hair. If this is not possible at the moment, then the strands need to be thoroughly moistened with plain water. After that, treat the hair with the selected fixing agent. It is recommended to use foam or hair gel. Kare and straight parting Now you need to determine the place for the parting. From where exactly he will pass, the final result depends. Changing the place of the parting, you can get absolutely different stylings. At the same time, your individual characteristics of a person should be taken into account, as not all pro-scribes will fit any type. If your features are proportional enough, you can use a simple straight parting. Doing such parting, it is important not to be mistaken with the volume, because some lush hair in the form of a square with a direct parting, can look as a result, like a doll. If the hair is not lifted at all, the sagging strands will also not look very nice. Actually, it's best to use a hairdryer to add a little volume to your hair. So, a straight parting with an equalization when using a hair dryer or ironing, will help you create a classic carousing. Such a short hair hairstyle at home is done very quickly and easily, and can approach, as for daily outlets to the workplace, and for visiting dinner parties or social receptions, as the styling looks stylish, attractive and somewhat extravagant. To perform this laying you will need the following tools and equipment: - two combs (thin flat and round); - tool for smoothing (ironing); - hairdryer; - fixing varnish. To implement the styling, divide the mass of hair with a straight parting in the middle of the head into two equal parts. Then, starting from the neck, dry the strand behind the strand, gradually rising to the crown of the head. Use a round comb to dry your hair in the desired direction. Also use a hairdryer to lift the roots of the hair to create a little volume. Ways of laying on the square. Picture №3 The laying can be slightly modified by making a partingnot in the middle of the head, but, say, from the side. In this case, there will be more hair in one part of the head. At such packing it is recommended to add more volume not at roots of hair, and on their ends, giving them splendor. In any case, such styling on short haircuts with their own hands look quite impressive and suitable for a variety of life situations. Slanting part in the carouse Cutting of the quads on short hair and its styling can be carried out with an oblique parting. To do this, the parting should begin approximately from the middle of the forehead and further in any direction according to your desire. That is, the parting will be diagonal. Together with such a parting, the hair on one side can be placed behind the ear and fix the result with the original hairpin. Accessory should be selected in accordance with your attire. Ways of laying on the square. Photo №4 Prose with a zigzag in a cut of the square Boldgirls can try parting in the square in a zigzag shape. It can be done both in the middle of the head and on the side. Such laying may be appropriate for festive events or for going to a party. Although, as a daily option, the zigzag parting is quite suitable. Ways of laying on the square. Photo №5 Kare and open forehead If you do not like any, then with the cut of the square, you can use the version with an open forehead. That is, by separating part of the hair at the base of the forehead, you pin them on the vertex or simply lay back, revealing the entire forehead. Look at the following pictures, how well this styling can look. Ways of laying on the square. Photo №6 Kare with light curls Who said that the squareshould it only be smooth and smooth? Not at all. Even short hair in a similar haircut can be twisted with a curling iron or hair curlers. In this case, you can choose curlers, as a fairly large size, and completely small. It depends on what effect you want to get as a result. Alternatively, you can twist only the upper strands, or part of the hair in those places where you need it. Such curls will look very nice, sometimes playfully, with a share of coquetry. Ways of laying on the square. Photo №7 Incidentally, this season, autumn-winter2015-2016, this natural naughty hairstyle will be very relevant. Therefore, it is recommended to apply this styling as a variant of the Hairstyle for the New Year. I want to note also that the square is suitable for both adult women and for very young girls who can also use this option on New Year's matinees. Ways of laying on the square. Photo №8 Summarizing, it is absolutely possible to say thatkare is one of the most universal hairstyles for short hair, variations in the laying patterns of which can be many. And you can choose them under your mood, pleasing not only yourself loved by its amazing appearance, but also striking the surrounding women with their dazzling beauty.