Frame for a mirror made of wood from the designer - do it yourself

Frame for a mirror made of wood from the designer - do it yourself

This is an unusual, radiant frame for a mirror made of wood. Looking into this mirror, you will feel the sun.

Materials and tools:

  • 14 packs of wood chips, 8 pieces each (you can buy them at a hardware store or a homeliness store);
  • if the planks are not smooth, sanding paper may be useful for sanding;
  • glue for wood;
  • Painting tape;
  • wooden hoop on the diameter of the mirror (in the shops of embroidery or crafts);
  • round mirror;
  • paint yellow (or any other color that you like);
  • a piece of plywood;
  • glue gun (hot glue);
  • 4 screws and screwdriver.

The process of mounting the frame of wood Step 1.

  • First, take the first pack of wood chips andglue them with wood glue in length. From the middle we move each plank by 3-4 cm below the previous one. For reliability, we wrap this group of planks with masking tape, as tightly as possible so that the planks do not slide down.
  • We take the next group of chips and repeat the same procedure until all the planks are used up (glued and rewound).
  • Leave to dry for an hour.
  • Step 2. After everything is dry, we remove the masking tape and glue all the splinter groups together with the same wood glue.

    • It turns out such a basis for the mirror, as shown in the photo.
    • For greater reliability, strengthen the foundation. Take the existing piece of plywood and cut a circle out of it. The circle can be of any diameter, optimally - approximately to the size of the mirror. Install the plywood on the finished base and fasten in four places with screws.
    • Thus, all the details are firmly fastened, and as a bonus - there were fastenings to hang the mirror.

    Step 3. Now you need to give the frame an aesthetic look. If you took non-smooth boards for the frame, then before painting they need to be polished. Take a small piece of sandpaper (fine-grained) and gently rub all the irregularities. If the boards are smooth, proceed to painting. Depending on the density of the paint and the saturation of the color you want to achieve, apply 1 or more layers of paint. Use. We painted the frame yellow because itwill hang in the children's room. In the next photo you can see that the back side of the frame is not so stained as the front. I think the tree in the nursery does not threaten anything, so you can not stain the invisible side. But if you hang a mirror for example in the bathroom, I advise you to carefully paint over the back side to protect against water and damp. Also we paint a wooden hoop (hoop). It is possible in the same color or in another - it all depends on fantasy. Leave to dry. Step 4. When all the elements are completely dry, proceed to mount the mirror.

  • Here hot glue comes in handy - we put it on the hoop and insert a mirror. We remove excess glue and check that there are no gaps between the mirror and the hoop.
  • We apply hot glue on the back surface of the mirror, leaving almost no gaps and attach it to the frame. Press firmly and leave until the glue dries.
  • Frame for a mirror with your own hands from wood is ready! You can safely hang a mirror on the wall and enjoy its cozy light. See also how to make designer frames from wire and paper - press the button!