Frames for embroidered icons with beads, how to arrange a ready work

Frames for embroidered icons with beads, how to arrange a ready work


An ordinary white frame made of wood is easyTurn into a real work of art, because for this it is enough to decorate it with beads or stones. The main thing is that the chosen beads for the frame are combined with all the basic colors and their shades used to create this icon. Also often for decoration use the salary for the icon, thanks to which its appearance can dramatically change.

Different types of bead frames for icons

It is worth noting that the framework for icons can be completely different. And it's not just about embroidered patterns on them, but also about the ways they are made.
We will consider two options for creating frames of beads of different sizes for icons and each designer, whether amateur or professional, will be able to choose for himself the most acceptable option:
Beautiful small frame decorated with beads
In the photo, an icon is not inserted in this frame. However, even now we can assume that it will also be performed mainly in golden yellow colors and its size will be small.
So, before we begin to decorate our frames with beads, we will have to prepare all the necessary materials so that later on we will not be distracted by this. We will need:

  • newspaper;
  • Spatula or knife;
  • a bowl;
  • Ordinary wooden frame;
  • Dessert spoon;
  • PVA glue;
  • Silver bugles;
  • Beads sprockets with small rays;
  • Silver and transparent beads;
  • 2 different kinds of "oily" transparent beads with rainbow effect;
  • Matte beads, from the inside covered with silver.

Before we get started, we will need toThe desktop surface by the newspaper so as not to stain it. Having done this, we will have to prepare an ordinary white frame and put it horizontally. We begin the frame design with gluing bead stars. They will need to be dipped in the PVA glue and glued to the very edge of the frame.
Then we will need to pour all the big beads into a bowl and add the glue there thoroughly.
Try to make sure that the glue evenly covers the surface of each bead.
The next step is applying the resulting mass to the frame.
Gently distribute the resulting composition to the surface of the frame, you will have to level it with a knife, and give it a little time to dry.
Then, by the same principle, you will have to mix the small beads with the glue and distribute them along the inner edge of the frame.
This is your job of decorating beaded framesFor the icon will be almost complete. You will only have to sprinkle pasted beads with a colorless glossy varnish in order to keep them better and do not fall off.

Frame for the icon on the embroidered material
Vladimir's icon of the Mother of GodThe frame for icons fromBeads can also be embroidered directly on the material on which the icon itself is depicted. And in this case absolutely no role is played by whether this icon is embroidered with beads or threads of mulina.
Deciding to do this kind of framework, you firstThe queue will need to decide on the color scheme. With this task, it is easy and simple to handle only the designer, but beginners have to spend some time thinking over this point.
You will need to not only pick upColor and shape of the beads, but also in advance to think out a pattern or ornament for your frame. Of course, if the icon itself is embroidered with beads, then your task will be a little simpler, since you can choose your exact material.
A vivid example is this icon of the Mother of God of Vladimir.
Incredibly beautiful work embroidered with beads of different shapes and colors, as well as stones and beads. But you will agree that without
Would seem slightly incomplete. It should also be noted that the embroidery of this frame will not take too long, because it uses not only small beads, but also larger parts. Such a floral pattern replacing the frame for this icon can easily embroider beads even beginner needlewoman.

How to embroider a beaded frame for an icon

Icon of the Theotokos - ForkOrnaments icons are often used not only for salaries, but for frames embroidered with beads. Of course, the patterned frames are not an obligatory element of the icon, they rather complement it and make the overall picture complete.
An example is the following work:
Icon BM Sign-Korchema embroidered with beads,Beads and decorated with stones, the work itself is simply amazing. However, if for a moment we imagine that this icon has remained without embroidered edges, we will immediately understand that it will lose some of its attractiveness and lose its special majesty.
Making sure in such an illustrative example thatIn most cases, the framework for icons is simply necessary, we can begin to study the technology of their creation. This small master class will tell you about the main points of creating beaded frames for icons:

  • First of all, you will need to decide on a drawing or pattern for your future framework and prepare all necessary materials for its creation;

  • Then you will have to apply the selected drawingOn the cloth itself. However, at this stage you can have some difficulties because if your embroidery should be located on a transparent material, then you can not put a pattern on it, since all its lines will be perfectly visible even to the naked eye. In this case, you will need to accurately draw a frame around the future frame that will be approximately 1 cm larger than the icon on each side. For example, if your embroidery has a size of 21 × 28 cm, then it means that the frame for it, respectively, should be - 23 × 30 cm. This is how it looks in the photo above.
  • Having dealt with this kind of markup, you canProceed directly to the embroidery. Due to the lack of a preliminary pattern on the fabric, you will be guided exclusively by the lines drawn by you. In the example we are considering, the width of the pattern for the frame is 2 cm. In order to get the main line of the pattern, we need to measure from the edge of the fabric 2 cm. Thus, we will get 1 cm from the edge and as much to the center of the pattern.

  • If you embroider the frames for icons like thisWay, then you will first need to perform absolutely identical drawings on the vertical sides of the frame. And only after that you will have to embroider, moving from the edges towards the center of the horizontal sides.
    If your embroidery comes to an end, and you suddenlyYou understand that in the center you do not have room for the final element, then you can always create some new unifying element. For example, it's very beautiful, and most importantly, in the center of the frame for icons looks like a cross. In the photo you can see how the ready-made embroidery of the frame pattern for the icon looks near.
    Unbelievably beautiful and majestic lookDifferent frames for icons, made in the form of arches. If you decide to make this kind of frame, you first need to embroider its vertical sides, until the moment from which they begin to round off, and only then, starting from the corners, do the rest of the pattern:

    If you are engaged in embroidering icons on whichDepicts the face of the Savior or the Virgin in this part of the frame you can insert the necessary initials. They can be written on pearl with oil or embroidered from beads.
    To join the individual parts of the patterns, you can use two methods:

    • You can make the junction almost imperceptible, using for this purpose some identical elements of your pattern and performing them from similar materials;
    • Or you can reverse the point of the joint. To do this, you just need to change the pattern or change the materials used.

    You can also decorate the arch by embroidering an additional pattern around it. In order to do this you will need to start the frame embroidery
    From the bottom up and gradually bring it to the middle. Note that you can not embroider frames from one end without interruption to the very bottom of the second side. This is due to the fact that after the end of the work you may notice that your patterns do not match.
    If you decide to use this method, thenIf necessary, you can embroider in the middle of some connecting element, which will connect the two parts together and make them, as it were, a single whole.
    Beaded frames for icons are prettyAn important and responsible occupation because with its help you can make your icon more elegant and beautiful. In addition, it is worth noting separately that the self-embroidered frame for the icon, can be a great gift for a person close to you. Such a gift from a pure heart, no doubt, will not only decorate any house or apartment, but also protect from life's troubles and adversities.

    Video: Decoration embroidered with beaded icons in a frame