Free master class on making topiary of beads

Free master class on making topiary of beads

Beads - a great material for a variety of crafts. From it we weave original jewelry for fans of quality jewelry. Necklaces, earrings, rings, pendants and bracelets from beads are no less popular than products from jewelry stores. Masters of beadwork make of multi-colored beads napkins, candlesticks and other elements of decor. Creative thoughts can not be stopped and now there are bead toparias. The art of the topiary is many centuries old. Certainly, the cut trees were very popular with ancient Romans. It was in the Roman gardens worked special slaves (topiary), which supported the crowns of trees in the proper form. Of course, now the beautiful geometric form of vegetation is given by free artists and gardeners. Interest in this type of landscape design continues to grow, but caring for garden trees is laborious and painstaking. To decorate the interior master craftsmen came up with miniature topiary. These are small compositions with a geometrically correct (most often round) crown of plants. To create such topiarii used a variety of materials. In this article, a variant of creating a topiary from beads with step-by-step photos will be offered. Coffee beaded topiary. Free master class to create topiary of beads. Photo №1 The height of this warm and such coffee topiary is about 40 cm. Materials for work:

  • Brown beads with a golden inner coating about 80 g;
  • Golden transparent beads 40 g;
  • 1 coil of gold wire;
  • A section of 5 m thick wire 1.5 - 2 mm in diameter;
  • A section of 1 m of very thick wire 4 mm in diameter;
  • Silk threads of coffee color;
  • Coffee cup and saucer clay or ceramic;
  • Coffee beans slightly more than 100 g;
  • Ground coffee
  • Ball base for topiary 6 - 7 cm in diameter (you can take a Christmas tree toy or buy in a flower shop);
  • White and brown paint;
  • Gypsum;
  • Instant glue and PVA;
  • Colorless varnish in an aerosol container.

The first stage is the preparation of a ball-base fortopiary. Sort coffee beans. Choose the most smooth, beautiful, the same color and size. Bowl paint with brown paint, several layers. Instant glue to attach coffee beans. You can make two layers, if one does not look right. Free master class to create topiary of beads. Photo # 2 The second stage - blanks for twigs. Weave in without axial French technique. On the wire reel strung beads. To retreat from the end of 15 cm (to move the beaded low further along the wire). Make a loop of 15 beads, and 2 more loops around it with an increasing number of beads. Fasten the eyelets on the wire by twisting the working part a couple of times. Retreat a couple of centimeters and do another sheet. Thus, to form five or more leaves. From the last sheet, measure 15 cm of wire and cut off. The last stitches on each leaf should be sharpened. Now it is necessary to twist the leaves into twigs. Work begins from the central piece of workpiece. Twist the twig twisting the free distance of the wire between the sheets, the sheets themselves spread chaotically. Free master class to create topiary of beads. Picture №3 It is necessary to make 15 of these branches. The third stage is sepals. Weaving French axial. For the axis, you need 10 cm of wire. On it to string 12 - 15 beads. Weave the arcs out of the low beads of brown color. For each sepal, 5 pairs of brown beads are used. The angle of inclination of the arcs is 45 ° with respect to the axis. The last 6-th pair of braids to weave with golden (amber) beads. On the top of the axis of the sepals, you can make a loop of 10 pcs. golden beads. The wire tail is hidden from the wrong side. Free master class to create topiary of beads. Photo №4 The fourth stage is the formation of branches and trunk. On the pieces of wire 20 cm and 1.5 - 2 cm in diameter, attach twigs. Then form a thicker branch out of them. (see photo). Take the thickest wire, out of it will be the trunk of the topiary. From one end to make a loop, with its help the coffee tree will be fastened in a cup. Then measuring from the other end of the future trunk approximately 5 cm to attach sepals. And then spirally the remaining pieces of twigs. Free master class to create topiary of beads. Photo №5 Free master class to create topiary of beads. Photo №6 The final stage is the final assembly anddecoration of a tree. Fix the inverted cup and saucer with glue and wait until it is completely dry. Now stir the gypsum with water and glue PVA (consistency of thick sour cream) and attach the barrel to the cup and saucer, part of the plaster "pour" so that it seemed that it partially leaked from the cup on the saucer. Apply a thin layer of gypsum mixture (consistency of liquid sour cream) to the stem and twigs. Free master class to create topiary of beads. Photo №7 To attach the coffee bead to the loose crown. Stain with brown paint stem and twigs. After the paint has completely dried with the help of a hard brush and a white paint to give the relief of the trunk horizontal movements. For the final decoration with ground coffee take all the same cast or glue PVA. In the end, cover everything with a clear varnish. Free master class to create topiary of beads. Photo №8