Fuchsia of beads: the technique of weaving a delicious flower

Fuchsia of beads: the technique of weaving a delicious flower


Exotic marvel: fuchsia of beads - it's simple and beautiful!
Narcissus, violet, rose blossom in botanical gardensAnd flower beds for more than one century. But fuchsia, the birthplace of the tropics of the New World (Central and South America, Tahiti and New Zealand islands) appeared in ornamental horticulture only in the late nineteenth century.
Since then, these magnificent plants have foundHuge popularity: evergreen shrubs, rapid growth, bright coloring of chic brushes of delicate flowers, in the spectrum of which all the shades of the rainbow. But they do not grow where it's cold, preferring a warm moist climate or a special greenhouse treatment. And yet such exotic beauty fit to write poems and monuments. And these monuments should look as natural as the flower itself. And it is quite possible to do it yourself, if we weave fuchsia from beads.

Master class of weaving fuchsia from beads according to scheme

Fuchsia of beads - a beautiful and original flower will be in force even for beginner needlewomen.
Beading is an exciting activity. The diversity of the color spectrum of the material, the imagination of the master craftsman, can perfectly reproduce the shape and unusual harmony of the overseas flower. All you need is a desire and patience. In this master class, a simple and affordable scheme and step-by-step instruction are offered, which is available for execution even for beginner needlewomen. In this version, the flower is fuchsia in contrasting red and white tones, but you can easily replace them with your own color.
So, fuchsia from beads is a master class.
To work required:

  • Line, thread, wire;
  • Red beads (or your color option);
  • White beads (you can choose another one);
  • Green beads for leaves and stems;
  • Bead needle;
  • scissors.

Before you make a gentle, but such a bright flower, you need to weave its base - in accordance with the option that is indicated in this diagram.

Thread or thin line from which the base is madeIt is not necessary to cut it, it is still in work - we find, guided by the scheme 37 and 38 beads, and between them we begin to weave the first graceful petal. How to finish - make out the edge - we traverse it with a fishing line or thread, pulling the petal, then either alone, or holding the diagram before our eyes, we find the 39th and 40th beads and in this interval we begin the weaving of one more petal. Then the next one.
The petal should be weaved according to the scheme that is indicated on this photo:

Fuchsia - a flower "multilevel": Petals of two different colors, pistils (by the way, they are also five, like petals, stamens). The second, in our case the white level, begins with the weaving of pestles - Fig. 1a and fix, as in Fig. 1b. And then - from the last, the fifth in a row, we weave contrasting petals in full size.

Then, through a large white bead, we collect on the string or line 18 red and one white bead - stamens, they must also be five, as shown in the diagram. And we put together the whole flower.

Between its white and red part should be six small beads and one large.

The weaving of the stem is the usual stringing on a string or a line of beads. At the base of the flower - a large bead, then - a small beads. So the stem will be more expressive.

Connecting several of these with his own handCreated bright flowers in the inflorescence, you can make not only a beautiful bouquet, but also a brooch or pendant, fixing fuchsia, for example, on a large decorative pin.
Beading is a great way to go forever.Keep the non-moving beauty of exotic fuchsia. There are other options for making fuchsia from beads. Watch the video, which details the master class on creating fuchsia flowers in the technique of parallel weaving. You can safely choose your colors of beads, and then the beauty made by your hands will become even more beautiful.
Dare, fantasize, and you will succeed!

Video: How to Weave Fuchsia from Beads