Full photo-video description of knitting patterns "Zvezdochki"

Full photo-video description of knitting patterns "Zvezdochki"


Beginning needlewoman first master the mainReceptions knitting needles: a set of loops, front and back loop, nakidy, elastic 1 * 1 and 2 * 2, removing and closing the fabric. The next step will be to study the simplest drawings, for example, hosiery, "rice", "boucle", "honeycomb", "spikelets". Popular patterns, often used by experienced knitters, also include the asterisk pattern.
Link it easily and simply, to workNeed a thread without a pile and a pair of spokes. Since the pattern is shallow and all its beauty appears on a smooth canvas, then its fluffy, buculent thread or thread-grass does not suit its performance.

Scheme and description of the "Zvezdochki" pattern

A similar motif can be used for knittingLight blouses, scarves and hats, often needlewomen used it for making accessories because of the beautiful figured edge. The cloth turns out relief and loose, soft and pleasant to the touch.

It takes only one lesson to master thisSimple reception of knitting with knitting needles. The note! Rapport - this is the main part of the picture, which is repeated throughout the entire canvas. It is indicated by two asterisks, between which a repeating motif is described.
Brief designations: LP - face, FE - purl, R-row, P - loop, N - nakid.

The scheme indicates that the rapport of the pattern fits in 9 and 4 p. The number n to be typed for knitting must be a multiple of 6, plus 1 for symmetry and 2 edge. Detailed description:

  • 1p - knitting with such a pattern is better to start with a number of IP or persons;
  • 2р - edge, 1 ИП, * 5 ИП with a turn, 1 ИП *, edge. To understand how to knit n with a turn, just look at the photo. In this way, bind 5 n rapports;
  • 3p - edge, 1 LP, * 5 n with a turn to lower andLeave on the left spoke, grab 5 long loops together and bind from them - 1 LP, 1 N, 1 LP, 1N, 1 LP, so every 5 elongated n, 1 LP *, 1 edge. For the sake of clarity, a photo that shows how to tie 5 long n loops. Important! The asterisks on the canvas are staggered;
  • 4р - edge, 3 п to tie the ИП with a turn, 1 ИП, * 5 ИП with a turn, 1 ИП *, to repeat rapport, in the end 3 ИП with a turn, 1 edge;
  • 5p - edge, lower 3 long n to the leftAnd to bind 1 LP, 1 N, 1 LP, then 1 LP, * 5p with the revolutions to dissolve on the left spoke and tie it together as in 3p - 1 LP, 1N, 1 LP, 1N, 1 LP, then 1 LP * , Repeat is repeated up to 3 p, 1 LP, 1 N, 1 LP is extracted from them, ends with 1 edgeband.

Next, knitting is repeated from 2 to 5 rows to the desiredHeight of the canvas. For example, a photo of several models associated with the "star" pattern. From a comfortable cover for the phone with a suspension to the cosmetic bag and the original multi-colored scarf.
Video: How to tie a star

Two-color "star" pattern

Especially spectacular this pattern looks in two-colorPerformance, when the star itself is knit, for example, white and resembles a snowflake, and its framing in contrast is a dark color. It turns out a bright, relief, incredible beauty ornament created by the hands of knitters. For example, a sample and a scheme of such an original performance, which will appeal to any beginner needlewoman.

Important! When knitting "Zvezdochki" with two colors, the thread changes every two rows!
Video master class on knitting a two-color pattern"Asterisks" In conclusion, a video tutorial on knitting a two-tone "Zvezdochka" pattern is conducted by an experienced craftsman. It will help to quickly and easily understand the intricacies of this magnificent drawing.