Funny gifts for friends

Funny gifts for friends

An important holiday is coming, but you are off your feet inlooking for an original gift? A solution to the problem can be a cool gift made by yourself. Plus mass: originality, positive emotions, the ability to surprise. Despite the fact that at a price it can go out quite cheap, by investing a bit of yourself, you will revitalize your gift. A gift for a woman can serve as an odd job with a floral theme. You can use live flowers, artificial paper, kapron, flowers-kanzashi, flowers from sweets, etc. The use of fresh flowers is undoubtedly advantageous, but they will quickly wither. Artificial will long please, and remind you. It can be flowers in a round frame that will decorate the wall in each room. For this we need to take:

  • solid cardboard,
  • dry or artificial flowers,
  • Black paper (well, if velvet),
  • a glass of sand,
  • gold paint in can,

actually, flowers, grass, leaves. Funny gifts for friends. Photo №1 Begin to create Prepare the frame. We cut out a circle from a cardboard of a necessary diameter. Inside we draw a circle of smaller size. And cut out a cardboard frame. It is necessary to paint the cardboard in yellow, create, so to speak, the background. Then we grease the frame with glue and sprinkle with sand. This will give a roughness and will look very good. After drying, we spray from above with a golden paint from the can. Next, glue on cardboard, cut from blackpaper, circle. Do not forget to paste an eyelet to make sure what to hang a picture for. On black velvet paper arrange the composition of flowers, you can with the addition of dry leaves, grass. Everyone thinks up the availability of material for their own taste. If the composition is finished, you can glue it toframe. The frame itself is also glued on paper. Our gift is ready. Such a composition, made with love and donated from the heart, will warm the interior of any house. Masters and inventors have learned to make original figures, carving them out of tires. Figures of swans, parrots, flower beds, swings, sandboxes. A great gift for adults and children. To create this beauty we need creative imagination, autogen, paints. The beauty of homemade gifts is thatyou use everything at your fingertips: used cans, plastic bottles, boxes and much more. An excellent gift will serve as a pot for flowers, decorated with beads, ribbons, threads, stones, dry branches in the technique of decoupage. This is the simplest, yet original and beautiful idea. The peculiarity of this technique is that it gives the object the effect of the painted picture. For this we need: flower pot, napkins for decoupage, glue PVA, brush. We prepare the pot, clean it, dry it. From the three-layer napkin, we separate the top layer. Cut out the desired element of the picture. Apply to the pot and apply glue over the top, trying to apply it evenly, gluing the entire surface of the pot, leaving no gaps. We let it dry. The art pot is ready. Another perfect present can be a homemade candle. To pour a candle, we need to take a glass jar, a thread for a wick, paraffin or grated candles. Paraffin is heated in a water bath. The wick is laid exactly in the middle of the jar. Hot melted paraffin pour into a jar with a wick. Allow to dry. A ready-made candle can be decorated with coffee beans, decoupage, beads, ribbons. On the website you can find examples of unusual gifts made by yourself with step-by-step descriptions. Such creativity you will not find anywhere else.