Furniture Decor from plastic pipes

Furniture Decor from plastic pipes

Plastic pipes can be used not only forDirect appointment, but also to find them decorative use. Using PVC pipes, you can upgrade and transform furniture, adding a bit of volume and expressiveness. We offer an interesting master class how to make furniture decor from plastic pipes and to transform an ordinary chest of drawers. Furniture decor from plastic pipes This is an updated chest of drawers, decoratedPipes and painted white. This method of furniture decor can be used both for large-scale restoration of old furniture, and for a small new decor. Volumetric curly elements radically change the appearance and style of the chest. Furniture decor from plastic pipes But the dresser looked like decorative work. Decor furniture with plastic pipes

How to make a decor from plastic pipes

For work you will need:

  • Plastic pipes (depending on the area of ​​decorative works - 2-4 meters);
  • Tool for cutting pipes (hacksaw, miter saw, pipe cutter and vice);
  • Adhesive for PVC;
  • paint.

If you buy pipes in the buildingSupermarket, then for sure there is an opportunity to cut them. Ask them to cut rings on the machine with a width of 2-3 cm. Otherwise you will have to cut the pipes at home. To do this, clamp the pipe in a vice, mark the pencil with the pencil of the cut and use the available tool to manually cut the thin rings. Most likely, the edges of the rings will be uneven. Equal strong unevenness with a knife, then heat the iron to maximum temperature and iron the slices through baking paper. After each ironing, do not forget to peel off the paper. The work is quite lengthy, but the result is worth it. Decor furniture pvc pipes Prepare furniture for decoration. If necessary, restore it, remove the old paint, peel the surface. In case you want rings of pipes and furniture to be of different colors - paint at this stage. Put the rings on the surface of the furniture. Where the whole ring does not fit, just cut it into halves. Pvc decoration with pipes Then, in turn, we glue the rings to the furniture. Decor of pvc pipes When the glue is dry, you can start painting. It is most convenient to use the paint in the can. Decor of furniture from plastic pipes All! Furniture decor from plastic pipes is ready! Furniture decor from plastic pipes