furniture from plastic boxes

furniture from plastic boxes

Boxes - a universal material for creatinga variety of furniture with their own hands. Wooden boxes, especially the old, in the interior look very interesting, adding a room a little vintage, industrial or chic. But also from plastic boxes you can create original, bright and simple furniture that will look great not only at the dacha or in the garage, but also in the modern interior of the city apartment. furniture from plastic boxes by own handsThe very purpose of plastic boxes - storagea variety of items and products, dictates their use as components for the chest, cabinet, shelves and shelving. There are two main types of creating cabinets and shelves from boxes: using a frame and without it.

Furniture from plastic boxes with a skeleton

multi-colored chest of drawers made of plastic boxesA metal or wooden frame for a cabinet orThe chest of drawers will allow the drawers to be placed horizontally and, if necessary, extend them. For this you can both separately purchase and install sliding mechanisms for boxes, and simply use iron corners.

high cabinets of plastic boxes with your own handsFurniture from plastic boxes without a skeleton.

The second way to create furniture by yourself is verysimple and practically does not require any additional elements. Boxes in the vertical position are installed one on the other. Thus, as if from a designer, you can assemble a rack of any shape and height. It is desirable nevertheless to fix the boxes among themselves in some way, for example, to tie with a rope, bolt or even glue. floor bookshelves from plastic boxes an open rack of plastic boxes with their own hands

Decorative design of furniture from boxes.

The color scheme of such furniture remains on yourdiscretion. You can use all the colorful boxes, or among the black boxes to accent one bright color, or make a choice in favor of one particular color. And the boxes can easily be repainted using a spray paint. It is important to think ahead of the place and role of such homemade furniture in the interior of the room so that it harmoniously combined with the decoration of walls and other furniture items - tables, sofas, armchairs. It is unlikely that you decide to completely furnish the house with drawers, so if there is a need to buy inexpensive but high-quality furniture in Ukraine, we recommend the online store shelves for the whole wall from plastic boxes plastic boxes as shelves In addition to a variety of cabinets and chests of drawers, fromplastic drawers you can make stools or even an armchair! In principle, turning the box upside down, you already get a stool or a bench for your feet. But if you put the box on wooden legs or wheels and put a soft pillow on top, this seat will immediately change and look completely new, and it will be much easier to sit on it. a stool from a plastic box with your own handsBut the dacha version of the outdoor chair with a backrest. For this, a front wall was cut from a plastic box, and colorful pads were placed inside. A wonderful option for a comfortable stay in the fresh air, you can sit right on the grass, while having the opportunity to lean back and not to spoil the trousers. a chair from a plastic box with your own hands