Garden of indoor plants in the apartment: closer to nature at home (37 photos)

Garden of indoor plants in the apartment: closer to nature at home (37 photos)

Why not create a houseplant garden atyourself at home in an ordinary apartment? Outside the window is not always spring or summer, but I really want greenery and colorful flowers to surround you all the time. That is why it is recommended to create your own personal home oasis that can please the eye throughout the year. Home garden in the interior of the apartment. One of the firststeps will be the choice of place and plants. It is important to note that the creation of a home garden from indoor plants will not only raise your mood every day, but also strengthen your health. Home Garden Design Contents

The choice of indoor plants for the style of the interior

It can be safely noted that plants are a kind of interior element, sometimes even very important. Exotic plants in the interior of the apartment OnThere are many offers on the market not only of indoor flowers themselves, but also of decorations for them. Pots of any shape, type and size, additional wonders, and much more can be found in the assortment of any flower shop. Speaking of choosing indoor plants for the interior style, let's look at the three most popular areas at the moment. Garden in the home interior Fusion and plants for it. This style is quite characteristic combination of different materials in the interior decoration. The highlight is the harmony of things from completely different styles. Garden in fusion style interior In order toit is very successful to emphasize the chosen direction, you can purchase exotic indoor plants and combine them with ordinary domestic ones. This will give our interior a very colorful and interesting atmosphere. Loft and the selection of suitable indoor plants The interior of this style is almost impossible to imagine without a garden of indoor plants. The highlight of the style is the high walls, which are deliberately made a little carelessly, using brick inserts and ceiling beams. Loft style garden decorationaccents in the plant plan will be tall trees in a stone flower pot, or the option to use containers that visually make a picture of the plants growing here on their own due to the abandoned room. You can very interestingly beat this option, which will give the room a certain spirit of adventure and adventurism. High-tech and indoor flowers. The basis of high-tech style is the ease and maximum functionality of the room. For this option, you can choose exotic plants that will dwell in a cache-pot of monophonic restrained color. It is best to choose a cache-pot from plastic options, ceramics of bright colorings are much less likely to use it. High tech garden

Garden in each area of ​​the apartment

Since some kind of universal place forplacement of a garden from indoor plants does not happen, it can be done in any part of the apartment premises. Depending on the selected plants, you need to try to choose the most comfortable conditions for them, given the penetration of light, temperature and the microclimate as a whole. The idea of ​​decorating the garden in the houseplants in the living room As a rule, this is the most spacious and lighted place from the whole apartment. Here you can put tall standard plants, some of the species of ficus or citrus. Attractive garden decor in the living room Indoor plants and garden in the bedrooma place where I would like to create maximum comfort for a comfortable stay. It is not recommended to place too many plants here, because in the dark they absorb a lot of oxygen, and in turn emit carbon dioxide, which can cause a headache. Garden in the bedroom From practicalrecommendations: do not buy plants with flowers (for example gardenia) in the bedroom, it is better to purchase a pot of lavender, which charitable effect on sleep with its aromas. Flowers and plants for the garden in the kitchen If you decidemake a garden of indoor plants in the kitchen, then it is best to pick flowers with dense leathery leaves. This is due to the fact that it will be easier to care for them in the kitchen and the possibility of fat getting on plants. Indoor plants in the kitchen Here are well suited: aloe, chlorophytum, spathiphyllum, asparagus, etc. Bathroom and house plants for her Not soA popular place to plant plants, but as an option, you can also revive the atmosphere. In the bathroom, you should pick up plants that need high moisture. Of the plant variants, these can be senpolia, orchids, ferns, arrowroot and small aroid plants. Unusual design of the bathroom using indoor plants Please note that it is better to place them if there is a window in the bathroom, as well as additional illumination in the form of fitolamps. Hallway and plants that love shade Since often there is a problem of lack of light in the hallway, it is better to place flowers that love the shadow (ivy, aspidistra). Hallway Design Idea

Mini-gardens from indoor plants

To decorate any room, you can createown mini-garden, which will decorate and emphasize the interior and atmosphere in the house. Built-in kindergarten This is one of the popular and permanent forms of home garden, which is placed in the apartment. It looks like this: the container is built into the floor, and it contains pre-prepared soil or compost, which in its content resembles a greenhouse version. Built-in garden in a spacious apartment. SuchGarden option is best placed in spacious halls or loggias. A garden in a bowl In a bowl you can mix and make a garden that can grow together. Plant compositions are usually durable and can be enjoyed for several years. To make such a garden you will need a round bowl. There is a standard planting scheme, but you can make your own adjustments if desired. Kindergarten in a bowl of different types of plants Iftake the usual standard planting, the rule says that plants are planted higher in the background (for example, it can be ivy), before it go creeping or bushy plants (you can also plant flowering plants). In order to slightly soften the look of our home garden, we can place ampelous plant species or dwarf ficus on the edges. Before creating a garden, be sure to consider drainage holes, since an excess of water can attract plants to death. Garden on a saucer Such a garden can be arranged in small dishes, one of which may be a saucer. Indoor plants that can be used are cacti or succulents. Additionally, the vessel can be decorated with various decor, or hand-painted. Garden in a small pot. Live screen. Very good.Such a “live screen” in the form of a visual section of the living area from the kitchen is suitable. This is usually done with the help of partitions or shelving, but a rather interesting move would be to make several niches where to put pots with plants. This option will very enliven the atmosphere in the house. Garden as a “living screen” in dividing rooms Suitable plants for the “garden section” of premises are: ivy, scindapsus, syngonium, tiny ficus, cissus, ficus Benjamin.

Master class "How to make a room garden" in the apartment

And so, you decided that you want to create a home garden at home. Here are the suggested points that you need to go through in order for your idea to become a reality.

  • Box selection. Usually, the choice of boxes in the store involves oblong plastic trays of white, green or black. This is the easiest option, but you can look for something more interesting, for example, a box of wood and bamboo. Any of the options can be beautifully designed and decorated, so there is a question of taste and pricing. From practical recommendations - avoid bright boxes, as sometimes they can distract attention from the houseplant itself.
  • Plant selection. Here the basic rule is the choice of plants with approximately the same requirements for the amount of light, water and heat. The main emphasis is on the decorative-leafed appearance, and flowering options - as an additional coloring to the general appearance of your garden.
  • Drainage layer. This is a very important condition for the normal growth and development of plants. To do this, you will need to purchase gravel, and lay it on the bottom of the box with a layer of about 5-8 centimeters.
  • Putting pots in a drawer. Place a thin layer of filling material on top of the drainage, and place the pots in the rotation you want.
  • Watering control. You can water the plants yourself by determining an approximate schedule and the amount of water. It is also an option to purchase a system of special control over irrigation, which will control the water level.
  • Filling material between pots. This is the final step in creating a complete garden of indoor plants. It will be necessary to decompose a layer of wet compost, which will have to occupy the space between the edge of the pots and the drainage layer. It is important to take into account the factor that compost should not be placed near the roots of the plant.
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