Garland "Happy Teacher's Day" do-it-yourself: master class

Garland "Happy Teacher's Day" do-it-yourself: master class

Garland "Happy Teacher's Day" Garland Happy Teacher's Day to Spell On the day of the teacher supposed to prepare the wall newspaper. But why not do something else for class design? We propose to spend no more than an hour to create your own “Happy Teacher's Day” garland from colored cardboard, rope-hanging and letters cut from the prepared template. How to do everything quickly and accurately - tell our simple master class.

What you need to make a garland "Happy Teacher's Day":

2 sheets of colored A4 paper (in our case it’stextures for creativity from “Lunapak” with a “leafy” pattern of red and yellow color); 3 m of braid, slouch (as in our case) or a thin rope for assembling and hanging; ruler; simple pencil; eraser; hole puncher; scissors or office knife; cutting mat; mock knife or scissors; printing letters on a sheet of regular or high density A4 (see the template below); glue stick; clamps; Scotch. Garland on the day of the teacher do-it-yourself: materials and tools

Garland "Happy Teacher's Day" do-it-yourself: description of work

We take one of our sheets of cardboard for the manufacture of flags, put it face down on the table. Scribbled like this. Mark the center of each long side of the rectangle and connect these points. Divide the sheet in half On the upper narrow part of the rectangle we find the center and put a point. Measure the center Connect this point with the bottom corners of the rectangle. How to cut out the flags We act in the same way with the lower part: we put a dot in the center of the narrow lower side of the rectangle and connect it with both upper corners. Sculpted If we cut with a stationery knife, not with scissors, or if the cardboard is not too thick and the scissors are good, then we put a second sheet of cardboard under our lined sheet and fasten them with clips. We fasten cardboard sheets with clips It is better to use clips, not clips, becausethat they leave no marks on our flags. I cut a stationery knife on the rug for cutting under the ruler - you can do the same or use scissors. Flags for garland cut Sliced ​​flags for "Happy Teacher's Day" garland We still have such “trimming” - halves of flags. Side parts - halves of flags Put them in pairs and glue together a piece of scotch from the inside. We make different halves We glue halves of flags with scotch tape Puncher in each box is making holes for the suspension. We make holes for hanging the flags of the punch garland If your cardboard is not of one color, I advise you immediately to stack the checkboxes in the right order. Cut letters from our template (click on the template to open it in full size). Letters can be cut with a knife or scissors. I used the mock-up knife, but if you're withhe had no business before, or he was hard on him, scissors would work fine. Cut out each letter and sit on the glue stick. One letter - one flag; Do not forget about the "spaces" (empty flags) between words. Garland "Happy Teacher's Day" letter by letter We assemble the garland for the day of the teacher, threading the ribbon or soutache in this way: How to string flags of a garland on a suspension I advise you to split the flags into 2 piles(in half), respectively, bend in half the ribbon for the garland. And string from the center, first one part, then the second: so the ends for the ties will be the same size. Assembly garlands "Happy Teacher's Day" Assembly garlands "Happy Teacher's Day" The handmade garland “Happy Teacher's Day!” Is ready. How to make a garland "Happy Teacher's Day" Garland Happy teachers day with their hands We have already done similar. The idea is the same, but it looks different. Enjoy your creativity. Eva Casio specifically for the site Previous article: Next article: