Geranium from beads: a lesson of weaving a beautiful bouquet (video)

Geranium from beads: a lesson of weaving a beautiful bouquet (video)


People who love flowers, often regret,That they do not stand long enough to have time to enjoy them in full. But you can always make geranium from beads, so that this bouquet is standing and pleased your eye at any time of the year. Master class geranium of beads will tell you how to realize this in life. What is noteworthy, while this turns out a flower, surprisingly similar to natural. Do not be afraid that beadwork will be too difficult. Instructions with the video tutorial given here are available even for beginners.

Necessary materials

For the manufacture of geranium from beads we will need:

  • Red seed beads for flowers, you can take a few shades to make them look more interesting (about 70 g);
  • Thin wire for flowers, and also thick, so that the stem is stronger;
  • Threads of green color (for example, a mulina).

The process of weaving a flower

On a wire of about 30 cm in length, 14Beads. It is necessary to make a loop, for this, through the last bead, the second end of the wire is passed, as seen in the photo. Further here we also make a loop of 8 beads, which must be placed above the previous one, and repeat the process 3 more times.
Thus, we obtain the following scheme forLoops: 14-8-14-8-14-8-14-8. Thus, each flower consists of four pairs of loops of two sizes. You can make another 4-5 green loops of three beads that will act as a sepal. Such flowers for one branch will require a total of 14 pieces. As in this case the wire will be located, it is not very important, its ends along the length may not coincide. To the leg of each flower was a natural green color, it should be wrapped with threads, or floristic paper.

Weaving of leaves

To weave leaves of geraniumQuite a complicated scheme, a lot of time and patience. You can try to repeat the intricate form of real leaves, drawing it beforehand on paper. They will necessarily have divergent rays, and wire with green beads will braid them in a circle, in several increasing rows. As demonstrated in the following photos:

Since our master class does not assumeAvailability of sufficient skills that requires such a beadwork, then you can skip this moment, the bouquet of geranium will look great and without leaves. At the end of this article, you can watch a video clip that shows a master class on making geranium with leaves.

Assembling geranium branches

After the legs are wrapped, follows from themMake yourself a twig of geranium. To do this, all the flowers are gathered together, a thick wire is attached to them with the help of a thread or a thin wire, and as a finishing touch it is necessary to rewind everything with threads. Geranium made of beads is ready.

Forming a bouquet

The master class of geranium from beads is practicallyfinished. It remains to decorate the bouquet properly. It is better if the bouquet will stand in a vase. From its size will depend on the number of branches that make up the bouquet. For a very small narrow vase, three branches are enough, for which you will need to weave according to the instructions that the master class describes, two more similar branches. You can make more magnificent bouquets of five or seven branches of geranium.
No vase can withstand the weight of the bouquet fromBeads, so it should be heavier. For this, stones, natural or glass, gypsum or other materials are suitable. They need to fill the bottom of the vase and install a ready-made bouquet.

Geranium with leaves will look good onPanel. For this, three twigs are fixed in the photo frame, and the remaining space can be covered with dark sand, so that it simulates the soil in which this unusual flower grows.

Video: Plait geranium of beads