Herdan bead workshop creating unusual decorations (photo)

Herdan bead workshop creating unusual decorations (photo)


Gerdau - a popular beaded necklace,which are worn around the neck, is a small strip with a variety of patterns and geometric designs. At one time these decorations of beads is very appreciated not only buy, but also wonderful made with their own hands. Today, we can remember the old traditions and create your Gerdau and boldly take up the weave of this wonderful female attribute. And this master class in this happy to help, and describe everything in detail.

Herdan beaded pattern in the form of butterflies

What does it take to make gerdan:

  • beads black, white, green, yellow, blue, red, blue colors;
  • Bugles turquoise tones;
  • string for beads and fishing line;
  • needle;
  • machine.

The first thing to do in this lesson forweaving crafts, cut the thread white 28 parts (in this case the base of the thread is cut apart, not shaking from the spool, such as when tightening the machine bead with nails). Now we need to combine them in a bundle, pull on the second edge of the machine for the beads to stick all the threads in the appropriate opening on the one hand and support to pull in reverse, pull them up and secure, as demonstrated by the scheme. You can start to make the first line. This requires the line to engage the basic interval of 12 cm from the inner line. Then, you can weave beaded medallion on the drawing (fig. 15 a). Then you must vdet two strings through the outer line of the medallion, and tighten them to the accessories fishing line support for Gergana (Fig. 16).

Our workshop now will help to understand thethe next stage decoration skills. Now all you need to spread the base strings of beads into two sections of 16 pieces, strung on a thread on every other stuff bugle 9, alternating with beads: gerdan should start and finish beads (they must be at 10 copies in any pair of line). Next, you want to pull the strings and made for bead weaving stripe on each bundle of threads, as described by the scheme (Fig. 15 b). On all sides the need to connect 4 pairs of thread count and 2 of line 1.
Even when working with beaded ornaments willover, all the threads can be divided into 12 types - 6 over any decoration. In each category yarns need to wear beads for 9, alternate black beads (starting and ending with beads on the previous stage). It should be completed by gerdan weaving two pieces of woven ribbons the desired length (about 60 rows - Fig. 17), which at the end of weaving is required to remove from the machine and gently sweep. The edges should be well trim.

We decorate our gerdan. Now the line should be the bottom of the medallion is decorated with braid. To do this, you need to pass a thread a needle, a little different strung beads and glass beads to the fringe. Stick thread at the top few lines gerdan base in length and pull it close to the thread for weaving. Then you can skip the line through the beads and tie again, cut off the ends. Beaded handicrafts Gergana finally ended. Now only remains for them to choose the appropriate attire.

Herdan beaded hand-weaving

The master class is given a nice littledecoration technique "hand weaving with beads," which will be a joy for everybody young lovers who love tinkering of beads. The adults, in turn, will gain many favorable impressions of the work itself weaving.

Necessary materials:

  • beads of green, black, white and shades of brown;
  • many threads of nylon;
  • needle for beads;
  • scissors.

Herdan start with the base weave - it will be an extensive picture of a dog figure. The scheme follows the pattern:

The scale will be 40 beads. It is necessary to dial the string of 40 pieces of the coffee tones of beads and then start doing the second line, after already weaving beads to 1, as described schemes, cross it with beads from the previous row. For the second line is composed of beads in a group of 39 pieces of green beads and 1 bead brown tones. Shades of Gerdau may vary, and each craftsman can choose the color that appealed to him. Master Class advises to stick to only those colors that blend with each other.

At this stage, out here is the picture:

Those who have already tried the technique for weavinghand weaving, difficulties with the study of the figure to weave gerdan will not. But those who are in this simple work is just beginning - it is better to practice on monochrome canvases, as well as simple patterned ribbons to weave and weave first gerdan.
When the main picture is complete,must be put to the bottom of the beads. Then gerdan weave beaded in two lines that come together after the lower part of the beads to the main canvas. Our gerdan contains funny traces of dog feet to portray the general idea. In the following bands will be combined with the web, and now you can make two square bead on the skill of hand crafts and merge them with ribbons beads low, as demonstrated by the scheme. On the edge of the squares can be attached to a shiny ribbon, and you can combine rectangles elongated bottom beads or another embroidered beaded line.

Now a wonderful odd job completed and the master class made all this effort to educate young needlewomen create here a unique gerdan.

Video: Lesson Gerdau beading on the machine