Getting ready for winter: Ideas for a winter interior (18 photos)

Getting ready for winter: Ideas for a winter interior (18 photos)


    Ideas for a winter interior

    When the window is cold, unpleasant weather, inthe house wants to create a special atmosphere of warmth and comfort. Not every interior reflects the warmth of the hearth. However, with the help of some not complicated tips, the interior of any apartment or house can be turned into a small island of comfort and warmth in the midst of cold, frosty winters.

    The color scheme of the interior

    First you need to change the main colorgamut, make it warmer. Primary colors should be orange, yellow and red. These colors are able to cheer up, induce active action and give a charge of vivacity. However, you should be careful with the red color, and do not overdo it with its quantity. Since the red color is capable of excitingly affecting the human nervous system. You can also dilute the interior with shades of gold, terracotta, brown, as well as green and blue. The color scheme for the winter interiorThe color scheme for the winter interior

    The texture of the winter interior

    To create a winter interior in the house will help and textileswarm shades. Woolen rugs, pillows in velor covers, velvet curtains and tablecloths made of thick cotton fabrics are perfect for creating a warm interior. Various textiles made of fleecy, soft, dense fabrics can decorate and warm any interior. The carpet on the floor will not be amiss. Moreover, the longer the pile of the carpet, the more comfortable and warmer the atmosphere of the room. In order to have a warm atmosphere, you just need to add to your familiar interior things that you associate with comfort and warmth. Texture for a winter interiorTexture for a winter interior Winter Interior Lighting

    Lighting for winter interiors

    Far from last when creating a winterThe interior is lighting. After all, winter days are very short and we just do not have time to enjoy the sunlight. You can fix this with the help of lighting. Properly thought-out lighting can create a warm atmosphere even on the coldest winter evenings. Everyone knows that the best possible warm atmosphere can be created using a fireplace. However, if there is no possibility to install a fireplace, then simply replace it with candles. To create a winter interior, it is also necessary to arrange floor lamps, sconces, lamps and nightlights in all secluded corners of the house. Various garlands will help to create a special atmosphere, which will look good not only on the tree, but also on the window or doorway. Also, designers recommend adding more mirror surfaces to the interior. Reflective surfaces fill the room even more with warm light. Winter Interior LightingWinter Interior Lighting

    Winter Interior Accessories

    Various interiors will help to create a winter interior.small accessories. A great option can be souvenirs brought from warm countries during summer vacations, photographs in frames made in warm summer weather, and a vase filled with fruits. Feng Shui experts say that when creating a winter interior, you should hang on the walls small paintings depicting the warm sea, an abundance of greenery, flowering meadows and the sun. Although the paintings can be discarded if there are enough green plants on the walls. The abundance of living plants fills the house with joy and raises the mood. Essential oils with a pleasant aroma of sandalwood, cinnamon, bergamot, vanilla and citrus will also help create a warm atmosphere. Accessories for creating a winter interiorAccessories for creating a winter interior Do you like the article? Share on social networks!