Gifts for your beloved grandfather with your own hands

Gifts for your beloved grandfather with your own hands

The reasons for a gift to your beloved grandfather can bemany: Birthday, anniversary, Victory Day, New Year and many other holidays. You can, of course, present many different things: a clock, a picture, a shirt. But the gift, made by own hands, will be appreciated by them to their true worth. The range of homemade gifts is huge, it all depends on your creative imagination, improvised materials and your zadumok. Who knows you better than your grandfather. Materials for self-delicacy can be of different texture, size, color and quality. You may also need plastic bottles, jars, boxes, colored paper, cardboard, decorative material. Gift "fish" Make this gift is quite simple and fast. Gifts for your beloved grandfather. Photo №1 For this we need to take: cardboard, or thick paper, ready eyes or small buttons, colored threads, markers, scissors, carbon paper, glue. Let's get to work:

  • first you need to draw a fish, or copy the finished one;
  • Cut it out of cardboard paper;
  • thread the trunk with colored thread;
  • on the place where the eyes should be, glue the buttons;
  • tail color in different colors.

A colorful fish is ready. You can apply this fish anywhere. For example, hang on a string on a chandelier, attach to a key chain, etc. Merry figurines, cut from paper To make our cheerful animals, we need: a pencil, colored paper, tracing paper, scissors, a copy. Getting Started:

  • With the help of tracing paper, transfer to the paper the beasts you need.
  • Do not forget to draw eyes, mouth, nose.
  • Cut out the ready beasts, and with the help of a pigeon carry them to colored paper of different colors.
  • If you hang them on a thread to the chandelier, they will move and create the effect of animated figures.

Gift "picture for grandfather" Universalyou can make a picture yourself. This cheerful colorful composition can be hung on the wall, it will always cheer up, and cause a smile of the grandfather. For this, take: cardboard, multi-colored gouache paint. First of all: pour the paint into a plate, dilute to a thick cream. Then dipped your hand into it and leave a print on the cardboard. You can create a picture of a tree with different colors or prints of hands and feet randomly throughout the cardboard of different colors. Gift "train" What do we need to take to create such a gift?

  • 2 transparent clean, without labels, plastic bottles;
  • 4 bottle caps;
  • 4 long cocktail straws;
  • paints on glass;
  • 2 thin sticks;
  • glue "Moment".

Let's get to work: First, we drill holes in the caps.

  • Grease the wooden sticks with glue and insert from the inside of the lid.
  • On sticks put on colored straws for a cocktail.
  • On the other hand, you also need to insert the caps to get the wheels.
  • Cut the plastic bottles in half.
  • We need halves with necks.
  • Connect the two halves with their necks apart using cocktail straws.
  • At the bottom, glue the wheels - and your train is ready.

A great gift that you can play along withgrandfather. You can also make a frame for photos by zaderating it with various materials. You can be sure, grandfather will appreciate your efforts. Do not forget to prepare all the necessary materials in advance, show maximum imagination and this will be a wonderful surprise for him. In the proposed category you will find a lot of offers for making gifts yourself, not only for your beloved grandfather, but also for all relatives, as well as friends.