Gifts for the New Year 2019 do-it-yourself: What to give a guy, husband, mother, parents or girlfriend

Gifts for the New Year 2019 do-it-yourself: What to give a guy, husband, mother, parents or girlfriend

Nearing 2019 New Year and Christmas includedwith all the rest of the winter holidays. During this period, everyone wants something fabulous and unusual. And of course, it is pleasant to please family and friends with original and creative gifts that will display all the warmth and tenderness with which you treat them. But when on the eve of NG you start to consider how many gifts you need to buy, you understand that this will result in a pretty decent amount, and this can spoil the festive mood. How to organize everything in order to please everyone (from those closest to colleagues at work) and not stay with an empty wallet? What can you give to your beloved boyfriend or husband on New Year's Eve? What to give mom and parents, and how to be a friend? 26 ideas and workshops how to do it right here! The answer is simple - we will make gifts with our own hands! Homemade gifts and crafts for the New Year is not only saving money, but also an additional opportunity to recharge yourself with a premonition of a holiday. Yes, and to receive such souvenirs is much nicer, because they feel love and care. So forget about Chinese consumer goods and think what you would like to do. There are a lot of interesting ideas for gifts and crafts with your own hands, pick up your taste and go! And also almost under each photo there is a link to a master class how to make such a souvenir! I broke the ideas of New Year's gifts into severalcategories, to make it easier to figure out what and who can give. Of course, the division is quite conditional, because a gift for a sister may be suitable for an employee, but you already decide for yourself. The content of the article:

A gift for mom / girlfriend / girlfriend for the New Year

I combined my mother, sister and girlfriend into onea category where ideas of gifts for girls and women are collected, on which you will have to work a little more than on gifts for your acquaintances. What to give - see here! No. 1: Christmas candlestick with your own hands for 2019. By the link below you will find a simple and interesting workshop on making both candlesticks and candles with a candlestick together. how No. 2: Painted plate or cup Food, served on a plate of your exclusive design, for sure will seem to mom even tastier, do you agree? But to make a painting is not difficult and does not take much time. A white plate, colors and a desire to make pleasantly help you achieve the desired result and an excellent gift for your girlfriend or mother for the New Year. At this link you will find several, choose the one that you like and create: Detailed No. 3: DIY vases with their own hands Vase is not only a flower stand, even without them it can decorate a room as an element of decor. For a beautiful vase in the store, you will have to pay quite a lot, and in the master classes under the link below, 6 ways are written to turn ordinary banks (which everyone will most likely find at home) into original hand-made vases.

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# 4: New Year's champagne decor What New Year without champagne? So why not add a bottle and as an element of decor? Paint champagne bottles and get an interesting gift for friends, the link describes: No. 5: Christmas toys Each toy on the Christmas tree has its own history, some remained from childhood, another was bought at the New Year's Fair, a third was brought as a souvenir ... Make a toy with your own hands and replenish the history of the tree for a loved one. There are many options, one of them is to decorate cones and attach threads to them. TIP: To make such a ball: we take a stencil, fix it with an adhesive tape on a ball and paint it with spray paint 2019 is the year of the pig, so any symbols with pigs would be appropriate. As an idea, simple toys for a Christmas tree in the shape of a pig! No. 6: New Year's potholder for New Year and Christmas - a period of not only celebrations, but also preparations for them, including kitchen ones. Everyone wants to make the table as much as possible delicious dishes. Many hours are spent near the stove so that everything is perfect. And even such a small detail as a New Year pot for hot instead of normal, can make the cooking process much more pleasant. Of course, he sits down and completely from the beginning to the end sew a tack, especially if there is no sewing machine, not everyone wants it. But when you steal a ready-made quite simple. How to do:

  • Choose a regular tack in the store and, in addition, buy a few colored ribbons, and at home wash our tapes by making beautiful assemblies.
  • It does not take much time, but will allowsave money, because by the New Year the prices of all things “gift” and “ordinary” may differ even several times. Yes, and get this tack nicer than ready store.
  • No. 7: Painted kitchenware for mom Make the cooking process more vivid and enjoyable. Buy an ordinary wooden set of kitchen utensils and paint them with special resistant paint - your mother will be delighted with this gift. No. 8: Photo-magnets Family photos can be viewed not only in an album or frame, put them on the fridge! In order not to make it to order in a photo studio, buy magnets yourself, print out the photos and put them together. # 9: Coffee scrub for a girlfriend During the winter and NG holidays, there is extra time for yourself, you can take care of your body and help it to move away from working days. Make a scrub for yourself and your girlfriends, for sure and sure of the quality and naturalness of it - this is just a great New Year gift for your girlfriend. Ingredients:

    • 1 cup of ground coffee
    • 1/2 cup brown sugar
    • 1 / 4-1 / 2 glasses of almond oil (the more, the fatter the scrub will be)
    • 1/4 teaspoon of vitamin E (oil)
    • 10 drops of orange essential oil (optional)

    Mix the ingredients in a small bowl and scrubis ready. Store in a sealed package and use within 2-4 weeks. №10: Sewing kit Every girl in the household should have a sewing kit: either sew a button, then it is necessary to sew up something. Perhaps this exercise does not cause much enthusiasm, but you can make it more enjoyable. Fold the necessary sewing supplies inbeautifully designed box and sewing with it will not be such a boring process. # 11: Handmade Soap Make a soap with exactly the scent, size and color you like. Surprise your friends and make them nice. Housekeeper A housekeeper or a small key hanger is a great gift for family or friends. It is not necessary to buy it -!

    Gifts for friends / employees and colleagues for the New Year 2019

    What to give to colleagues and friends for New Yearholidays? The answer is simple: sweets, cards, Christmas decorations and small crafts - you can do all this quickly. See ideas! Number 12: Sweet Gifts for NG We have since childhood become accustomed to sweets under the Christmas tree. This is probably the most versatile gift that you can think of, because both children and adults love candy. And if you present them in an interesting package, it will be even nicer. Make a jar of sweets as follows:

  • Take a small jar (better than some non-standard form) and paint it to your taste. You can paint the glass or cover, tie up with ribbons.
  • Fill with jelly candies, marshmallows, small meringues, chocolate pieces that you like more. Put it all in a jar layers.
  • As an option, you can make a “jar of wholesome goodies”, instead of chocolates you can put different types of nuts, dried fruits, candied fruits - this is not an excellent gift for your work colleagues for the New Year. №13 New Year's Bouquet of Candy or Sweets A bouquet is always pleasant to receive even for a new year, also edible! The financial costs of such a bouquet are small:

    • about a dozen sweets
    • wrapping paper
    • box or jar for the base composition.

    Variants of the New Year's bouquet design weight - see photos and choose what you like! # 13: Tack on a cup / glass For those who like to take coffee or tea with them, give a small homemade pot tack. With it, they will be able to run about their business with a hot drink in their hands, without burning them. Idea 14: Christmas Bottles - deer Fluffy wire, decorative eyes and spout - and ordinary bottles turn into real Christmas deer! Such a gift is perfect for a large number of people at once, for example, work colleagues, when it is unprofitable to give something to everyone, and to give a bottle of something to it. No. 15: Knitted Case for a Mobile Phone A telephone is a thing that is constantly before our eyes. So even such a detail, like the one in which it covers, can affect our mood. And if you donate a homemade knitted cover, the recipient will remember you every time he uses it. No. 16: A linen bag with sweets An important role is played not only by the gift, but also by how it will be packed. Small homemade bags are perfect in order to show that although a gift is small, but your efforts and time are invested in it. No. 17: Christmas sweets - gingerbread. At New Year's time it's time to drink an hour with gingerbread. Perhaps you have your own special family recipe, if not - then there are many detailed cooking options on the Internet. If you make them in the form of snowmen, a person orspicy buttermen, then get a little tasty New Year's gifts. You can pack each in a small gift bag and please friends. Another option is to attach a ribbon on top of the gingerbread to hang on the Christmas tree as a toy. No. 18: Happy New Year card. To show how sincere and warm your wishes, write them on a hand-made postcard. Fold the cardboard in half and decorate it with drawings, applications, ribbons, as fantasy tells. You can make a small format with a hole in the corner, so that you can hang it on the Christmas tree.

    Gifts for boyfriend or husband

    There is a stereotype that men on allHolidays give socks, panties, shampoo and everything for shaving. Destroy it and do something interesting with your own hands, show your love and care. What to give your favorite guy or man on New Year's Eve? Of course, a useful and practical gift made by you, for example, a cover, a pad of a notebook - more ideas below. Idea 19: “The Snow Globe” Snow balls are especially popular among small souvenir gifts, they are swept from shop windows. To do this at home will require:

    • bank,
    • artificial snow
    • small artificial Christmas tree (or snowman, house)
    • glue gun.

    How to do: Attach the figure to the lid of the jar (or to the bottom, but this is harder, as you have to drag your hand into the jar), artificial snow on the lid and to the bottom. No. 20: Tablet case If you buy felt or felt and sew the case on the tablet yourself, you will get a good gift with big savings. This can be done either on a sewing machine or manually, since there is little work. Number 21: Notebook from diskettes Diskettes have long lost their value as information carriers, they are no longer used, replacing them with flash drives. But probably at home in boxes or boxes, which you have long been going to clean, you can find a few pieces. And finally, they can be used.

    • With two floppy disks and about 50 leaves of 9x9 cm in size, you can make an original notebook, almost certainly no one else will have it.
    • It is necessary only to pierce the leaves with a hole punch and to connect with diskettes a ribbon.

    No. 22: Hand-painted pillow A very simple, nice and cute gift that will not leave your husband or boyfriend indifferent. Would need:

    • usual pillow case
    • fabric marker

    How to make: Take a stencil with a picture, translate it with a pencil on a pillowcase. And paint a special marker on the fabric. We iron through the fabric - your New Year's gift is ready. Idea 23: Photo frame To make family photos look even better, place them in a beautiful and original handmade frame. Buy the most usual and cheap frame for a picture and decorate it to your taste. This will require a glue gun. The second option: just hang a photo on a twig. The photo in this case is better attached to the tape with silicone glue. No. 24: Chocolate tree Almost every New Year has a real or artificial Christmas tree at home. It creates a mood, spreads the spirit of a fairy tale. But sweets also do all this, so I think a gift in the form of a chocolate Christmas tree will be a good addition to it.

    Christmas gifts for children

    If you have a child or are going to go toVisiting friends who have children should definitely have a present for them. Indeed, at this age, the New Year is not just a weekend, but a real fairy tale, waiting for miracles. And so what can be done with your own hands. No. 25: Chalkboard This board is a wonderful alternative to little notes - reminders that are so hard to find at the right time. It can be used not only by children, but also by adults!

  • On it you can write a list of purchases in the store or to-do for tomorrow.
  • It can also be part of the interior, for example, make a drawing and periodically change it, depending on your mood.
  • For children, this is an opportunity to develop their creative abilities without spoiling the wallpaper in the apartment (which is important for their parents).
  • You can make a board yourself,. Number 26: Chocolate - snegovichek Such a chocolate as a gift for the New Year will be twice as tasty as usual, that's for sure! How to:

  • Wrap a chocolate bar (or a small rectangular box of chocolates) with white paper, you can glue it with adhesive tape or double-sided tape.
  • The upper part of the package, approximately a quarter, is wrapped in a jersey fabric of fun colors. Convenient to mount with glue gun.
  • Tie the ends of the jersey, protruding above the package, with a thin ribbon with the same fabric, trim, make a fringe - the cap is ready. Tie another thin piece like a scarf.
  • Lay out of the buttons or buttons eyes, mouth and buttons on the part below the scarf. Also attach an orange nose in the shape of a carrot, a fleece fabric will work well.
  • Universal gift for children and adults. And most importantly affordable and economical for everyone! Happy New Year!