Ginger biscuits for the New Year's tree with their own hands made of polymer clay master class

Ginger biscuits for the New Year's tree with their own hands made of polymer clay master class

New Year's time is a magical time whenevery person prefers to believe in small miracles. We are not an exception, so we want to join the holiday by all methods. Family traditions and folk celebrations are an occasion to try yourself in new and unique techniques to create interesting handicrafts. We all love sweets and therefore, making an article based on one of them will be interesting to absolutely everyone.

Ginger biscuits for the New Year's tree with their own hands made of polymer clay master class

We make ginger biscuits from polymer clay. Photo №1 Any young child expects holidays witha special trembling and therefore, asks his parents to cook as many sweets as possible, and a wish list records various candies that he wants to receive. In sweets there is a place and traditions. For example, ginger biscuits for a Christmas table, or New Year gingerbread, which under the Christmas tree brings St. Nicholas. These and other sweet decisions you want to see on the New Year's tree. The material of polymer clay is a real platform for the realization of any of its ideas and its transformation into a real craft. In addition, such an ornament is perfect for making a tree even brighter and to supplement it. We make ginger biscuits from polymer clay. Photo # 2 Therefore, the technique of plastics is incredibleprofitable and at the same time, will allow you and your family to find exciting activities for the New Year holidays. To your attention we offer a full and interesting idea of ​​polymer clay for ginger biscuits. Preparation of ginger biscuit crafts

  • It is necessary to cut out the desired shape for future cookies
  • Then, come the textures for both sides of the future toy
  • Then, you need to decorate the front side of the toy, using the technique of volumetric pattern
  • Next, you need to make for each crafts window in a translucent form for the style of marmalade.

To work on polymer clay, you need to takesuch material: Polymer clay in a shade of sand dough for a figurine of a biscuit, also white for creating a pattern, transparent clay for marmalade windows, preferably red and yellow, green

  • Gel of polymers or a variant of plastics in liquid form
  • Surface for baking
  • Surface for modeling
  • Foil for unfolding, food film
  • It is necessary to take forms for making cookies - if you use food film, then in the future you can use it for cooking.
  • You should prepare a rolling pin or a paste machine. Can be replaced with an ordinary bottle without facets
  • You will need a clerical knife, you can also take a blade or a knife
  • Required stacks for work, or replacement in the form of toothpicks
  • It will take a pastel in the dry form of brown-yellow flowers
  • Also take sugar
  • Prepare pieces of sandpaper and toothbrush for texture
  • It will take sponge for treatment, or foam rubber
  • Let's take a pigmentator of a perlmatut color
  • It will take talcum powder
  • Coating varnish
  • Tape for suspension

Working with material We make ginger biscuits from polymer clay. Picture №3 Start work follows the formation of a specialblanks. It must be warmed up in its hands and then, kneaded. Polymer clay shades of dough rolled out in the form of a layer that has a thickness of 3 mm. If you perform this action using a paste machine, then you need to roll out using the maximum thickness parameter. Then, the layer that we get, you need to put on the surface for work. In our case it is a board made of glass. Then, cover the entire layer of film and through the film, cut through the figures with the required shape. Get a version of the figure, which will have rounded edges. Use a paper stencil if you want to make your molds. But, for this it is necessary to apply paper with a paste-machine to the layer of clay. Then, cut out the contour using a small cutting tool. After, the stencil must be removed and with the help of fingers, smooth the surface of the product. We make ginger biscuits from polymer clay. Photo №4 Marmalade window Let's start preparing the windows from"Marmalade". For this, you need to remove both the mold and the flax. Suitable only molds with similar patterns, but in a smaller version. Thus, we need to prepare an internal window for the future "cookies". If you do not have this form, you can try to make a window mark using the stack, and then, using the cutting tool, cut out the desired element. In the same way, the plastic is removed, which remained after the incisions with the use of a film. We make ginger biscuits from polymer clay. Photo №5 Product invoice We make ginger biscuits from polymer clay. Photo №6 Everyone knows that the cookie is cooked on a baking sheet,therefore the reverse side of the cookie differs from the front part in its appearance. We will try to approach the question as realistically as possible and do it the way real masters do! To do this, take the foil in large form and crumple it. Then, the element needs to be straightened and then crumpled again. Repeat this procedure as many times as possible to get a smaller invoice for the cookie. But, provided that the foil does not rupture. After you are done with this case, spread the sheet and roll it through the paste machine. Thus, you compress the places that can damage your workpiece. Using the texture sheet, which we get from this action, we get the surface we need. Transfer the workpiece to the sheet. But, before these follicles should be treated with talc. Thus, the clay will not stick. Next, you need to process the front of the product. To do this, we begin to make pressures with a piece of rough paper nazhdachki. Formats of large cracks with the help of a lump of foil are obtained. Next, we process each edge with a brush. Then, you need to text the edge of the windows. This is easy to do if your brush has a skew texture. In the purl texture will appear a significant trace, which later manifests itself. After you finish processing the surface, you need to remove your workpieces from the foil and after, make special holes in them where the tapes will be launched. Using the stack, we produce extensions in the back for the brush We make ginger biscuits from polymer clay. Photo №7 Tinting the workpiece Next, you need tomake rouge for our future cookies. We use dry pastel, which must be rubbed. Then, using the brush, we make the biscuit tint. Initially, the tinting is done with a light color, then, to the outer edges, we add shades of dark color. To complete, you need to walk a little through the product using the darkest version of the pastel, using your ... finger as an instrument! This will result in a more serious effect. On the wrong side, you can also make a similar tint. And even necessary. In order not to damage the appearance of the workpiece, it is necessary to carry out all the processing of the back part with the foam rubber, which is put under the front part. Cake made of polymer clay If the New Year's cookies are already too simple for you, you can try a less complicated lesson. Lovers of sweets can also prepare an independent idea of ​​a beautiful cake.

  • Prepare the work surface
  • Take the polymer clay
  • For work you need a blade or knife
  • Take the toothpicks
  • Metal fittings
  • Roller or paste machine
  • Ceramic Paint

We make ginger biscuits from polymer clay. Photo №8 In order to make biscuit cakes,It is required to take polymeric clay in three color solutions. They can be combined using a variety of proportions. We took the color of a beige shade, white, chocolate. Then, you need to roll out the plastic of chocolate in a pancake of a uniform kind. Then, you need to take a round shape and cut out an even version of the circle. As a mold, you can take any object, for example - a lid or a glass. The same principle of creation will be required in order to make pancakes of other colors. White color take a little more. It can be connected to each other, and if necessary - to level. Finishing biscuits Then, when everything is laid out exactly, you need to cut the cake. Slicing should be carried out on 8 equal particles. The circle is divided in half, then, each other half - half as much. Get the 8 pieces you need. Then, carefully holding our workpiece, it is necessary to insert the pin. They can be inserted using kruglogubtsev, so it will be easier. Next, you create a slice texture. In this case, you need to hold on to the piece that we are working on. But, it does not make sense to squeeze, or squeeze, because it can make problems for the texture of the appearance. Use circular motions to pick out the surface at the cut. We will get the shape of an air biscuit. Then, you need to repeat the step taken on the other side. It is very important here not to damage the surface that has already been made. Form the berries To make the berry color, you should mix the blue and red colors. Next, you need to roll very small balls that will become particles of the future berry. Then, you need to put these little balls together in a small fruit. It is important to make a kind of natural. Then, make small leaves of green color. To do this, you need to roll out a thin layer, cut off a long ribbon from it, then cut out the triangles from the ribbon, which will become our creation. Then, the leaves are attached to the berry with a toothpick. Completion of work To complete our work, we need to fold all the parts of the future cake and send it to the oven in order to bake the future elements. To do everything right, read the instruction on the baking on the package, so as not to burn your creation. This kind of decoration can also be used in decorating the Christmas tree, the main thing is not to eat it