Tilda giraffe pattern, how to sew, master class / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

Tilda giraffe pattern, how to sew, master class / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

Textile soft doll, made of ecoclean materials, as a product of your handmade work, will not only be a source of pride for yourself, but also a wonderful gift to anyone. Today, even adults are obsessed with "tilde mania." Tilda giraffe, made in this style, is different in that he does not have the usual specks. However, if you suddenly want to sew it in your own way, it will also turn out beautifully. To perform a master class, you will need to stock up on everything you need.

Materials and tools

Giraffe tilde, like other characters in this series,It should be made of strong and dense fabric, and as a packing it is possible to use the corresponding synthetic material of high quality. What will be your toy, what and how to dress it, you can decide for yourself, which will allow you to try yourself as a fashion designer or watch a master class that will push you to some interesting ideas. Usually for the design you choose calm, pastel, harmonious colors and shades. tilde giraffeTo master the basic techniques of decorating toys,you can also find a master class on drawing on fabrics, depicting parts of the face, etc. So, to sew the giraffe with your own hands, prepare a "first-aid kit":

  • sewing machine and iron;
  • natural textile materials - coarse calico, flax,cotton (for the body you can take beige or coffee colors, although there are also tissues that transmit the prints of animals.) For the clothes of the toy, stock up in different colors, depending on how you see it, you may need additional materials in the form of lace or other fabric designs) ;
  • sintepon or holofayber for packing (about 200-300 g);
  • a drawing pencil on the fabric (or marker / soap / chalk);
  • buttons and other accessories that you need to implement your creative fantasies;
  • Acrylic paint to decorate the face (for more expressive lips and cheeks you can use blush or lipstick);
  • needle, sharp scissors, thread of different color and strength.

If you have already stocked everything you need, then it's time to start sewing.

Step-by-step master class

The first difficulty faced by many,- how to do it or where the pattern is taken. You can try to draw your own image of the toy yourself or at least display the main details of the toy schematically. However, there are also various books and other materials on needlework, and every virtual master class is accompanied by detailed descriptions, so the pattern, or rather, its search, ceases to be a problem for you. Just choose a doll that you like. Do not worry about too complicated models, because you can produce volume details or make patterns from sculptured plasticine yourself, without having experience, maybe not everyone can. It is better for your first works to choose a simple and detailed master class. Here, see what kind of cute can be sewed with your own hands. Handle the pattern on the fabric, that is, make a cut. Now you can start sewing. Leave in the head, as well as pens and legsa small unplated area, so that there was a cutout. After that you will need to trim it (but do not forget to give allowances) and fold the fabric in such a way that you can make a perpendicular seam (or cross to the cross). we sew the headNow you can unscrew the part (in the describedThis is the head) and fill it with sintepon. Do the same with the rest of the body. The pattern should be thought out in advance so that the giraffe's handles and legs can be turned through small holes in the tissue in those areas that are not in sight, but simply adjacent to the calf. fill the details head the head is fullHorns and ears must be sewn along the contour, then screwed, stuffed and sewed from below (holes in the remaining parts can also be sewn after packing). horns sewn-3 ears ears-2 ears-3Choose two colors for the ears, so that theylooked more organic. You can give them a shape, sewing the edges to the middle. First, you need to attach the horns to your head. Attach them with pins and sew with a hidden seam. Slightly lower at the sides mark a place for ready-made ears. we sew horns sewing horns-2 ears and horns sewn together ears and horns sewn-2You can proceed to the legs. Take tight threads and use one seam. So you will provide for your giraffe greater mobility: he can sit, stand, and legs will move. stitch the legs sutured feetHandles sewn with a hidden seam. we sew the handles sewed handsSo, the step-by-step master class is almost over: you have a finished toy that you made with your own hands. Now you can put it on. giraffe sitsHere is a pattern for a doll's overalls. Sew the cut out details. To the front of the clothes, you can attach pockets (choose for them some other fabric). Next, you need to fasten the elements so that you get two separate pieces of overalls that will only be connected. Just do not sew until the end, because then you need to add more frills. To do this, tilt the edges, iron them and sweep them (or glue them with a sticky tape-spider). As an ornament, you can take the braid, lace or make stripes (take the same fabric as on the pockets). First, prick the frills with pins, and then sew. Now, you can fold the overalls in half, and if all of its edges match (help - pattern), then sew the pants at the bottom and finish the last remaining seam. For the top of the overalls sewn upa small square of fabric (pre-folded and sewn from two separate pieces). For straps, simply treat short fabric strips. Their length can already be adjusted in the process of dressing. It is better to sew first at the top of the toy, and then fasten the straps on the back. If necessary, add your details on the go (even if the pattern or master class is silent about it), for example, make wrinkles on clothes, decorate it with buttons, ribbons, other accessories. Well, you did the giraffe with your own hands. Now gently paint him with acrylic paint eyes, and crack the cheeks. On the neck, you can add a bow or scarf. tilde giraffe As you see, there are no special difficulties in thisthere is no process. Everyone can make such a toy, even without special abilities or skills. The main thing is your desire to make a doll with your own hands. Only then you will get really author's work with a unique soul.