Gladiolus Bead: slender flower with his own hands (photo and video)

Gladiolus Bead: slender flower with his own hands (photo and video)


Gladiolus is a fine beadinterior decorations. It performs the role of revitalization and transformation of any home, as well as creating a home-like atmosphere. Thanks to this flower can bring in his own house a wide variety of colors.

Materials and tools

Gladiolus bead can do evena beginner needlewoman, which will spend a little time and effort of their own. To get started to be engaged in the preparation of the start of consumables, as well as some tools. We need to take medium-sized beads, beads of different colors, metal wire, wire cutters and thread green. To work also need glue and scissors. As an added decoration and give aesthetic appeal can take beautiful flowerpots, alabaster, and a variety of color and shape of decorative pebbles.

Master class on making beaded gladioli

To start beading take the following materials:

  • approximately 100 grams of beads pink shades;
  • about 40-50 grams of beads of green shades;
  • cutting beads or white;
  • copper wire with a diameter of not greater than 0.4 mm;
  • as the rod can be used Spitz;
  • thread floss best green;
  • PVA glue;
  • scissors.

Gladiolus beads consist of severalbuds and flowers, which have already reveal its beauty. Below is a detailed master class, which will help to make the flowers with his own hands, using simple weaving schemes and visual photo materials.
The first sheet is created with the use of greenbeads. To do this, use a beading arcs. First, you need to cut a piece of copper wire, the length of which may be about 40-45 centimeters. At one end of the wire loop must be made, on the other hand can start beading, stringing beads. Beads are drawn only two-thirds of the entire length of the wire taken. After performing this step at the free side of the wire is necessary to make a loop consisting of beads, the length should be about ten centimeters.
Further, all the ends of the wire, twist a fewrev. Free edge must have a length of at least 8 centimeters. This loop will be a central base of the leaves. Now you need to form around the base of the arc 3. To get a gear list, following the arc anchoring is not at the top of the leaf, while the midway of the arc, which is on the edge. We continue a balanced set of beads on both sides of the leaf. As a result, we have to get gear leaf beaded green, as in the photo to create a bouquet make about five pieces of leaves.

Repeat the previous steps in this manner, but for taking beads pink shades.

Green beads are drawn on a wire, the edgewhich must be formed by a loop. At this point we begin to manufacture sepals, which is designed for the flower. On the axis of the need to gain about 10 beads. After the forming operation is executed to the central axis, make several couples of arcs.

Then we repeat the previous weaving process to create small pink flowers. Only the length of the axis in this embodiment is shorter by a couple of beads, ie, not recruit 10 and 8 beads.

To perform weaving a large flower,shape in a similar manner, such as leaves. But in this case the length of the axis will have a size of 12 to 11 and beads. Their width should include 5 and 6 pairs of arcs. To create a bouquet must repeat the weaving process, and do three things each of the leaflets.

Next, take care about the stamens. They may have different lengths, so it is necessary to examine the next master class:

  • to cut two lengths of wire, no longer than 25 centimeters;
  • taken on the basis of wear on the beads 30 and 25;
  • in the middle, the wire 30 beads do a loop of beads 7, and the second the wire with 25 beads - a loop of beads 5;
  • free end of the wire is passed through the remaining number of beads on each of the workpieces;
  • stamens similar to the bouquet needs to be done in the amount of five and ten tricks.

The process of formation of the flower to makegladiolus Bead for start up loans bud formation. To perform this step, you require to take jagged pink color sheets and wrap in the form of a bud. This preform further wrapped in green serrated leaves. After this step, you can wrap the root using the green thread. To make the most robust design is woven with the wire rods. Coiled filaments must be securely fixed with an adhesive.

The process of assembling the finished bouquet begin withforming the shape of leaves. To the product looked great follow-turn, which refers to the flowers that have not yet had time to blossom. If it is a large flower, then the bends are performed in the opposite direction.
Small flowers are collected easily. It is necessary to collect the stamens of the mid-product in an amount of three stuff (one large and two small), wrapped and sealed them in pairs with four leaves pink hue. Continue to strengthen our billet sepals and produce green thread winding roots, using glue.

Large flower and collect from the stamens,twist the roots and leaves fastened. First, there are three blank with bases in five beads held together by wire and fasten a sheet with a base of 12 beads. the next leaf below the first anchoring Then fasten the third leaf, twist the wire and attach the sepals. The roots of the wire is twisted and wrapped with thread glue.

The last phase of work - fixing the bouquet onkernel. On top of it you need to put the bud and primotat one centimeter down. Further, other similarly mounted. Do not forget at the same time, all using the winding green thread.

As you can see a master class on manufacturinggladioli bead is not complicated. To cope with this kind of work can even novice needlewoman. Next video will tell you about the creation of yet another embodiment, the composition of the bead gladioli.

Video: Beading gladiolus