Glass doors, walls and partitions: beauty or convenience?

Glass doors, walls and partitions: beauty or convenience?


    From your porch to our palace - and from pure crystal!

    It’s difficult to give refinement to ordinary things -since ancient times they surround a man carved in wood, stone, bone. And I want an unearthly, magical. Remember how exciting the imagination, the soul of a picture of fabulous films, where in the night a weightless, sparkling, personifying magic and ancient beauty of nature is shown? To make something similar at home will help you ordinary (and not quite) glass! Today we have glass doors and walls in the interior. Glass wall with a door to the stairsGlass wall with a door to the stairs

    The glass door is good for everyone, but you can’t beat

    In this section, we will touch on one of the closestthe man of things is the door. Hundreds of doors every day have to be overcome on the way to work and back, in every room there is at least one. Initially, they were designed to protect against extraneous invasion, but now - why not present an element of art? Modern technologies make the glass strong enough not to be afraid of accidental blows, and also allow you to decorate to your taste. And, householders and maids will undoubtedly appreciate the glass door - ease of care. Partially transparent glass door in the interiorPartially transparent glass door in the interior. Three options for opening doors exist for the choice of a private owner:

    • with a narthex (the classic version, familiar to everyone, opens in one direction);
    • pendulum (opens in both directions, convenient if hands are busy);
    • retractable (as with sliding wardrobes, they do not swing open, but move, which allows you to put more pieces of furniture in the immediate vicinity of the door);
    • sliding (the mechanical version of hypermarkets in the house will look fashionable, but, firstly, it requires uninterrupted power, and secondly, it eliminates the main function of the door, and it costs more).

    The sliding mechanism of the glass door-wallThe retractable mechanism of the glass door-wall Let's consider examples of rooms where the use of such a glass door will be both appropriate and beautiful:

    • doors of country houses;
    • exits to the veranda;
    • kitchen doors;
    • interior doors and partitions;
    • wardrobe;
    • bathroom doors.

    Glass wall with a door in the interiorGlass wall with a door in the interior

    What are you doing here?

    Objectively, the doors to the apartment are made of glassstupid - you have no common business with neighbors and thieves, and there’s simply nothing to admire in the corridor. On the other hand, now comes the fashion for “glass” houses, when the villa consists of “glass”, in fact, all the external walls are one solid window, and intimacy and privacy are created using curtains and curtains. In this case, a transparent door will be appropriate and perfectly complement the overall style. Glass wall in the house photoGlass wall in the house photo If similaryou are not ready for openness yet, you may want to “glaze” the exit to the balcony or the veranda. There is nothing unusual in the desire to admire the sunsets or the forest in the distance so that no obstacle is an eyesore. Patterned glass doorPatterned glass door

    Take cover!

    The most shocking, but at the same time stylishthe solution is to install glass doors in the bathroom and toilet. Glass and metal are the perfect hi-tech combination. By the way, if suddenly you really liked the idea, but your family and friends are more modest - it's not scary, because the surface can be made matte or even type an image on it. And what? A pensive bald man reading a newspaper while sitting will attract attention more than the obscure silhouette behind him. Want less humor, but more aesthetics? The scene from the “Basic Instinct” with the throwing of one leg on another is at your service. By the way, it is always possible to use in such places not transparent, but frosted glass or glass with a dusting or pattern. Opaque glass bathroom doorOpaque glass bathroom door

    Glass doors and walls: Style throughout

    The delimitation of space is associated with largetroubles. This is especially true of the illumination of the room, because most of the partitions are lightproof. He put a wall or a cabinet - if you please spend money on wiring, hold bulbs and burn electricity day-to-day. However, with glass partitions, this is not so. They create a mood, protect privacy and at the same time give enough light. Glass Partition WallsGlass Partition Walls By the way, to fenceit is possible not only from attention, but also from smells: any kitchen will delight the eye and arouse appetite among those sitting in the hall, while not disturbing them with the smell of entrails and liver. And the sliding mechanism will save you from troubles due to drafts. Sliding glass door to the kitchenSliding glass door to the kitchen

    Glass door walls for the soul

    Dressing room and makeup room do not needthorough concealment, but can tell a lot about the taste of their master. However, you yourself may feel the desire to admire your ability to decorate the room, and therefore, happily enclose them with an elegant glass wall. It's nice to use perfume and dress right from the show, right? Glass door in the dressing roomThe glass door in the dressing room However, even ifno, glass walls and doors are easy to install, operate and maintain (even simpler than wooden, surprisingly), they perform the same functions, while significantly increasing light exposure. And most importantly - a large number of opportunities to create a style. This certainly should not leave you indifferent. More photos of glass doors: Glass door in a wooden house Coated glass door Glass door with a pattern Glass sliding door Glass Entrance Panel Wavy door Transparent door Glass door with a picture Non-standard door Colored glass door Transparent glass door Fancy glass door Like an article? Share on social networks!