Mittens for babies: varieties and techniques of knitting

Mittens for babies: varieties and techniques of knitting


With the onset of winter, mummies take up yarn to have time to knit warm mittens, scarves and other necessary things for their children in the winter.
Especially quickly it turns out at mummiesNewborn babies, because these clothes are very tiny, they can be linked from a minimum number of threads and in the shortest possible time. But the joy of the result will certainly be maximum. Especially if the beginning knitters listen to our advice how to tie the mittens for newborn babies - this will help them avoid mistakes where they are not visible at first glance.

Requirements for mittens for newborn babies

Absence of stitches. Sometimes you can find descriptions of these products on two spokes. For newborn children, this is not recommended. Firstly, it will be extremely inconvenient to tinker with the sewing of tiny details, and secondly, the skin of babies is extremely tender, and the seams for it can seem rather rude and crush (therefore, for example, all children's clothes make sutures out). It is better if knitting is performed on 3 or 4 spokes - using one more working knitting.

Absence of seals. The reason is the same - so that nothing presses on the gentle handle. Therefore, it is not necessary to choose the bunched yarn and too textured patterns (including braids).
The lack of decorative details, which can be put into the mouth and accidentally swallowed: ribbons, beads, pompons, brushes, etc.
Important! Do not use for children's clothes fleecy angora and mohair, wool with lurex and polyamide fibers!
Wool for children's mittens
Given that we knit things for very young children, who all pull in the mouth and have an extremely sensitive skin, yarn for knitting mittens for babies also needs to be selected carefully:

  • It should not be rough or stiff, it should not be pricked;
  • Yarn should not be fluffy;
  • It should not consist of synthetic fibers that can cause allergies;
  • The best option is yarn from alpaca or merino wool with a small addition of artificial fibers. It is light, warm, not piley, almost natural.

Good to know. Many recommend for mittens to newborn children (which knit with knitting needles at all) to perform at the base of the palm a path of crochets and double loops - then to draw in these holes a string that fixes a thing on the baby's handle.
But this is not always justified:

  • Cord can be inadvertently tightened tightly than necessary, which will disrupt the blood circulation in the handle of the newborn;
  • Such an outset children can easily put in the mouth and choke;

During a walk, a weakly tied cord will untie. If the mitten does not lose, then it must be re-tied.

Therefore, it is better to fasten the mittens not to the baby's pens, but to the outer clothing - with the help of buttons and air loops, or as our mothers and grandmothers did - by connecting them with a soft tape.
Models of mittens Their models are quite diverse. In addition to the mittens, which knit knitting needles for newborns (without fingers), for older children knit mittens in the classical way - with the thumb. For them, it is already possible to knit more fantasy models - in the form of animals, fruits, using a more active decor made with knitting needles (or ready-made jewelry), which for these children is no longer so dangerous.

Video master-class knitting mittens for newborns

On the stocking knitting needles a small amount is collectedLoops: 32-36, depending on the number of spokes and the thickness of the yarn. First, you need to tie a rubber band 6-7 cm. Then add 1 loop to each spoke and knit another face about 5 cm (you can estimate it by the handle of the baby, knitting should cover the little finger of the little finger). Now you need to perform a reduction to decorate the top of the mitten and close the knitting. To do this, the first three loops on each spoke are tied together (a 4-point reduction is obtained per circle). Continue knitting, while in work there will be no 2 pet., Which close, stretching one into the other. Thread the ends of the threads crocheted. The second article is similar. Mittens for newborns are ready. As you can see, there is nothing complicated, they are performed quickly, materials require a minimum.

We knit mittens with a finger

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For older children - two or more years - they will need to untie a thumb. The process of knitting such mittens is shown in detail in the video.

If you carefully understand theSequence, then it will not cause any special difficulties: the finger is just one additional step in knitting baby mittens. But all your efforts will be more than rewarded with joyful smiles of pink-cheeked kids walking in a warm outfit.

Video: Knitting the Mittens "Hedgehog"

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